Kill The Villainess


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“You… who are you?”

She was possessed by the villainess in the novel. When her fiancé, the crown prince, married their childhood sweetheart, Helena, she poisoned her to death. From the moment she realized she was possessed, “I” have only one goal: to escape the world in this novel. She tried to escape this world, even if it meant dying, but the world wouldn’t let her. But when she refused to follow the path of ‘Eris’ in the original story, the men who had ignored and persecuted her began to beg for her attention and affection.

“Who are you?”

Asked the priest who brought Helena back to life, and the hero who swore her eternal love.

“You have changed.”

And the Crown Prince who won Helena’s heart.

It was a new question. They didn’t even care about Eris.

She ‘the new Eris’ didn’t feel attached as time passed. She had no confidence in loving this world.

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악녀를 죽여 줘
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New iamsarah
April 23, 2021
Status: --
The manhwa is so good. The story is gripping and Erin is emotionally refreshing with the way she fights the novel world to return to her world. Please is there a way to find more chapters of the novels translated?
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