The Devious First-Daughter


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A lonely soul, which was placed under the care of the Lord Protector’s Manor, ended up having her lover stolen by the family’s eldest daughter and dying tragically the day before her wedding.

Somehow, she was reborn in the family as their 14-year-old first wife’s daughter, Ning Xueyan, with a startlingly familiar face.

Step by step, she will ruthlessly scheme to seek revenge as well as uncover the mystery of her tragic death.

Her former fiancee, the flirty crown prince and the bloodthirsty prince, will now bear witness to a vengeful Ning Xueyan becoming the peerless lady of her generation…

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speracles rated it
July 6, 2019
Status: --
Some stories are like potato chips. They have no nutritional value, but you crave them anyway and suspend your disbelief about their validity as a food item. Don't expect potato chips to be a full course meal, but you can rate the tastiness.

Interesting flavor, very salty. A little more unique than other mainstream flavors. Not realistic in any fashion. Like other potato chip stories, so enjoy.
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KichiX rated it
August 29, 2020
Status: c479
This is my guilty-pleasure novel. It's certainly not the best, but it keeps me reading so...

In tone, this is like a cross between The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage and Genius Doctor: Black-bellied Miss. Unlike the former where every chapter is high tension, this has more breathing room - it allows you to feel like the FL isn't in constant danger of losing her life/reputation every second; whether that's because she has maids who can think and act by themselves, interactions with the ML that take her... more>> away from the backyard, or because she is investigating her former life. Of course the great scheming abilities of the FL help too... A large portion of the drama is just waiting for the face-slapping to start...

The multiple story threads are a strong point. The mystery surrounding the FL's former life is drip-fed, and you can tell that the author had the novel planned because things don't just spring from thin air but are natural consequences of actions or information. Likewise, there are very few messy ends - the author doesn't have selective amnesia, nor do they forget what they've already written (I'm looking at you, cultivation novels).

Some of the characters have s*upid expectations though: one of her sisters loses her c*astity but still thinks she can be the wife of a prince? I'm willing to let this go as some of the characters are very self-aware - her evil half-brother himself thinks his mother is losing her touch in scheming; the maids of the evil adopted daughter often bemoan the fact that their young lady is no longer acting rationally...

The ML... I actually like. Come on, how many times are MLs described as being "ruthless", "terrifying", "blood-thirsty" but as soon as they're in front of the FL they act like obedient little school-children, ready to please? In this, the FL is scared of the ML, the emperor is scared of the ML, the princes are scared of the ML - and it's not just "oh, he's so scaaaaary" - it's legitimate fear that affects their actions. He is so scary that I actually couldn't see how the FL was going to fall in love with him.

The FL I won't really talk about -

despite magically becoming a top-notch schemer, the trauma she suffered when she died in her last life is present throughout the story and represents a motivation for her actions.

All that being said there are some negatives:

    • Re-readability: probably not high. The chapters aren't exactly filler but they're not as stream-lined as, say, Malicious Empress. While it's great to read first time around, I think it would be frustrating to re-read as you know the result but have to wade through the intermediary chapters to get to the satisfying bits.
    • Scheming: Often the FL's schemes/counter-schemes work out because she has predicted, down to the sentence, what the antagonists are going to say and do. It's impossible to do this, you know? Maybe you can have a general idea, and can nudge them to work in certain ways, but to have the degree of control the FL has... not possible.
Conclusion: one of the only stories like this that I eagerly await new chapters for. Maybe it's cliched and uses the same tropes as every other story, but it's executed well and has more depth than others. <<less
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muses of a dreamer
muses of a dreamer rated it
August 19, 2019
Status: c92
Though this story is your typical revenge tale I would say this one of the best revenge stories yet. The female lead isn't OP, she has her flaws and makes mistakes. How she retaliates against her Official Mother and half-sisters is amazing. Her interactions with the male lead are very interesting (reminds me a bit of Chu Wang Fei) and very delightful to read. I would highly recommend this story to any person who is mourning the end of the Rebirth of the Malicious Empress and needs to read something... more>> that has the same feeling. <<less
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CRY_ rated it
September 24, 2021
Status: c58
The mention of revenge as very annoying. It kept being mentioned almost every chapter. Like I get it but do we need to be reminded in EVERY chapter.

