The Female Celebrity Transmigrated into the Daughter of Her Arch Nemesis


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When the queen of acting Tan Ruo died, she discovered that she had actually transmigrated into the daughter of her arch-nemesis, the top idol Ji Mo. What’s more, her arch-nemesis’ wife was actually her fan! This was simply outrageous!

Fortunately, after an awkward period of adjustment, facing her mom who had been a fan since her acting debut, the little queen naturally called her “Mommy”. However, facing the former arch-nemesis Ji Mo… sorry, no thanks.

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1 Review

Jan 19, 2024
Status: c198
This is a really fun read so far, it's more of a slow life so far but it's not boring. I would suggest reading it if you're looking for something that more relaxing and laid back.

I really like how strong the female protagonist is, she reminds me of the kind of woman that girls look up to I think. I would definitely recommend if you like a strong female protagonist.
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