The Handsome Girl Who Stole My Girlfriend Seems to Be After Me Now


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I, Souta Sakuhara, an unremarkable, introverted geek, miraculously got my first girlfriend in the third year of middle school. Life with my girlfriend, who was way out of my league, felt like I was at the peak of happiness… until.

“I’m sorry, Souta-kun… I’ve fallen for someone else.”

In the spring of my first year of high school, she suddenly broke up with me. Moreover, her new love interest is a super popular model known as a “handsome” beauty in school… meaning, a girl stole my girlfriend from me. However, the handsome girl who took my girlfriend started to cling to me for some reason…

What? Her real target was not my girlfriend… but me!?

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Coronmira rated it
February 28, 2024
Status: Completed
I tried to give this a chance, I really did. Regarding the premise, perhaps Shizuno (the prince-like girl) knew that Ena (the girlfriend) actually had a bad nature and was just playing with Souta (MC), so maybe Shizuno took it upon herself to save Souta from her? Or maybe Ena had a terminal illness or was moving to another country so she got Shizuno to "steal" her away so that Souta wouldn't feel bad about her dying/leaving because they would part on bad terms? I read to the end so... more>> I could find out if the NTR somehow had a justification

But nah.


Do you want the girl you saved from a drunk man during your childhood to guilt trip your current girlfriend into pretending to break up with you? Are you okay with your current girlfriend pretending to have been stolen from you just so she can check if you really love her because she can't communicate properly that she's actually h**ny and wants you to touch her? The author and these 7 guys who rated this story 5* on this site definitely think so

Repaying good with evil? Playing with someone's feelings?


I'm not one to judge people's taste but this is tr*sh <<less
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February 28, 2024
Status: c8
Okay, so I found the novel in the original language, it's completed, but it's being rereleased for serialization. The rerelease hasn't been completed yet, though I doubt it's going to divert from the original storyline, but on to the review.

Given how it started I already had an idea of how the story was going to go (and I had hoped that I was wrong, but I unfortunately wasn't). I'll start by saying that I found all of the main characters (MC, Mizushima and Ena) to be insufferable.


... more>>

Her first impression was incredibly strong, she essentially solidified herself as public enemy #1 right out of the gate. As the story progresses, you can see that the author is trying to get you to like her more, but her initial actions kind of overshadow anything else she does (at least for me). I mean, she "stole" MC's girlfriend, and then outta nowhere states that he was the main target all along, and she did so in the most arrogant manner possible.

What we come to learn later on is that the whole "steal your girlfriend" thing was actually a game/bet between Mizushima and Ena (they're childhood friends). If Mizushima could steal MC within a month it's her win, if not, Ena's win. Now the whole underlying reason for the bet is s*upid (but more on that when we talk about Ena), but it was proposed because Mizushima also knew the MC when he was younger (shocking). He had saved her from a drunk man who got hit in the head with a ball while she and her friends were playing. Everyone left her with the adult and MC happened to pass by and save her.

She fell in love with him from here and kept thinking about him throughout the years. Part of the reason she becomes such a public figure is in hopes of becoming someone worthy of MC and in hopes that he'd find her. However, right before entering an all girl's highschool, she gets a message from Ena (they had kept in touch over the years) with a picture of her new boyfriend (guess who).

Mizushima still covets the MC and still wants to be with him so she tells her parents she's changing schools to be with him and one day Ena complains about her relationship with her boyfriend to her supportive childhood friend.




She was pretty much manipulated into the whole game/bet thing by Mizushima, but it doesn't make what she and Mizushima did any less vile. How it went is that after complaining about her relationship, Mizushima saw her chance. She spilled everything about how she met MC in the past and her love for him, and proposed the bet. Ena feeling guilty for stealing her best friend's crush agrees, but forbids her from talking about the past.

Another thing to note is that Ena also agreed because she questioned if the MC really loved her. She grew up in a strict family and didn't get out much. Coupled with the fact that the MC didn't touch her (handholding, kissing, etc) she thought this was a good opportunity to find out (ya know, instead of just talking about it, but whatever).




Nothing much to say about him despite he's the MC lol. He's pretty much just dragged along by the others. The only thing of note is that he used to be bright and active, and that he once wanted to be a hero so he practiced martial arts (this comes in handy). This is also why he saved Mizushima when everyone else ran away. But what upsets me is how spineless he is, these two literally toyed with his emotions like it was a game and didn't really feel any remorse until around the last 5 chapters. He's like a doormat the entire time and doesn't even put his foot down when his family is in danger (more on this in the next section).