Was interesting for the first 50 chapters but soon became super repetitive.
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Blackcross013 rated it
January 29, 2020
Status: --
I like most part of the story. Like most stories of this genre, you need to turn off certain parts of your brain to appreciate this. But unlike most, this story has one of the most unlikeable Male leads. He is not just a sociopath, he basically assaults the female lead every time they meet. Male lead literary says he does not care for what female lead thinks or like. She is just a pet to him. Female lead of course cannot resist him as she is no match for... more>> him physically and in any other way. Though others find this romantic, I find it quite disturbing. Other than that, it's not a bad story. Just be prepared to skip parts of it if the ML bothers you. <<less
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Ainslee rated it
January 14, 2022
Status: c55
A very shallow story.

You can't just turn into an expert at scheming just because you wanted to, especially when you used to be an ignoramus.

Without no guidance or background, MC could turn herself into a completely different person once she died and revived into a different girl.

... more>> With that, everyone around her either fall into her scheming or fallen in awe with her new demeanor.

I tried to tolerate the plotline but only survived up till chapter 113 then skip to the last chapter just to give myself a closure.

I'm glad I did. <<less
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azureaume rated it
December 1, 2019
Status: --
I like every bite of this story. It just the plot dragged to much. It quite annoy me. It feels like what she done had not inpact at all.


God!! Every time he came i'll skip that chapter. Every chapter that contain the ML i'll just skip it.

... more>> He just annoying and didn't give me any good point about him. He made me lose interest to read that I can even get annoyed to the novel. Even the mention of his name will make me hate that chap.??

But I really like the FL.? <<less
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Chillyboba rated it
June 25, 2019
Status: c37
Not bad so far. Typical revenge set-up, but the female protagonist isn’t ridiculously OP or s*upid. She’s taking matters into her hands at a good pace, and the antagonists aren’t complete blockheads. I also like that there are unique events in the story.

Plus, although the we already know who the ML is (due to the exaggerated descriptions of his beauty), the interactions between the protagonist and him are pretty interesting. The ML doesn’t fall in love with her at first sight, and the female protagonist actually fears him to a... more>> certain degree. <<less
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Kassandra rated it
March 12, 2022
Status: Completed
This was a nice read when you just wanna spend time.

Plot is okay. It's quite similar to the Femme Fatale novel (also from TapRead), where it involves the previous dynasty.

Mainly, the first half (maybe more than a bit half) is about Xueyan fighting and scheming in the inner yard. And the latter half, about being a consort and the fight to the throne.

... more>> Characters, I wish the sisters at least had a closure. And her cousin, Xueran. Felt complicated about him the most to be honest. But he's nice.

Character design, like one of what the reviews said, Xueyan's development is a bit abrupt. But we'll ignore that for the sake of enjoying the novel. I'll also say there was development but it didn't strike me that deeply.

World background, I didn't pay attention that much but it's good. They mainly centered the novel to Xueyan's POV.

My only complain, well, not really a complain but anyway, what I wanted to know is how she got into her sister's body. Like, how? I thought it would be revealed at the end but no. [Sigh]

And how I wish there's extra chapters for the twins. Like, I wanna see their cuteness!!

Recommended if you're craving some of historical scheming genres. <<less
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Erina B
Erina B rated it
April 9, 2022
Status: c8
Disappointed. I start reading this because of good reviews but this novel is disappointing. MC suddenly becomes OP at the day of her rebirth and scheming but still being passive. Her father is so shitty and not reliable. It made me think how he became marquis and maintain his position with his IQ. She said Madam Ming taught her how to know the poison scent but Madam Ming herself die being poison. Ning family committed mu*der one after another in one day and also the victims have their own status... more>> in family but it's like nothing had happend in another day. They didn't even investigate it. MC's fiance being snatched one day before marriage? It made sense? In ancient time? And from the start with her original status, where did she found her all mighty fiance? Everyone saying that the marriage of Ziyan was as the matter of fact. They didn't include the original Ziying in their words. And ML. He came to MC family backyard out of now where and know MC is scheming and suddenly become thinking MC is interesting. What? Are you kidding me? He doesn't even know inside and outside of problem. MC isn't likable at all. All ridiculous. It wasn't that she is good at scheming but villain are one dimentional braindead pepole only know how to talk nonsense. Everything didn't make sense that I can't continue reading anymore. <<less
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chande rated it
June 30, 2021
Status: Completed
I actually like this story enough to give it 5 stars but I can't ignore this story's many flaws, such as:

