Beastmaster of the Ages


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Even in his dreams, Li Tianming can’t stop himself from laughing! Why? Because, his family pets are all the Primordial Chaos Beasts of myth!

That teeny weeny little chick over there is actually the Aeternal Infernal Phoenix that eats suns! His black cat is the Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend that refines worlds with its lightning. The c*ckroach, well, it’s the Myriad Worlds Deathless Beast that possesses trillions of undying clones…

Followed by his menagerie of pets, Li Tianming begins his ascension to become the number one beastmaster of the ages. He journeys across the many worlds, only one thing remaining constant. No one is ever ready for the likes of his pets! After all, who’s ever prepared to fight a chicken and its fellows…

Associated Names
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The eternal first god
The Everlasting Supreme Immortal
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Odium rated it
August 11, 2020
Status: c68
So the story is: guy gets betrayed by his gf but fear not hes got 10 end game companion beasts. Incidentally, he might be reincarnated with no prior memory of it (rebirth of some peak stage cultivator). And I can't forget to mention, his mom is at the end of the rope (poisoned with some parasite or something), recently divorce, and likely has her own hidden secrets. But, you don't really care about all that you just want to see what crazy companions hes got after you read the 2nd... more>> chapter; hook, line, sinker and everything.

Okay, so far the set up sounds good and proper but the rest of the story is pure tr*sh unless you are someone that can tolerate all the constant mindless face spitting that goes on in every chapter. Yes, the author leans very hard on underdog theme where everyone regards him as a worthless person, to be humiliated as they see fit, therefore, Li Tianming must in turn shame them just as viciously and beat them senseless (if not outright kill them in many cases). So needless to say, the story and ALL characters are class A mierda; its so bad it will make some of you outright drop the novel, you cannot just ignore it and try to focus on other themes.

This part is FYI:
Remember when I said he might be reincarnated? So there is also this "world-toppling beauty" princess with conveniently 10 locked support class innate abilities (kind of like MC's 10 companion eggs with locked powers) that synergises 100% with our MC unlike others. They seem to have these vague threads of fate tying them together (they speak of some known mysterious magnetism or strange familiarity even though it is the first time they met). Oh, of course, her hidden one of a kind abilities are OP.

Then there is the humor: predictive, unduly crude, and excessive. Not my cup of tea. Basically, his first phoenix companion is kind of like Lord Fifth, but with the same repeated jokes about "chicken soup" and over the top unfiltered dirty jokes toward any woman or opponent's companions beast or just in general banter.

Over all I would say this story is a hit or miss for most people. So go ahead read it and judge for yourselves. <<less
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TheJudge rated it
August 13, 2020
Status: c77
Predictable cliche revenge cn novel, everyone thinks MC is tr*sh, MC hides his power until he needs it the most, with super thick plot armor and OP luck/skills (in MC's case he found 10 monster eggs each rivaling a god). MC's personality is one of those typical loud mouth kids from shounen mangas. The whole plot with the MC's mother is just garbage, that was pretty much the nail in the coffin that caused me to drop this. It has a intriguing start, but fails to keep the momentum going... more>> like most cn novels.

As of now, not much is explained about the MC's mom, only that she abandoned her entire family to marry the scumbag ex husband who threw her away and that she has this disease that has been killing her slowly for 20 years, and that she had many powerful suitors that wanted to marry her, but nope, she apparently got knocked up and gave up everything she had. So here comes the MC, his goal is to have his grandpa save his mother, and when the grandfather got angry, he gets all pissed off and basically says "you're her father its your duty to save her!". First of, it was his mother that abandoned the family and left, thus she got disowned, this is a serious thing in china, so it only goes to show how ignorant and c*cky the MC is thinking he and his mother can just walk back in like nothing happened.

