The Emperor of Pantheron’s Unique Taste


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The Panthernon’s Emperor Jed ldnis was a monarch with an absolute imperial power which scared everyone with his fierce and cruel temper. However, for many women in the empire, it was a lifelong dream to be his woman. His harem castle was already full of such people. Then one day, a forgotten princess, who had been taken prisoner from a small kingdom he conquered, stared at him. The ordinary girl, who stood among those shining with gorgeous appearances, caught his gaze.

-What is your wish?

-To live. I wish to live for a long time.

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판테르논 황제의 남다른 취향
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12/04/20 Travis Translations c7 part2
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12/04/20 Travis Translations c1 part1
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Fictionaddiction rated it
May 26, 2021
Status: --
This is a pretty interesting novel, It doesn't waste time with boring descriptions and the writing style pulls you in and is not redundant.

The MC is a forgotten princess with an ordinary appearance born from a maid while the ML is a ruthless and decisive man.

He conquers her nation because they killed his envoy as he wanted to take the first princess as his concubine in his harem to unify the country. Which he does anyway after killing everyone and demoting the princesses to maids. But he starts taking an... more>> interest in the plain looking princess who has never gotten out of her bedroom, and isn't spoiled and has an expressionless face. <<less
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