The Everlasting Supreme Immortal


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Even in his dreams, he can laugh himself out of slumber. His pets are none other than the legendary Primordial Chaos Emperor Beasts. His pet chicken is the “Perpetual Purgatorial Phoenix”. His black cat is the “Primordial Chaos Thunder Fiend” whose power refines the myriad realms with thunder and lightning. Even his smallest pet is incapable of perishing by a trillion deaths, also known as “Myriad Realms’ Undying Beast”. Li Tianming will from then on control his ten Primordial Chaos Emperor Beasts to become the Everlasting Supreme Immortal. He will traverse the myriad realms and become the god of all! Living beings, be they immortals or demons, will tremble in his presence.

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Beastmaster of the Ages
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08/02/20 Wuxiaworld c52
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08/01/20 Wuxiaworld c50
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New Parzivox rated it
August 2, 2020
Status: c52
Looks like I'm the first reviewer of this novel. This is also my first review ever, so I might be a bit inexperienced.

Any way, I really like this novel so far. There is only 52 chapters translated so far, which isn't much in CN novels. And the raw is still ongoing as well, so we will have to wait and see how long it will be. First off, let me explain the good points.


  • Unique concept. This novel is based on cultivation, but introduces the concept of each individual having a lifebound beast, which cultivates alongside them. This has a lot of unique features and characteristics with it that you don't find in other novels.
  • Great companion. His companion, so far, is a little chick who is super cheeky and perverted. It takes the place of a pet companion in other novels but it is a super funny addition to the story. Good humor, and it always provides a laugh when you imagine the little chick beating up super strong beasts that the enemies have.
  • Well-written and nice translation. This novel is translated by wuxiaworld, so you can expect good quality in the translation. So far it's been great.

  • Almost all of the cliches featured in other novels are featured here, with minor twists. This includes the 'damsel in distress' cliche, or 'arrogant young master' cliche's found everywhere. He also offends some seniors, and everyone except a few people hate him. He is also crippled at the start, a common starting point in CN novels.
Aside from that, it's pretty interesting so far, I guess. But be sure to be ready for a lot of cliches and some face-slapping of arrogant young masters.
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Legend of the Pro Gamer
New Legend of the Pro Gamer rated it
August 1, 2020
Status: c50
This another book from the Against the Gods line of thought, fast action-packed books with cultivation just being a level and all the usual troupes.

The characters are tolerable up till this point, though it looks like their only be degradation in the future.

MC is plain af, the only redeeming quality of the book is funny beast pets, think Lord 5 and a breakneck pace.
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