From a 3rd POV I don't sympathize with the MC's mother at all after what she has done from what i've read so far, but as a son I do get why the MC would do everything to save her, but the mother not explaining the full truth to the MC and keeping w/e she did a mystery makes me not really care if she dies or not. But given how thick plot armor is, she'll end up getting cured, get a total make over and then have dozens of powerful people attempting to court the mother again. True or not, I'm done with this novel. <<less
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Smhxd rated it
December 2, 2020
Status: --
Author makes every character an a**hole, ch150 and only 4 normal males and 2 normal females have been seen. The rest are either arrogant, braindead or an enemy due to his mom. The author thinks as long as it is a problem its extra chapters. Even the most powerschool straightup grabbed his price and gave it to some arrogant b*tch. F*ck this bullshit, actually wasted my time on this so much that I wrote this authors name down to never read his novels again.
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Parzivox rated it
August 2, 2020
Status: c52
Looks like I'm the first reviewer of this novel. This is also my first review ever, so I might be a bit inexperienced.

Any way, I really like this novel so far. There is only 52 chapters translated so far, which isn't much in CN novels. And the raw is still ongoing as well, so we will have to wait and see how long it will be. First off, let me explain the good points.


  • Unique concept. This novel is based on cultivation, but introduces the concept of each individual having a lifebound beast, which cultivates alongside them. This has a lot of unique features and characteristics with it that you don't find in other novels.
  • Great companion. His companion, so far, is a little chick who is super cheeky and perverted. It takes the place of a pet companion in other novels but it is a super funny addition to the story. Good humor, and it always provides a laugh when you imagine the little chick beating up super strong beasts that the enemies have.
  • Well-written and nice translation. This novel is translated by wuxiaworld, so you can expect good quality in the translation. So far it's been great.

  • Almost all of the cliches featured in other novels are featured here, with minor twists. This includes the 'damsel in distress' cliche, or 'arrogant young master' cliche's found everywhere. He also offends some seniors, and everyone except a few people hate him. He is also crippled at the start, a common starting point in CN novels.
Aside from that, it's pretty interesting so far, I guess. But be sure to be ready for a lot of cliches and some face-slapping of arrogant young masters.
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GrumpyNPC rated it
January 23, 2021
Status: c200
All the dialogue and character interactions are cheesy and feel forced

The only semi interesting character so far is his pet chicken/phoenix, but even its dialogue, while occasionally funny, still feels unnatural.

It is not rare for cultivation novels to feel immature, but this one feels specially so with the childish insults used by both the MC and the infinite number of arrogant young masters.

There isn't much downtime, as soon as MC defeats a powerful foe there is a more powerful one around the corner, this is typical in the genre, but... more>> better novels weave in a bit of character development in between all the fighting.

The romance, to me at least, feels very inorganic, the girl just conveniently had some ability to make him stronger and then boom they are lovers. Well at least it wasn't s*x poison (yet), so maybe I shouldn't complain too much

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Gigel rated it
June 23, 2021
Status: c437

Is it inexperience or just his style? Don't really care, but everything is very direct, the characters are introduced as black or white, and you basically can tell what will happen to him from the first sentence that he will speak. Everything and anything in the world is moving around our MC, he has to be the centerpiece of every conflict in this world. I think the best tag to describe this novel is destiny, that means our MC doesn't need to be the smartest, the strongest, have better level,... more>> or equipment, he just has to be there. Coupled with the black or white style, it makes him the moral compass of the world, and that is very annoying since he isn't always consistent, after all he is the good guy and anything that stands in his way is evil. The Weak to Strong + Fast Cultivation tags sadly means that he constantly makes impossible look really easy, with the fact that he can fight above his league results in a mess of a cultivation system. The "worlds" are separated by "hard borders" meaning a genius in a bottom world is a normal guy in the next world, but since he is destined, he just outgrows every world really fast. He also hasn't got a drive, he isn't aiming for the top god, he is just going along with whatever fate has decided. Add this lack of "light at the end of a tunnel" with the black or white characters and the fast changing of the "worlds" and you have a dull chinese typical novel. I mean the whole reason for this novel, "the revenge" is done and dusted in 150 chapters and we still have over 2k chapters to go.

