The Healer, Abandoned By Her Comrades And Thrown Into The Abyss, Meets The 『King Of The Demons』


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Lexia Sinclair is in a party of “adventurers” who attempt to conquer unexplored lands, among them a girl who is known as a ” Hero”.

She has the “recovery” skill, and was in the party with her best friend, the hero Meik, when she was told by one of her companions, Act, that she was no longer needed in the party.

Her heart was ruled by despair and she was plunged into the abyss, but she failed to die immediately and through the pain, she heard the voice of a “girl. The girl’s name is “Lochness the Wailing Cat” – one of the kings of demons that rule this world.

Associated Names
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Meet the "King of Monsters", a healer who was abandoned by his friends and dropped into the abyss
Nakama ni misute rarete naraku no soko ni otosa reta hīrā,“mamono no ō” ni deau
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The Tale of a Girl Abandoned by her Companion and Dropped to the Bottom of the Abyss to Meet the 《King of Demons》 (Alternate Story)
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randomfish rated it
May 22, 2023
Status: --
This is a decent short story.

It suffers from a lack of depth. Either it lacks depth because it's a short story or it's a short story because the author lacks the ability to write a story with depth. It's hard to decide which it is due to the fact that it's a translated novel.

It's nothing special, but it's not horrible either. It sits at a 3.0 rating at the moment, which is a fair rating for a web novel of this quality in my opinion.
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