The Guide Played Her Role as a Stand-in a Little Too Well


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In the novel 《The Guide’s Situation,》 the male lead, Hedonia, needed to overcome the awakening sickness by drinking the blood of a Guide of the same class.

The extra for this scene was none other than me, Karina.

However, in the original work, Karina, intoxicated by the wealth and fame she gained while providing blood to Hedonia, turned into a corrupted antagonist, separate from her munchkin abilities.

‘But this is an opportunity.’

The crucial point is clear.

I just need to play my supporting role within my limits.

Enjoy the life of a noble, witness the romantic relationships among the characters, and not get entangled beyond what my role requires.

Don’t step on toes—nothing goes wrong if you know your place from the beginning.

“I ask for nothing as a stand-in.”

With a clear understanding of the theme and faithfully fulfilling my role as a supporting character, I exited the narrative.

Or at least, I thought I did.

“You’ve changed.”

“I need you.”

“Come back, Karina.”

Until they all came seeking me as their Guide.

And above all…

“Karina, I’m here to become your Esper.”

Until the main character and supposed Guide from the original story, Hedonia, became an Esper who couldn’t live without me!

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대역 역할을 너무 잘해 버렸다
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