Some people seem to think that the comedy makes up for the story, but I would have preferred that he stayed in the city with his family hunting wild beast in the mountains if the interactions with his pets were the main focus, but that clearly isn't it, I've never felt this to be a comedy novel.

Would I recommend this? No. It's a story that just isn't working. Maybe it never was a story about our MC but one about the pets, in which case everything that will happen till the fights for his pets, will be useless, annoying, and stretched to the extreme. If you're here for the pets, The Charm of Soul Pets is a better read. <<less
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KirbyReviews44 rated it
November 29, 2020
Status: c50
The initial premise was okay, I'm always a sucker for pokemon cultivation novels. However, the beast raising aspect takes a back seat to the MC being awesome at fighting. Beast raising and beast fighting is not well done at all. Do it right, don't just tease pokemon cultivation and return to the standard cultivation xianxia fare.

The novel is also filled with the most cliche xianxia characters, including jealous young ladies, arrogant young masters, brainless geniuses, face slapping, despicableness that transcends common sense, and of course insta-love with the female love... more>> interest.

It throws these cliches at you that you can barely breathe. Half of chapters are filled with characters insulting the MC. And then he has to get revenge, then he gets revenge, and more cliches appear. <<less
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Ra3ie1 rated it
August 11, 2020
Status: c70
Dropped ~350chs... Second arc was a huge disaster (never expected that author could be lazy to that extent. My reaction was "are you kidding? You just copy pasted first arc!". First arc was not creative at all, I would describe it "chain of cliches", then author changed some setups and chain lost all logic points. Just mindless fights and tournament every 10chs (no reasons for fights, only because it's copy pasted there have to be a fight/tournament).

Its like same garage (location is really small:chool-sect, mountain-"dangeon"), same actors (patriarch-patriarch,... more>> mother-sister, uncle Mu-uncle Ye, arrogant young masters and every side character want to kill mc), same scenario, same jokes, same "plot". World is to blank, no twists, no suspense, no character development (standart antagonists "kill and r*pe", onlookers and always underdog protagonist), no creativity everything is copy paste from genre. Boring when you already can guess what would happen in the next 100chs ( ( (Also, if solution for every conflict is a duel/life and death battle, that's not my cup of tea. Don't expect some genuine ideas, "im not fool! go death battle I will prove you how smart I am"
2 stars for funny pets <<less
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tweprebet rated it
August 18, 2020
Status: c515
Much later update. Original left below.

So, this novel has definitely not kept up the quality it originally showed. Again, my first review covers what it did so well at the start. The first arc probably remains of my favorite in any cultivation novel. Every now and then a bit of that original brilliance shines through, but that almost makes it all the more disappointing. It seems the author can do so much better, but they just... don't.

The novel has fallen into a lot of bad ruts. We basically just get... more>> the same cookie cutter villains that care endlessly about their face and raping and not much else now. The MC's powerlevel constantly leaves them in a weird spot where all but a few enemies are either a sure-win or sure-loss. There is a complete lack of any sense of time or space. People are just constantly where they need to be, exactly when they need to be. It doesn't particularly matter where they were last paragraph. This makes the world feel really small and disconnected.

The fights are also in a bit of a weird spot. They're still pretty quick, which I do like quite a bit because I think too many novels see fighting as an end unto itself, rather than a way of exploring conflict and showing progression. But there's also quite a lot of fighting... which basically brings us back to fighting as an end unto itself. This is particularly bad in this novel because of the beasts. Each opponent ends up needing their beasts' introduced, and we see quite a lot of opponents. The fact all fights have a large number of participants also means a lot of time needs to be spent just managing basic information like who is fighting whom. So we've got short fights, with an unusual amount of time spent on introducing the opponents, and the real basic stuff that doesn't do anything for enhancing the conflict nor showing progression is multiplied several times over. And then the MC just kinda uses the same few moves and powerups have started to just starting laying on as uninteresting modifiers - "he used the same move he's been using for a long time, and now supported it with more sword ki" kind of thing. It just doesn't do much.

