The Genius Magician Hides His Swordsmanship


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Wearing the mask of hypocrisy, the Pentagram, a magic society, drove the swordsmen away from the continent.

Adonis had reached the level of 9 stars at a young age with his great strength and outstanding talent.

Adonis, unable to withstand the combined efforts of the Pentagram, was pushed back, and ended up getting a clue to reach the level of 10 stars at the end of his life.

‘I could only see the threshold of 10 stars right before my death. It’s too late, it’s really too late!’

He closed his eyes before he even had the time to use that realization.

He thought he was dead.

“Awww were you surprised by your mother?”
‘What the hell is this…ugh! Ugh!’

The place where he opened his eyes to was the continent but a thousand years later!
And in a baby’s body!

The story of Ian, the protagonist who has both excellent magic talent and great swordsmanship.

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검술을 숨긴 천재 마술사
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