The story itself:


MC goes along with the bet with Mizushima and during this time he is stalked, his family is potentially put in danger, and he is almost stabbed twice. Once while he was protecting Mizushima from a crazed fan (but she ended up shielding him and getting slashed on the forehead) and another time when her other crazed fan (her manager's sister) saw them together posing as a bride and groom for a photoshoot and tried to get rid of him (once again Mizushima took the knife, but this time she actually got stabbed in the side and was hospitalized for about a week). This is what I'm talking about with the author trying to paint her in a better light, but in the last instance of stabbing, MC was trying to take precautions but she basically said "I'll protect you, it's fine." Mind you the reason the stabber knew where they were is because she asked Mizushima out on a date to the aquariam, Mizushima said no, but still took both tickets and used the other one for MC (to which he foreshadowed "you're gonna get stabbed someday"

After Mizushima is released from the hospital we get the confession. It's been a month and she once again confesses to MC, but he turns her down (but not because he doesn't like her or he still sees her as the one who stole his girlfriend), it's because he didn't want to see Ena said because at this point he still thought they were doing this behind her back.

With that said, Ena comes out and everything is revealed. Ena apologizes but before getting back together she reveals Mizushima's (who has already left at this point) and MC's past and gives him the option between the two of them again. He runs after Mizushima and finds her on a beach blowing a whistle he gave her when they were younger (saying whenever she blew this he'd come save her). They have a heart to heart and right before solidifying their relationship Ena shows up regretting her decision to let MC leave to chase Mizushima. They go back and forth, neither wanting to give up on him until someone sees them and calls security.

They resume converstaions the next day after school; the girls start off by apologizing for treating the MC like a toy this whole time and tells him to choose. He can't so they do the next best thing, he can just date both of them. But this doesn't sit well with him so he asks them for more time. The story ends with them joining the same film club MC is a part of and introducing themselves as girlfriend candidates.


Had this just been a book about Ena leaving him for someone else and Mizushima not being the one she left him for and just some girl who knew him in the past this would have been a better novel in my opinion. The scenes where they just went on dates and their banter was actually cute, but like I said at the beginning all of this was eclipsed by her initial actions, and then compounded by discovering the whole "bet" thing. But if you don't really care about all that and focus on the dates, it's an average read. <<less
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supriyo1212000 rated it
February 27, 2024
Status: c6
The author wanted to stand out from other romcom s desperately so he did this garbage.

The female lead may be a childhood friend of MC or an elementary school friend who was helped by him. She comes back as a prince character who charms mc's gf and mocks MC through a video call while with his gf. Then she later gives excuses like it was a misunderstanding, the fault lies with his gf only and what not but all while being arrogant and condescending towards MC, may be it is... more>> to be align with her prince character. She feels annoying. She is not remorseful at all. She takes it for granted that she hurt and ridiculed MC.

MC is also a m. He is always praising her looks in his monologue (may be because the author doesn't know any other method to describe the female lead's beauty to us) even while saying he doesn't like her and she is his love rival and whatnot and he is easily dominated in every aspect be it conversation or action.

The author be like: I will just do something spicy in the first chap to garner attention. I can always make it up by giving some gap moe, cutesy bitsy scenes of the female lead. No matter how hateful she seems in the first chap the genz s with their bird brain would not retain it and with 10+ chap at most, they would be crying out my waifu! If nothing else I can just give them "It is my first__" and they would go bonkers! Lol, the readers are so s*upid! <<less
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Touch-San rated it
February 27, 2024
Status: c7
Didn't notice the emotionally weak protag tag at first, but it certainly explains why the MC is such a doormat. I do believe that a story with an emotionally weak protag can be genuinely good if done right. But that's the kicker ain't it; 99% of JP romance novels use this tag as an excuse for the pushy love interest to always get what she wants, and that is most definitely NOT done right. Any jp romance novel with this tag gets an instant 1 star from me, and this... more>> novel is a prime example of why.

Also, the love interest here isn't just pushy, she's an emotionally manipulative pile of human waste. So yeah, don't read this unless you don't mind sky-high blood pressure. <<less
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kyrie1896 rated it
March 3, 2024
Status: c55
I've been spite reading for a while. I hated both FMC for a while but I wanted to know what the story was. I've been skimming the raw up to 55.

I caught up and read someone mentioning the full backstory here.

Very disappointed. Unsatisfied.
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