The bits this novel still does pretty well - namely the interactions between the MC, his pets, and his friends - is still not all that focused on. You'll get a little bit and then a timeskip and then fighting and fighting and fighting and a few words on a powerup and then repeat. One character that he's had some really nice interactions with still lives with him, but they've barely had any direction interaction in awhile, and none all that interesting.

Overall there's a lot here that just lacks impact. Every now and then the author will care enough to do something properly, and those bits are quite good. Strangely, this can even happen just a chapter or two after the author totally screwed up something extremely similar. I'm not really sure what might explain this.

At any rate, there's some decent stuff here. It's far from great after the initial arc, but at least it's different from the weirdly similar mass of other not so great novels in this genre. And every now and then a bright spot shines through... though that almost makes the bad bits more painful, honestly.


So far this is quickly becoming one of my favorite CN novels. You won't find a huge departure from any tropes here, but tropes are tropes for a reason. The most excessive parts (got betrayed and crippled, basically) are also pretty restricted to the very first couple of chapters of the novel, though their influence continues after that.

There's also some basic stuff I'm not typically a fan of, with the combat and arts being a bit more on the side of what you might find in an old Chinese martial arts movie. For example the MC seems to be gravitating towards using a whip as his main weapon. I enjoy the variety, but without headcanoning that basically everything he does with it involves magic, it's just kind of ridiculous. It's not too extreme, but it certainly tends this way.

You even have everybody constantly talking about how the MC is tr*sh. Again in some parts I think this is getting a little excessive. However at least it makes sense for once. In most novels most people are tr*sh, so it's quite odd that the MC is always the one who gets singled out. But in this novel the MC is slandered and publicly known for essentially attempting to date r*pe a very well known and popular woman. It's fairly understandable that he would attract public ire at least. So far he's also legitimately fairly old for his current cultivation, so it seems pretty reasonable to me that people would be calling him tr*sh for now.

However, as I said, this novel is becoming one of my favorites. It's because the story actually spends time on the actual relationships between the characters. So many stories do rely on the MC being willing to do a lot for their family but hardly ever show their interactions with the aforementioned family. They so often rely totally on people not questioning the fact the MC loves their mother or whatever, and as a result they say like ten things to each other in a thousand chapters. That relationship often just doesn't mean much unless you do a whole lot of self-insertion. However here the author actually goes into it. We get to actually see and understand how and why the MC cares so much for their mother. It's a wonderful payoff, and makes the story and the MC's struggles actually feel like it all means something. It's too early to say for sure, but so far this seems to be how the MC's other relationships are going too. I don't expect to see romantic partners that just fade into the background as soon as the initial flirting is over. It's really not something I should be so excited about, but...

And just to top it all off, the fights are just enough and not too much. The fights are just long enough to make their point about the characters' strengths and abilities. And then they actually end, and the story moves on. It's wonderful.

It's still early days for a novel this long, but so far I'm really excited about it. <<less
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Legend of the Pro Gamer
Legend of the Pro Gamer rated it
August 1, 2020
Status: c50
This another book from the Against the Gods line of thought, fast action-packed books with cultivation just being a level and all the usual troupes.

The characters are tolerable up till this point, though it looks like their only be degradation in the future.

MC is plain af, the only redeeming quality of the book is funny beast pets, think Lord 5 and a breakneck pace.
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Jiuyin rated it
December 11, 2020
Status: c312
Overall: It's not bad, but not a priority when it comes to being a selection to be read.

If you are here to be given a well developed world to explore, this novel isn't it. If you change your perspective and allow it to be more about a light-hearted banter of following a teen, then it's not too bad.

