The Girl Who Reincarnated as a Vampire Heiress


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Chloe died in the zombie apocalypse and woke up as a rare pureblood vampire child, as well as the daughter of the progenitor vampire.

Pureblood vampire children have delicate skin and fragile nature. They can only obtain inhuman strength after their bloodline awakens when they become adults. Pureblood vampire children have always needed good protection over the years.

Chloe (tearing apart a bull with one bite): What did you say?

Everyone: …

With treasures in hand, feet on the throne, sweeping away werewolves, getting rid of her tr*sh dad, this was Chloe’s creed.

However, on her path to domination and authority, there would always be some problems that gave her a headache.

“Miss Chloe, from the first day I saw you, I fell deeply in love with you.”

“Miss Chloe, if possible, may I have the honor of building a beautiful relationship with you?”

“Miss Chloe, could you really not consider me?”

In response, Chloe disposed of admirers one by one with her blade, and said coldly: Those without enough capability, don’t even think about getting close.

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New Miriallia rated it
May 20, 2024
Status: c155
It was promising yet I must give the story a 1 as the author time and time again places the MC in a position where she should have no issues or is strong enough to bypass a problem but instead behaves more like a trained mouse that properly carries out the story for the sake of the story. MC starts doing things not because it's her best interest but because the story demands she act in a particular way to avoid breaking the confines of the story, when in reality... more>> it should simply have been written differently to accomidate the Mc's power, making the villains simultaniously appear hyper capable yet less intelligent than rocks. It honestly feels like the author is just stringing events and story beats together because those events are tropes without a fundamental understanding of how to actually connect them seemlessly. Also the MC feels railroaded into every event with seemingly very little agency. She can only act within the confines of the tropes regardless of how logical it is. <<less
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zhanxian rated it
March 13, 2024
Status: c100
A very strong female main character, self described gangster and rebel. The setting is a mix of sci, regular fantasy and modern. The characters travel around in spaceships but also use teleportation like in cultivation novels. They have storage rings but run around the track and field to build stamina. They have vr training capsuls but also learn sword techniques by reading regular old books. There are ancient fantasy monsters with strange magical power... who are captured and studied by scientists! It's an interesting mix of genres.

A major theme in... more>> this story is:

how normal racial discrimination is between fantasy races and how baffled the MC is by it. The division of the races is an important balancing point for intergalactic politics and the leadership struggle to get everyone to get along without being harming each other's interests. Using her unique personal charms and experience in the other world, she is able to overcome the innate distrust against elves, humans, werewolves, and break down the barriers between men and women.

Theres a deeper plot moving in the background, and the world does not feel like it exists just for the MC.


so far, romance is only hinted. By the time the main story kicks off, the MC is only a young teenager and shes adament about not being in an adult relationship at such a young age since it distracts from her studies and training. However, there are a few boys and girls who hover around her with various agendas. Later on its also revealed that the setting supports cloning and non-s*xual reproduction, so it's really not clear in which direction the author is going to go with the implied romantically interested characters. Just another reason to keep reading!

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