I Stole the Child of My War-Mad Husband


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The male lead from a romance-fantasy novel, he’s a war fanatic. People call him ‘Demon’, a nickname filled with awe and fear. And I reincarnated as his wife.

If there’s a problem is that as soon as the original work starts, I was mu*dered as the ‘Wicked Previous Wife’ together with my own blood-related daughter.

My daughter that’s slated to die with me is a 5-years-old kid who’s boundlessly cute, while my husband is good-looking but scary.

I tried this and that to fix my bad-personality husband. But for me who isn’t the female lead, fixing his personality is impossible.

All right! First, I’m going to take my daughter and run away. Let’s think about the future after.

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I Took My Warmonger Husband's Child
전쟁광 남편의 아이를 빼돌렸다
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meyuh rated it
July 17, 2021
Status: --
I was supposed to give this 2 stars but I decided 3 for the translation team's hardwork.

Firs of all, the main characters were tr*sh from the beginning. The fML was s*upid and abusing her authority over the innocent. But then, the author decided to put a plot armor by remembering her past life and turning over a new leaf just to make readers (or just me) see her in a different light which was the starting point of her redemption arc. However, I wished the author didn't threw the "feeling... more>> controlled" by something and the past life thing because it definitely threw me off. Her not aware why she was beating the maid, her wrongdoings, or why her personality was rotten from the past? I can only scoff and roll my eyes to the heavens. Nonetheless, I was rooting for her and the daughter's survival from the ml.

Next was the ml, oh gods. I should have known that his reason for killing his wife and daughter was because of his

curse created by his lunatic mother. Once his emotions are triggered he can't control the urge to kill people, because of that gods damn curse that the author trying to shove on my face.

but despite his tragic past, I just can't find him attractive or redeemable at all. His cold, ruthless, and a bastard who blames HIS CIRCUMSTANCES of turning away from familial duties. He can't even bother whether his daughter was alright or what. And I hate it the most when the author tries to give the ml's background as an excuse of his questionable actions. Sure, his pitiful but certainly a man like him would question his humanity. He would try to resist his urge and find a way to break away with his ominous "fate" and live to be better and I was disappointed that he was a coward to face his hurdles.

Overall, it's ok. But that's just it. An ending that we don't want but got justified in the name of 2ND CHANCE. <<less
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yumigination rated it
July 2, 2022
Status: c42
IDK what everyone is so dissatisfied about. The story building is quite strong and well built. I don't see any 'dumping' and the facts are presented clearly. The husband's trauma is also given a good explanation and a realistic build-up. Similarly, the build-up with the child's emotions and feelings is well put out. The whys and hows are well explained. And the pace of the wife's decision-making is also very realistic. She tried and came to this.

Yes, they both have their shortcomings but this also shows how no family is... more>> perfect and they need to try every day, every time.


the wife feels controlled when she first realises, her sudden foreshadowing dreams, her stopping time, and the subtle mentions of her unfortunate and strict childhood; it's all well written. Yes, she was a bad mother but now she realised and is trying. And she herself admits her lacking.

the husband said so himself, he liked her 'at first sight' but she didn't like his presence because he was an illegitimate child. It is often mentioned how the thinking of people here is very outdated, plus her upbringing had a huge hand in this too.

He distances himself from them because the reason for his curse getting worse is emotions. He NEEDS to be heartless and cold.

ordin is lowkey annoyingly meditating like a mother inlaw but bert kind of balances it out. And the reasons for their behaviour are given too.


has minor spoilers, but this is majorly me hating over the readers. (Other sites included)


I'm genuinely angry at the people hating on the husband.

like you appreciate and understand how the MC changed overnight and think it has forgiven all her mistakes of the past, but when the husband is trying to reflect y'all are like

"no you s*upid, you piece of shit, will never forgive you, don't deserve forgiveness" f*ck OFF. You're being two-faceted and hypocritical. Just because she's the MC and he's a side main shouldn't bias your morals. If one deserves forgiveness so does the other.

We don't even know why the MC did all that except 'she felt controlled' and some rare hints of 'childhood and family being like so'. The ML has a more understandable reason, that he has a trauma, a curse. That his emotions are the very trigger of his curse. If she deserves forgiveness, so does he. And once someone truly tries to repent everyone deserves a chance. Traumas don't just disappear when asked kindly. They ae called trauma for a reason. Ffs.

it's very well written and a strong recommendation to read this. I haven't really felt frustration from any character in this novel surprising. Of course, everyone has different opinions, so decide for yourself, but do give it a chance.