The pace of the story is always moving from training to battle, to progression back to training, without rest and that hampers world building and any connections a reader would make. The... more>> author lacks ways to make battle scenes more impactful due to how low the foundation of which characters/villains are being introduced and climbed pass by the MC. The dialogue and banter between MC and the Beasts, and the MC (Tianming) himself is fun to read and continue the adventures with, but the overall lack of details really makes it harder to focus on why the battles matter if they are just going through the motions of battling.


World Building: 6/10 Not too bad of a world building. Doesn't explain much of a broader concept in the beginning so opened for more expansion as the story progresses. Get's the job done. There are some elements of the 'bigger cultivation universe' that has been addressed and how MC relates to the broader world other than the Beasts and how some things are unraveling isn't bad.

Dialogue: 7.5/10 I feel it's the slapstick interaction between Tianming and his beasts that drives the story moving. Most of the time, it's the banter between Tianming and his humor that gives him some character other than battle driving plot.

Pace of the Story (Personal opinion) : 4.5/10 The pace of this story is always in motion and the author isn't stopping it and it always seems like the MC needs to be doing something; either battling or training because time is always so short. Spending some time exploring the world building, catching up with some dialogue and have us readers emotionally connect with of the introduced characters would be nice change of pace. Problems is that the author doesn't allow time for characters to build, and we only see that one dimension of introduced people.

There is no big plot twist, anything out of the ordinary when it comes to keeping the reader engaged other than trying to prepare you for the next up-coming battles.

Battle Sequence: 2.5/10 Now for the fact that this novel is battle-driving pace, it's already off to a rough start when characters/villains aren't as well introduced, and the author has one the most worse ways to drive a battle sequence when it comes to this novel. It's always battle scenes like "Tianming uses Attack Move A! Villain used Defense Move B in return. Tianming uses Attack Move B and does this which the Villain is unable to fight back. Tianming then cleans up the fight and triumphs." in such format which dulls the impact of which the villain's point of the story.

How is the battle-scenes? Pretty bad.

The battles got bad to the point where the word count of the battle chapter went down 30% compared to other regular chapters. A commenter wrote: This fight was... embarrassing. Can no one give Tianming a proper fight? I like how quick the battles are compared to other novels, but I'm starting to feel that they are a bit... too easy.


In the end, the battle scenes are just not explained well enough just almost like a pokemon battle level of damage calculations and visual aspects.

General Others: 3/10 Too many characters are being introduced that is hard to keep up because there are so many sects and elders to remember. <<less
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herolaubet rated it
August 7, 2020
Status: c60
Let's get one thing out of the way first. This novel will not blow your mind. It is filled with all the cliches that are part of the genre and it makes no effort to hide it or to mitigate it.

That being said, I'm still enjoying it. The cultivation system is different enough to be interesting and it makes sense in the setting.

And if you enjoy faceslapping and revenge plots, this will fit lile a glove as most of what I read is the MC getting stronger and faceslapping arrogant... more>> a**holes.

Expect plenty of plot shield, unbelievable luck and one-sided beatings.

Yet somehow I find myself longing for this novel more and more. My only fear is that the author has set himself up to a lot of problems in the long run and that it will lose its steam unless it can find something else other than revenge plots to support it. <<less
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DreamweaverMirar rated it
August 5, 2020
Status: c56
Seems decent so far but nothing special. It's a bit irritating that the author is leaning so hard on the everyone is an as*hole cliche (his half sister, his girlfriend, his mom's best friend, every rando he runs into, etc etc), but the banter between the MC and his lifebound beast makes up for it so far.

I'll be continuing this novel.
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Carca rated it
August 4, 2020
Status: c210
Interesting Novel!

MC was crippled, recovers and is fighting s*upid young masters.

Sounds boring, but a certain young chicken is rescuing the story.

The interactions between MC and his beast are hillarius.

The humor is enough to liven up the whole story.

Also, the MC still has nine other eggs.

Can´t wait for more!

