The Dragon Lord is Weak and Helpless but Has a Big Appetite [Interstellar]


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Dragon Rule #1: Every dragon should have a princess
Dragon Rule #2: Beware of Dragon Hunters
Dragon Rule #3: …

Every dragon wants to be an excellent evil dragon, so Long Shiyu tried to abduct a princess.

Back then, he wasn’t the Dragon Lord yet, but there was an elf princess in some remote galaxy who was getting married in the elves’ ancient castle.

Castles, princesses and weddings.

This was a standard evil dragon plot!

And thus Long Shiyu waited for the wedding, seized the fairest of them all in his claws, and made a hasty escape. He landed in a wild plain, released his claws, and looked at his princess with satisfaction.

A handsome man glared back fiercely.

​So good-looking.

​Long Shiyu’s heartbeat quickened, oblivious to the fact that this was not a princess, but a fearless dragon hunter.

Many years later, that hero no longer remembered him. He captured Long Shiyu as prey and kept him by his side, taking up the part-time job of dragon rearing in passing.

Hero’s POV: Long Shiyu is weak and helpless, but he has a big appetite. His bloodline is poor. If I let him out of my sight, he’ll be torn to pieces by other dragons.

Long Shiyu, who had long cemented his position as Dragon Lord: “…Sob.”

I’m gonna be subjected to the princess’s petting again today.

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