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Reack rated it
November 8, 2021
Status: c26
May contain spoiler
The story is interesting and handles ML's past traumas as true traumas, he cannot change overnight like FL, since he is afraid of hurting them because his mother always told him he had to be evil and the curse he has It makes him lose control when he feels emotions, so he acts apathetic with the protagonist and her daughter. But he cares about them since he visits them in a way that they do not discover him.
Calling a person with trauma a coward is too... more>> much.
The protagonist was evil because of the way she was raised in her family and when she was recovering the memory of her past life little by little she felt that she was being controlled, it probably has something to do with recovering the memories of her past life and that perhaps be a saintess, she also does not comment on any of that because she is not sure of anything and is only confused at that moment, the same happens with her daughter who apparently a butterfly appears to guide her to her death. Another thing, her sudden change from hers is questioned by everyone and does not win the affection of almost anyone except for the new workers, such as the ML staff recruits and the new maids.
The protagonist tries to communicate with the ML, but he first feels distrustful and then later feels afraid to show interest in her since his curse could get out of control, and since the FL gave him more opportunity and he never wanted to communicate with her, she gets tired and decides to take her daughter with her. <<less
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keikomushi rated it
April 29, 2021
Status: c4
An exciting first four chapters also put forward numerous questions about the forces at work within the world that the unfortunate MC has transmigrated into. All in all, a terrific start!
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J Doe
J Doe rated it
April 28, 2021
Status: c4
Rating this high to raise it's profile. There's too little for this to be judged on and the translators are doing a good job, so...

The MC seems to have an interesting insight, as she realizes she's transmigrated into a character in a novel. She's got a very limited timeline to get her problems fixed or get the heck out of Dodge. Looking forward to seeing where this goes and how the interactions with her daughter goes.
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January 14, 2022
Status: c32
The wife is a nurse. It makes her capable of doing the heimlech manouver, fix up small wounds, and cpr. She is also ethically very nurse-like and she has a nurse-like personality. She is busy and loving, two things I do not relate to. She looted some ancient dragon's lair that had important enough historical meaning to write a thesis over it too. The plot is magically driven for better or worse, so this is possibly worth a read and like that type of character. She may learn magic in... more>> the future, which could be cool and help the whole nurse attribute, but I'm not sure.

I think that I would like this story more, personally, if it was between the original female lead, the knight, and some other male lead not in the story, since the one in the story just has no redeemable factors other than a potential hope for change. <<less
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naididja rated it
December 25, 2021
Status: c30
The Male Lead is absolute crap, he doesn't have any redeeming qualities that honestly the moment a rival showed up I found myself routing for him, it's not even a competition it's so funny. Idk if I'm gonna continue reading this it's so rediculas. She used to be evil just for the sake of it, she didn't have anywhere to go if devorced but acted recklessly either she is s*upid or utterly dumb, why did he tolerate such a wife? He should've replaced her long ago according to the way... more>> he sees her and treats her huh... Honestly... I don't think this is worth ur time <<less
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flandefrutas rated it
August 1, 2022
Status: c42
The story has been great so far. I didn't like Rupert at first, but when you start to understand his reasons, it all makes sense. Dealing with trauma and a curse can't be easy, he's constantly battling his dark inner thoughts and trying to not become what his mother wanted him to be. I can't wait to read the rest of the story and see how their relationship develops, and to know more details about the ML's powers.
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Hollerin Lee
Hollerin Lee rated it
October 18, 2022
Status: c43
The story progressing good so far. I like seeing them trying to make up their mistakes. Can't wait to see how their relationship develops, and thanks for the translation team translating this story
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Herbie420 rated it
August 4, 2022
Status: c42
ML is completely irredeemable, he is tr*sh and they do a horrible job 'attempting' to redeem him. It's disgusting what he does and the course had zero impact on his desire to avoid any type of personal responsibility. He acts like a wife beater the whole way through and FL is just as impossible to like.

You think she redeems herself, but putting your child knowingly next to someone who actively tries killing those around without remorse, makes you a dumb fool. I was happy when she finally left, but found out not even a month later she accepted the loser back. This was after he clearly left his DAUGHTER TO DIE CRUSHED TO DEATH. UNFORGIVABLE THESE IDIOTS!

One star for translated material, it's an excellent translation. However, these Characters can go die in a ditch for all I care, after this nonsense of being forced to read a story about Wife Beating being made forgivable just because the loser is cursed to sometimes go off[I'm livid at this author.]

Perpetrating the problems in society and idolizing the worst qualities a person can have, that was this story. Tragic, because it had a good premise and was totally offensive in execution.
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October 10, 2021
Status: c18
interesting story, nice beginning, though I can't wait for the wife to finally run away like the title says. only thrn will the story 'really' start, right?

also, this world has curses and she heard a 'mysterious voice' telling her to hurt people in her head. why won t she tell this fact to her husband, if she wants to get along with him? sometimes I really don't understand what these characters are thinking and how keeping secrets and suddenly doing a 180 turn in your personality is better than confessing... more>> to yoir spouse aboit what happened. it would solve so many problems...

anyway, good story, will continue reading. <<less
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blehwronganswer rated it
February 2, 2022
Status: c32
hmm. Its slightly interesting. But the author didn't even put if noel apologized or not to leah. And im curious about the ominous feeling noel felt like someone is controlling her. I only like leanders mother and leah in this story. Noel is okay after the remember thing of the past life not before when she acted like an angry elk according to rupert. From what I read from the novel, noel was neglected because she doesnt have any magical powers. And rupert was cursed by his mother and that... more>> cursed ate his reasoning and he always? Felt the urge to kill someone to supress? The curse and because of the curse, so he killed both his daughter and wife. But I dont understand why noel have to neglect leah? Maybe because she was frustated at their marriage and she hated his half noble half commoner blood? I still dont understand. Well, the author wrote it so lets blame the author for writing it that way not the character he wrote <<less
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