    • MC's sudden change of nature. Ning Ziying (original MC) spent her life being a pampered, gentle, and naive maiden. It didn't make sense when suddenly she became so adept of scheming after being reborn as Ning Xueyan. She could even predict her enemy's move with such high accuracy. Scheming needs experience and cleary MC didn't have any experience at all as an innocent Ning Ziying. It's understandable if she came back to the past but she actually came back as Ning Xueyan at the current period. So when did she learn how to scheme so perfectly?
    • In her childhood, Ning Yuling and her servants stripped MC (Ning Xueyan) and almost killed her. Why was nobody aware of MC's birthmark at that time?
    • The schemes of MC's enemies were a bit repetitive. It's either making her lose her reputation or directly killing her. And the enemies were like a c*ckroaches. They just won't die and kept coming back again and again with similar schemes.
    • The translation is a bit messed up. Sometimes, the names were also mixed up especially MC's name and her sisters. And the terms were also a bit confusing. I think some of chinese terms shouldn't be translated to english and the translator should leave it as it is.

Although this story isn't perfect, it's still my cup of tea. I love rebirth, revenge, and face slapping story the most. Actually, the plot isn't something new but nevertheless, I still enjoy it.

MC is one of my favorite character in this story. She's not OP, doesn't have any cheat, and she doesn't depend on ML to solve her problem. Mostly, she carried the scheme herself. That's what I love about her.

As for ML, I actually didn't like him at first. I thought he's a bit boring. But when I know about his childhood and also about how he treated MC later, I change my opinion.


ML was depicted as a bloodthirsty and cold man without any feeling but actually, his childhood was harsh. His mother died in conspiracy and he spent his childhood in the battlefield. After he came back to the capital, he still had to face his brother's scheme who wanted to pass the throne to his own child instead of ML as the rightful crown prince. It's understandable if he grew up to be like that.

But he became a bit warm after falling in love with MC. She understood him the most. Maybe because she also had a bitter past like him. They helped and depended on each other. She completed him and vice versa. Although he was domineering, he's not r*pey. He actually waited until MC recovered her health before having their wedding night.


As for other MC's suitor, they were equally scum so I'm happy that MC didn't end up with any them.


Xia Yuhang and Wen Xueran only used MC as a chess piece. Xia Yuhang suspected that MC (Ning Ziying) was the eldest princess of the previous dynasty and wanted to marry her in order to gain the previous dynasty's treasures and military tally. But when he doubted MC's identity, he didn't hesitate to kill her. Later, he regretted it because he realized that he actually loved her. He guessed that Ning Ziying was reborn as Ning Xueyan although MC never admit it. Later, he had the audacity to proclaim that he will treasure MC if she was reborn but he easily took back his vow by scheming against MC with her other opponents. What a hypocrite.

Wen Xueran was actually an interesting character. He was a decendant of the previous dynasty's royal family. In other word, he was MC's cousin. He initially was Ning Ziying's fiance but he didn't care about her and even left her to die in the hand of Xia Yuhang, Ning Ziyan, and Madam Ling. But when Ning Ziying became Ning Xueyan and had a change of nature, he fell in love with her. However, he still chose his ambition to revive the previous dynasty over MC and even wanted to make her his chess piece by letting her marry ML as a way to approach ML in the future. Like Xia Yuhang, he also regretted it later. He confessed to MC but MC didn't want to have anything to do with him. It's understandable because she was also Ning Ziying and in her previous life, Wen Xueran left her to die although he was aware of her identity. He also tried to take MC away forcefully but of course he wasn't ML's opponent.

To be fair, ML also used MC in the beginning but it's a fair deal. MC occasionally helped ML but he also gave something back to MC as a compensation unlike Xia Yuhang and Wen Xueran.

As for Ao Mingyu and Ao Mingwan, although they also loved MC, they didn't want to give her a main wife position. At most, they just wanted to make her a concubine. In the end, they even wanted to take MC away forcefully and hid her somewhere. Of course they were failed.


The ending was quite satisfying but I still want more. At least it was a happy ending. But what about:

  • Ning Yinglun. Did she marry Ao Mingyu in the end?
  • Madam Ling's family. Did they just let them off? In the past, they also contributed to Madam Ming's demise.
  • Heng Yuwan. She tried to seduce ML and helped Consort Xia's rendezvous with ML. She also supposed to marry Xianyun's cousin because of her failed scheme. Did she marry him in the end?
  • Ning Huaiyuan. Why did MC let him off? He tried to assassinate her in the past and almost killed her.
  • Ming Yuanhua (MC's nominal cousin) and Heng Yuqing. Heng Yuqing clearly liked Ming Yuanhua while Ming Yuanhua secretly liked MC but it's unknown whether she could marry Ming Yuanhua in the end or not.

