The Guidebook for Villainesses


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Laviore Bailey—the ‘fake saintess’ who banished the innocent princess and stirred up bad blood to wage war.

She’s the villainess with a façade of a saintess.

“I love you. So just shut your mouth and die. Okay?”

But the moment her trusted lover chose her as a sacrifice to the demon, and she realized her father was behind the plan, she killed herself by swallowing poison.

It hurt. It was so painful that she could not even scream. But it was fine. Because she knew this was not the end.

“I will save you this time.”

Then, she came back for her second life. She was determined to rescue those who were unlucky because of her and restored her life back.

“You do whatever you want for the man in your dream.”

Demian said with a rough smile.

“I’ll also protect you the way I want to.”

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악녀들을 위한 안내서
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New eseul rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: Completed
I read through all the original korean novel, and wow the story is an adventure. The protagonist is strong willed, and has thick skin. She has the heart to love but at the same time merciless. She is hilariously funny with wit. My favorite part was that she is a smart and brave female lead! Reading through the story was so refreshing and I didn't feel the time passing.

The story setting is in a fantasy world, and usually authors make use of elves/demons/dwarfs/etc to differentiate the ppl of different land.... more>> I liked how in this story, they took it a step further to wrap the plot around culture aspect of all the different race/people. The ideas could only be found in a fantasy book, but it made the people feel more real and relatable.

It was very interesting how the romance in this story evolved. Usually, people want to read about how a love line would end. In this case, I was more curious about the process of how everything became to be. Kind of like reading a mystery book, but it's romance.

The ending was satisfying, but it did feel a tiny bit rushed. The author could have added another volume or three. Which made me really sad. But I don't regret purchasing the books at all.

I highly recommend the story! <<less
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