The Exiled Royal Architect Develops An Island With Magic Construction Equipment And Fluffy Animals


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Volk served as the kingdom’s Royal Architect, making use of the magical architecture knowledge inherited from his teacher, but one day he was suddenly dismissed with false accusations.

“Your construction costs are too high. You’re obsolete because there are cheaper people and methods available. Volk, we know you were inflating the material costs and lining your pockets. You will be exiled to the uncharted island!”

Volk warns them that if he is banished, all the infrastructure in the royal capital will fall into disrepair and become non-functional, but he eventually accepts his exile in resignation. Using his magical construction techniques, Volk develops the island, finds cute and fluffy magical animal companions and attracts the attention of the princess of the Dwarf Kingdom.

As the exclusive Magic Architect of the Dwarven Country, he wields his skills to make the island prosperous.

Associated Names
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A court architect exiled to an undeveloped island, living a nostalgic and leisurely pioneering life -The kingdom envy the island enriched with the cultivated architectural technology- (Old title)
Kyuutei kara Tsuihou sareta Madou Kenchikushi, Mikai no Shima de Mofumofu-tachi to Nonbiri Kaitaku Seikatsu!
Mikai no Shima ni Tsuihou sareta Kyuutei Kenchikushi, Natsukareta Mofumofu to Nonbiri Kaitaku Seikatsu wo Okurimasu ~ Tsuchikatta Kenchiku Gijutsu de Yutaka ni Natta Shima wo Oukoku ga Urayamashisou ni Miteimasu ~ (Old title)
未開の島に追放された宮廷建築士、懐かれたもふもふとのんびり開拓生活を送ります~培った建築技術で豊かになった島を王国が羨ましそうに見ています~ (Old title)
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Wakuseino rated it
August 19, 2022
Status: c21
As of Chapter 21, what I can say is that the protagonist's car is more developed than he is. Royal Architect? No, this is a story about a man who resolves everything with his OP magical car.

Actually, let's talk about all the things the car can do. The magic car is...
-Capable of turning into a bracelet so you don't have to leave it behind in small spaces. In this form you can also access a "dimensional warehouse" where you can store things. There is no apparent limit to how... more>> much can be stored.
-More heavily armored than a fortress.
-Capable of turning into a boat. A boat which is 10 times faster than any other boat in spite of having more armor than a fortress, by the way.
-Equipped with radar, ram, and various "construction equipment" which just happen to be more dangerous and powerful than actual military grade weaponry in this world.
-Capable of turning into any construction vehicle. Much like previous mentioned, said construction vehicles are more dangerous powerful than actual military grade weaponry in this world.
-Also capable of turning into a submarine, naturally.


In fact, his car is so incredibly overpowered, that in Chapter 21, he erases an "unstoppable lich king" by accident without even realizing said lich king even existed.


Honestly, I'm 50% sure the purpose of this novel is for the author to live out their fantasies of killing dinosaurs with construction equipment, because it sure happens a lot. Another highlight though, has to be how the materials he uses for his construction are incredibly rare and expensive... And wouldn't you know it, the island he lands on is filled with these ultra-rare and expensive resources. He just needs to smack some monsters with his car and he has as much as he could possibly need!

But okay, let's get away from that for now. He is banished from his country under accusations of embezzlement. Supposedly these are false claims, but... I would like to point to his magic car, which is apparently something he personally built, which has abilities that exceed literally everything else in the country. Where did he get the money for all that, especially since the materials for everything he makes are incredibly expensive? I mean, the author says he's innocent, so nothing will ever come of this theorizing, but seriously, how did he manage to make that thing?

Back on topic though, the kingdom's incompetence is so high as to almost be surreal. So, having successfully banished the protagonist from the country under accusations of embezzlement, his corrupt boss (who is actually embezzling funds) decides that even though the guy's not putting up any fight and is banished to a deserted island, it's important to super ultra make him dead, even though he believes the guy has no actual capabilities and is full of it about the necessity of expensive ingredients. He proceeds to start up a lynch mob against the protagonist, encourages a biker gang to go after him (... Isn't this a fantasy setting?), and as a last resort hire pirates to assassinate him. This seems a bit excessive for someone you've already won against. Maybe if they didn't waste money on s*upid things like that, they wouldn't have to hire the cheapest and shadiest construction group around.

There are a lot of little things that bother me like that, which steadily sapped my enjoyment of the story. What I wanted a story about building things, not a story about suplexing dinosaurs with construction equipment.... Also I want you to consider that this story has actually managed to make suplexing dinosaurs with construction equipment seem boring. <<less
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Drake888 rated it
April 4, 2022
Status: c14
This seems pretty similar to "Cave King" except building instead of mining, and animals instead of people. Also maybe this should be translated as "engineer" instead of "architect" because the MC actively builds and repairs things, also his ability apparently applies to vehicles as well.

It is pretty average in quality so far, so I'll give it a 3 since I have read less than twenty chapters but I wouldn't be surprised if the quality gets worse as the story progresses.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lettersandmoreletters rated it
August 23, 2022
Status: c58
It's alright for an overpowered curbstomp city-building novel but it'd be better if he were weaker at the start at least, he's too op. Also Architect isn't the right word for what the guy is, he builds cars, robots and stuff yes along with buildings but with so much else why focus on them? Man's an engineer more than an architect. Bet the writer is an architect himself or someone important to him is- gotta have some motive for over-inflating the occupation.

Worse than that the author makes the bad guys... more>> dumber than dumb pants on head s*upid to make MC seem smart by comparison but the author goes way overboard to the point I genuinely feel bad for the baddies. <<less
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matosch rated it
May 16, 2022
Status: c28
It is really boring. The Architect? Rather engineer is OP and can do anything once he has something created (it sounds like he alone was maintaining a whole kingdom/capital). For a highly skilled educated Engineer he behaves like your typical isekai Japanese (id..t) person. The side info´s about the slow? Downfall of the kingdom totally express a ridiculouse amount of incompetend People/leader (at least it sounds in the translation like that).

This is a slow fantasy building story with lots of cute animals and an OP MC, if you are in... more>> those, this should be for you. It is a little like the caveking manga, but far worse (I like the caveking manga/wn). <<less
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