For a reminder: the novel actually had 679 chapters but most web only published 678 chapters. Chapter 679 was a side story from Wen Xueran POV.
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Shortk rated it
July 7, 2020
Status: c399
I don't know why this has such a low score. I actually quite like it. I think anyone who is tired of the rebirth break evil family find evil like hot guy husband will probably be the ones who dislike this but I suppose I have a fairly good tolerance for that formula ONLY when it's enjoyably done.

When it comes down to it, this isn't a masterpiece, but I would say I still like it. Blame my taste but the MC is smart (Mary Sue idk but as long as... more>> it's not being written annoyingly and it isn't here imo), the maids have personality, general common sense exists, and it's just like a comfortable rebirth revenge story to read, if not slightly exciting sometimes as well.

If you want the OG then go to the rebirth of the malicious empress of military lineage (which is very well written - it's the origin of this wave of revenge rebirth novels imo) or if you want like a long f*cking masterpiece to suffer with go Han Yuxi.

Still, this novel is valid and super comfortable to read for people who like the revenge rebirth novels because it's not overly nonsensical at all and like I've said lol enjoyable to read. <<less
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gryffinpuff rated it
March 3, 2023
Status: c121dropped
Couldn't take it anymore! MC after being reborn is suddenly an expert in 4-ways chess - expertly guessing her opponent's moves and manipulating situations in her favor... And each time, her opponents rise up like c*ckroaches, and find ways to blame her, and the scums around them wouldn't take a second to think and join the blame-bandwagon... and yet, MC escapes unscathed each time! And similar situations keep on repeating again and again, and the schemes aren't smart either, it's just all he-said/she-said kind of...

Not to talk about the ML... more>> - everytime he enters the scene, there are para upon para to emphasize how cool/unruly/bloodthirsty/handsome/unparalleled he is, how everyone shivers around him yet MC is the only one who can face him... He doesn't care about anyone or anything, everything's either boring or amusing for him...

Not worth it spending more time... <<less
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Sweettia1 rated it
June 8, 2020
Status: c154
An interesting novel where the FL/Xueyan uses her own knowledge and wits to get revenge. She does not have any superpowers or magical items.
She recognized her limitations and wisely knows when to retreats.

Similarly with other revenge rebirth novels, there is the evil stepmother, ignorant father who only wants power, and half-sisters who tries to bring her down.

An interesting aspect of this novel is the interaction between the ML and FL.

She actually fears him when they meet and their interactions stem from her owing him favors for him to help her. He does not instantly fall in love with her, rather he finds her intriguing. He looks at her as a chess piece and a way for him to get an important military object in her father's study. She recognizes that she is useful to him and acknowledges that she does not have enough power so is willing to be used by him so she can gain benefits. It is an interesting twist since she is a FL who must depend on her own knowledge to try and escape from the plots by her stepmother and stepsisters.


Regarding the ML

He is not for the faint of heart- black hearted, utterly ruthless and focused on his goals. He beheads concubines sent to him during a scheme to show his bloodthirstiness and also takes the FL to a scene where spies were being tortured. This is not a fluffy ML who dotes and acts lovingly.

Chp 124 is the slow start where he feels a touch of warmth. She recognizes her weakness and will do what she needs to survive and get her revenge. She will not abandon him as long as he does not abandon her. He is ruthless but admires her resoluteness and strength. At the same time, she recognizes she is useful to him and is only alive as long as she is continues to be useful.

As of chapter 154, there is still no romance as he usually kidnaps her to act as a pretend concubine and has cold-bloodedly killed people in front of her.


There is alot of scheming and drama that goes on as Xueyan tries to survive the plots against her while finding out the truth regarding her background and hidden reason resulting in death in her first life while also dealing with a ruthless, temperamental ML.

Things do get repetitive as most schemes revolve around men being caught with her stepsisters/concubines/mother and damage control with marriages. However it does capture you into the story as we read how she manages to deal with the schemes and plots against her slag family.

