The Flawless Empress


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“Chu Yin was born into a prestigious family, blessed with both beauty and intelligence. At seventeen, she was appointed as the Crown Princess, and by twenty-four, she ascended to the position of Empress, a paragon of motherhood for the entire realm.

Her life seemed perfect.

Yet, it was at the age of twenty-four, on a day in early winter, that her life tragically froze in time.

After her death, her spirit lingered long in the imperial city. She saw her children crying out for their mother, witnessed the deep, bone-deep love of her stern husband, and observed the great changes sweeping through the kingdom of Dayue. She saw her son’s throne usurped and her family imprisoned.

Filled with indignation, Chu Yin was miraculously revived. Awakening, she found herself back at the age of twenty-one. In this life, she thought, she wanted to live longer, to achieve a truly flawless perfection in her life!

Lu Jingzhuo, the crown prince, noticed that his wife had been acting strangely, seemingly trying to seduce him at every turn. Given their usual rationality and lack of deep romantic entanglement, he wondered… perhaps she simply wanted another child?

Chu Yin: ???

A sweet and light-hearted imperial romance, focusing on joy and ease.”

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ntww12 rated it
January 14, 2024
Status: c91
I agree with earlgreyt and chande’a review. Its a slow lighthearted read with nothing really spectacular happening. Its enjoyable only because of the budding romance between the FL and ML for me.

ML and FL are the Crown Prince and Princess and they have a huge responsibility on their shoulders especially the Crown Prince who was strictly taught by his Emperor Father who expects him to be perfect. Because of this both FL and ML are people who hold themselves to a high standard. In her first life FL has a... more>> lukewarm relationship with the ML because it wasn’t a marriage of love but one she took on to get the role of Empress. She was distant with the ML. But when she died she realized that the ML actually loved her but didn’t know how to express himself. So upon rebirth, she actually removes the pretense of being a perfect wife and actually acts coquettishly to the ML and becomes more genuine.

ML is a super straight block of wood. Seriously. Due to his upbringing, he is a guy who doesn’t understand women and he’s just so strict with etiquette and everything in his life. So when FL acts differently, he thought she’s trying to seduce him to have another child.

Lol. The story revolves around the two of them and how the block of wood ML gradually learns how to be more human instead of a weird android emotionless guy. I enjoyed reading how ML becomes more open towards the FL and their relationship progress.

Could not find the extras but I did want to know what happens to the 2nd and 3rd Prince. <<less
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Anastrisha rated it
December 20, 2023
Status: Completed
Translation is already completed, just that not all chapters are posted here. They yet to translate the extras tho.

First off, I want to say that I enjoyed reading this novel, amazingly made me second guessing what's going to happen.

... more>>

There's a character who was scheming to be ML's concubine, let's call her White Lotus. I genuinely thought they would pair her with the supposed big villain with how both characters are constantly being told to get married but I was wrong. Also, genuinely never thought our MC and the villain will have a low key mother and son relationship, lol.


All characters are flesh out, acting on their own goals even if it means contradicting other supposed antagonist in the story.


White Lotus on one part had to deal against ML's brother (and that brother's wife) schemes of making her mary one of their lackies to gain her adopted mother's favor. It's quite refreshing to see antagonists fighting each other instead of working together to defeat main characters.


Aside from that, MC's action result to consequences that are even unfavorable for her. This lead to her having to do damage control. And I love that we can see where it starts but our MC is completely confused what's happening lol.

I also low key appreciate the author mentioning period and having our MC mention to deal with it every month.

On another note, as I read I couldn't help but think that ML is low key on a spectrum with him unable to read the exact situation and having hard time expressing his emotion (could be an ancient china setting issue tho with men being raise like that). Makes it hard to believe he could survive palace struggle tho ngl.

Which speaking of, as much as it's nice read it's not that realistic. Which make sense as it's very hard to make a romantic story with a realistic ancient china setting. But sometimes I couldn't help shaking my head as to how far the author is pushing it.


it ended with royals being all happy together in the capital, supporting each other. It's sweet but I couldn't help lighting a candle for our MC's son having to deal with this big dilemna after their parents die, lol.


I also don't like the way author handle marriage with adults that has children. Admittedly there's only two cases of this, but in both cases somehow it's always one partner has a child and the other doesn't have.

Speaking of, ⚠️ there's scenes of big age gap (12 yrs) relationship ⚠️ thankfully not that pedo but it's quite disgusting that author was entertaining the idea of


the aunt and her adopted daughter's suitor. Aunt is around mid to late 30s, the suitor is at mid to late 20s. The adopted daughter was around 16-18?? I'm not that sure, I feel like the suitor was supposed to be way younger to match the adopted daughter as they neve mention huge age gap but decided to increase it to make it less disgusting when pairing him up with the aunt. Still disgusting, thankfully the author did not continue.


The story also shows extra chapters of their daughter's lovelife. And another if scenario of the two reborn in their younger age. <<less
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Midori rated it
December 19, 2023
Status: Completed
this was a really nice romance read! It was about the couple's relationship and interactions, and I found them really sweet, as they learned to be affectionate! SUPER CUTE I binge-read it hahaha
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mercipourleslivres rated it
December 11, 2023
Status: Completed
This was adorable! Great for fans of the marriage before romance trope. I especially loved ML's growth as a husband.

I binged it in 2 days and now I'm off to read everything else by this author I can find. :)
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earlgreyt rated it
December 27, 2023
Status: Completed
It was fine as a story, enjoyable but not super outstanding.

There aren't a lot of waves. Everything passes kind of like a slow river. Slow romance, events are also pretty slow. Although the pacing could have used some tightening, it wasn't actually too boring of a read.

I liked that events changed (butterfly-effect) and the MC couldn't predict the future forever. Also some stuff would pop up to throw a curve ball

... more>>

like the Emperor's reasoning behind trying to get concubines for the Crown Prince, which didn't happen in her previous life. However, it and his early demise was caused by some of the other subtle stuff that happened behind-the-scenes. The author handled it well, almost like karma. When the MC achieved something, like got a villain eliminated early, there would be an opposing reaction or after-effect.


So it wasn't just all extremely predictable.

Maybe the story was a bit too realistic, because even though it was overall an enjoyable read, it didn't really stand out a lot. I did like many of the side-characters though and really admired the way the author handled redemption for them. People who didn't like the MC much weren't always villains and eventually got their own happy ending.

But overall, it was well-written. Translation was fine. <<less
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chande rated it
December 22, 2023
Status: Completed
This story was quite okay, not that intriguing but still passable to pass the time. There was no top notch schemes though so don't expect too much. In fact, this story was quite lighthearted.


Even the villain didn't end up being a villain.


The extras weren't translated yet though so I had to search it based on the original title in chinese.
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