The Guild Member Next Door


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“Earthstar(Ji9star), do you by any chance like me?”

In the MMORPG game ‘Illusion,’ a newcomer named Neutaaaa (Lee Yeo-woon) applies to join the guild but was unexpectedly attacked by Ji9star (Yoon Ji-gu). Before the shock of the attack wears off, Ji9star abruptly changed his attitude and asked Neutaaaa to accept his apology, even proposing to be a couple…?

Meanwhile, Yeo-woon unexpectedly met a grumpy male neighbor when he moved to a new house after getting a job.

Ji9star and Neutaaaa, and Yoon Ji-gu and Lee Yeo-woon. What will be the end of these two conflicting relationships?

Associated Names
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My Guildmate Next Door
Neighbor Guild Member
이웃집 길드원
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jade thunder 12346
New jade thunder 12346
November 26, 2023
Status: --
Hi~ I have read all the chapters available! Here are my thoughts! :p

(Spoiler free, promise! The tags for this story were lax at best lol)

Well, first things first: the MC and the ML current dynamic is freaking hilarious and really unexpected! Its definitely an 'enemy to lovers' in its purest form lol. Its definitely a 'I hate you.' And a 'I hate you more' dynamic.

The MC is also really unexpectedly good! He definitely is not pulling any punches, calling people out for being a**holes (ML), scamming people (ML)... more>> and pointing out how much certain people suck at anything but PvP (oh... look at that! ML again! Lol)

You may be wondering if the ML deserves all this slander, and I assure you, he absolutely deserves everything that's thrown at him. Like, he really is a piece of work when we first see him. The embodiment of an internet troll, if you will. But he eventually turns into less of a jerk... kinda? Still a teasing a**hole, but not in a malicious way anymore. You grow to either love him, or to love laughing at him. ^^

The story itself is also pretty intriguing! The plot is very well done and the storylines are very realistic! Plus, the background characters make the story very entertaining! :D

TW: depictions of doxing, stalking, paranoia, online harassment <<less
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