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A year ago, Kim Seyoung had been pouring his money and dedication into the game [Arcadia]. However, just like a sandcastle on the beach, the iron castle he built collapsed at the hands of only one person, Shin Heejae.

Seyoung ended up selling his account at a bargain price and vowed never to set foot in this game again but… A year later, he opened a new account and connected to [Arcadia] again.

By some stroke of luck, he runs into Shin Heejae again and this time, he decides to catfish him with a female character, swindle him of his resources and quit the game as the ultimate revenge.

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넷카마 펀치!!!
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3 Reviews

Nov 10, 2022
Status: c100
Possibly the funniest catfishing MMORPG webnovel I've read so far. Yes, this is a genre on its own now. I do have to warn that it's all degrees of cringe, mostly on the MC's side because he's really pathetic, but some people find that cute. The MC is very funny to read the thoughts of, but I also can't help but find his life choices extremely questionable lololol

As for the MMORPG aspects, this webnovel doesn't skimp on those elements like others I've seen which immediately jump to the couple meeting... more>> irl. There's a long drawn out secret identity arc as MC is hiding his real gender from ML. Them hanging out in game is very amusing to read about. The webnovel takes good advantage of the fact that it takes place in a MMORPG, so if you like reading about those types of settings, you'll definitely enjoy it.

As for the couple themselves, they are very amusing to watch banter back and forth. I think their dynamic is very good, especially because I can see it working when it stops being a digital-only relationship. I can't read the raws so I'm only on chapter 21 and they haven't gotten very far yet, but ML really likes to tease MC and it'd be really funny to see that play out irl when MC can't hide his face every time he flusters. They also both equally share a type of baggage, and I can appreciate that they are both reluctant to acknowledge it and the fact they even shared a little bit of their vulnerable side implies some trust on both parties. I don't know how angry ML (Heejae) will be when he finds out MC was tricking him this entire time. But I know it will work out because they both seem like lonely people who gravitated towards each other through the course of the novel. ML made fun of MC for not having any friends, but I think ML also doesn't have any friends other than MC.

More speculation on that:

ML is an orphan and was bullied as a child, so he probably finds it hard to trust anyone as well. I reckon he fell in love with MC because MC is so earnest in the way he acts. ML probably appreciates someone who is very open and very bad at hiding things.

MC isn't a saint nor naive by any means, in fact, he spends a lot of time trying to trick ML but either ML catches on every time because MC is so bad at lying or MC feels bad for ML and doesn't want to hurt him after all. MC is a questionable person but he undoubtedly has a heart, as evidenced when he felt bad for ML when he admitted being an orphan wasn't a joke.


It's a very simple and cliche premise, but it's executed well here. You get what's advertised, and that's great. I wish I could read more.


EDIT: I read MTL until chapter 100 and I feel like the plot gets much more convoluted after they meet IRL. Anyways,


- ML basically stalks MC to meet him irl but standard trope for any catfishinf story.

- They both think of themselves as straight but ML quickly realizes he likes MC as a guy anyways

- MC starts liking ML back while he keeps denying that he himself aa straight. Because of this denial, we don't get MC's confession until chapter 98/99 sob

- there is a small segment where we get ML's POV on getting catfished and his feelings towards MC

- basically my feelings about the story are more mixed because the start was very fun but when they meet irl, ML's actions become more intepretable as harassment rather than romantic and things instantly became better when they started officially dating again. But you would be surprised to find out that the harassment starts before chapter 30 and then they don't get together until chapter 99 like mmmmmmmmm yep that is quite a wait.


I'm still working to finish the story, but I'd give it a 3.6 or 3.7 so round it to 4 <<less
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Mar 06, 2023
Status: Completed
uh I just registered an account to write a review abt this novel LOL anw- excuse me for my poor eng as it js not my first language. I'd say this story is so funny and I get a second hand embarrassment A LOT 😭😭.

U can tell from the summary- yes MC is catfishing and ML (the victim) literally spoil our MC with high graded weapons, limited edition clothes, take him to dungeons and let our MC take most of the rewards.

At first, he does it bcs he thinks our MC is cute and very interesting. But as time goes on he fell for our MC HAHAHAHAH

and they got married in game but then our MC suddenly ghosted him LMAOAOSOS.

Our MC:

He at first just wanted to hug ML's thighs and enjoy the rewards but as time goes on he felt bad bcs ML fell so hard for him so-


He sold his high graded weapon that ML gave him as an in-game wedding gift (and he multiplied the price by x LOL), left the guild, and deleted his game account. MC thought everything's over until he saw ML standing infront of his house one day


Our ML:

He fell so hard for our MC im cackling and he will literally do anything for our MC but one day

he saw MC left the guild and thought MC is getting hacked so he hurriedly reported MC's account as hacked and successfully prevented MC from getting his game account deleted which MC only know later on. He cant believe MC ghosted him so he tried to track MC's IP and all but then he found out MC is a man- he was so pissed and wanted to give MC a revenge so he went to MC's house.

Overall I think its a good ride so RUN! RIGHT NOW! Read it, its so good and its funny too. But emm mind you that MC is um lowkey childish and has anger issues so if its not ur cup of tea u can skip this story
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Sep 13, 2023
Status: c26
Easily one of the best MMPORPG romance I've read. The interactions flowed so seamlessly, and before you know it they got even more intertwined with each other. The chemistry from the repeatedly interesting events and fun writing makes one can't help but just want to know what happens next.


Unfortunately for MC, ML is a yandere so you can only imagine what happens afterwards when he tries to run away.

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