Once again a great translation by wuxiaworld!
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DeadOpossum rated it
July 23, 2021
Status: c120
Too boring. The guy is just facerolling through everything with his plot armor and OP powers. Need a girlfriend? Take one, the best one. Need a weapon? Here are two. Need another power up? Here. Enemies want to beat you up? Here is another upgrade, go faceroll them.

The first 110 chapters he is just smashing busybodies who annoyingly run their mouths in front of him.

There is no interest continuing reading this because nothing changes.
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Dollaaaa rated it
January 8, 2021
Status: c368
I like it. The MC is good, the plot isn't bad, the cultivation system is great, and the pace is nice. The story does have a lot of cliches, but they're done better than most other novels of the same type. Mc's revenge plot is satisfying and doesn't drag for too long before it's wrapped up. There is a lot of face slapping, but it's bearable. Author really knows how to make you hate the antagonists. Thai king strength is done through cultivating with your beast companions. The Mc's interactions... more>> with his two beasts are pretty funny. The MC seems to slowly be becoming more ruthless as time goes on. Although the story does have some repetitive aspects (MC goes to a new place->Gets mocked->Shows he's a prodigy and face slaps people) the author manages to add things to keep it entertaining. Questions crop up throughout the story as the MC gains more abilities and learns more about himself and his family.

The romance is alright. The story between the MC and the female lead is pretty average, but the female lead has her own mysteries. She's devoted towards the MC and vice versa.

Overall it's a good novel. Something to note is that the pacing is pretty fast, so best be prepared for that if you read. <<less
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BxG rated it
October 28, 2021
Status: c2808
Umm for all those who want to read the novel, please don't stop by reading the bad reviews, even tho there are some of the repeated "cliches" the total world building concepts and the past of Mc's and other characters are also being shown one by one later and it is also shown that MC is most probabaly a "reincarnated" person or something, plus his mother and "real" father are also in some circumstances etc etc which is interesting. I totally recommend reading this cuz in like around 200s ig... more>> his foster father shows up etc I personally believe that guy is a total c*ckroach lmao he survives so well I don't know how much luck that person has. While afterwards MC gets a totally good "power" or something which I won't reveal (but for those who want spoilers

it is a emperor/dynasty building kind of power ;), plus the power is totally unique and unexpected

Then in about 1000+ we find that MC goes to the "starry sky" which is naturally the place most of the cultivation novels go to, and I felt the arc which lasted about 800+ chapters in that (it started about 1160+ and ended at 2000s ig?) was very good probably one of the best villain (not exactly villain probably psychopath would be fit to term him? im not sure) but he was probably one of the best villain till the end.
His companion beasts are totally unpredictable to be honest... I personally thought he would be possessing element kind companion beasts but seeing his 5th, 6th and 7th im very excited and another spoiler

his 5th and 7th companion beasts are related to FMC (Jiang Feiling) ;) and also his 6th companion beast is like a troublesome child lol

Commenting about his lover, probably should I say he is dedicated at the very least and on the other hand there are many misunderstanding situations too which is adding to the humour, and the girls also become his "maids" (rather should I say believers than maids tho), so technically it is at the very least having a potential harem but at the same time not so please don't expect harem much, cuz it is more in the believer category than love.
Thank you for reading this I hope u read the novel too cuz it is very good and the time I spent wasn't in vain. <<less
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IsekaiMe rated it
June 14, 2021
Status: c572
Entertaining at first, but you'll soon realize it follows the same template as most Chinese cultivation novels. There's an endless line of arrogant a-holes to slapdown at every stage of cultivation, and there's always a "next level" of cultivation, and there's always the "next area" of stronger people who miraculously have left the weaker areas alone... until the protagonist started leveling up. The logic of all of it just falls apart after repeating the same cycle, over and over again. Truth be told, the MC is also an arrogant a-hole,... more>> but he's a righteous arrogant a-hole with plot armor so he'll never lose or suffer a setback. <<less
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