Translation quality would be rated fair- it is readable but character names are sometimes mixed up, he or she is used incorrectly often, and sometimes sentences does not make sense.
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zetnnik rated it
June 18, 2023
Status: Completed
I give it 2.8 stars. It's the bloodiest dog-blood story that I've read so far. A lot of ignorant, arrogant, and unreasonable villains. The females hated her, while the males all fell for her. 😩 The MCs were likable enough, it's the writer who fell short IMO. S/He tried to write a clever palace intrigue story, but wasn't able to fully show us. The FL's schemes were supposed to be smart/brilliant, but the processes weren't shown. Based on very flimsy details she was able to deduce what the scheme or the... more>> trap laid out for her? It's repetitive and wordy. Too many internal musings and thoughts that were already done in previous chapters or even just previous paragraphs. I wanted to refer the FL back to some chapters/pages and tell her, "OK, you already noticed this and had thoughts about it. You encountered it again and are thinking about it again, you still don't have a conclusion?" <<less
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Anna_Tiashe rated it
April 17, 2023
Status: Completed
One of the best revenge story that you could ever read. The writing is so good that you are pulled in from the beginning of the plot. The main character's plans really well on how best to take revenge and also escape narrowly from others' schemes. This one is heavily involved in politics, and if you are not interested, this won't be your cup of tea. I would say there's romance from the beginning, but because the main character is mainly focused on her revenge, she doesn't much care for... more>> the male lead's interest in her. There's flavour and spice throughout the story that'll never get you bored. I've read for the third time now, and every time it feels new for me. Thank you for your efforts, author and translator. <<less
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LeeAthene rated it
September 4, 2021
Status: c678
I personally dont like harem but this one is not too bad. You can say that for the most is that that is only front of the ML. Good story and good translation
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cloud28884 rated it
July 8, 2021
Status: Completed
This my cup of tea story that I liked :)

Agree with above post that there's the flaws and this is a potato chip story, but it keeps me going to read it till the end. To me this novel is a more like softer Princess Wei Yang story version (which I also reccomended). Fortunately the ending is also a happy one


  • MC character is the best... she's just a smart woman that takes precaution on everything after her rebirth with no system or cheat, but keeps having trouble and she mostly solved it herself and not too dependant on the ML
  • Happy ending

  • The MC character changes before-after rebirth is too great and no spesific explanation of it (maybe just leave it to some enlightment? from her past life)
  • Some other flaws/loophole on the story not explained till the end

    why her mother dead after Madam Wu gone, why she not trying hard to send the letter to Madam Ming (while she do remember her mother instruction and ensure it keeps very well hidden), the explanation about military medallion is kinda farfetched, Empress pregnancy is a big deal one - how could she hides it and nobody knows it, who Madam Ming waits untill death, some people destiny (her best friend with the cousin, the 4th young lady), the woman under Wei Xue Ran proves that there's people with higher martial art capability, so it should be easier to defeat the MC but somehow the opponent keeps s*upidly under estimating her

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October 11, 2020
Status: c645
I must alert that this novel is TROPE-HEAVY, has a lot of r*pe/ab*se/fabricated affairs schemes, and it is an apparent huge mess of delusional but surprisingly hard to die villains.

The ML is like a super scary pshychopath, and most of the things that happen seem or directle are unrealistic, according to past dynasties rules and morals.

However, it's still a fun read, and it still has a more thickened plot. Not everything is the surface of petty concubines trying to destroy the wife with the compliance of a scumbag Lord, and... more>> there's a more deep power-play behind almost every single little scheme.

Unlike most transmigration & revenge novels, the affairs of the backyard take a long time to be completely solved. It may seem ridiculous and frustrating at first. Usually, the heroines keep stricking the people behind their death or the previous host's death one by one, they easily expose their schemes and gradually start suppressing them until either giving them death or leaving them useless and unable to harm. However, in this novel the affairs of the backyard that cause the death of MC and two more people, take a long time to be solved and publicly exposed and, eventually, the reader will find out those things weren't just mere plots of jealosy and stealing the main wife's position. I think that this is what makes the novel worth of 3 stars, despite of it's apparent messy affairs, annoying villains and the fact the ML is way too domineering and he could as well be the usual obsessed with the MC psycho that fails to get her.

The romance, out of the fact the ML sort of invites himself into the MC's life, keeps intruding in her chamber and doesn't leave her much choices, is quite sweet. In fact, he is a dangerous person because he needs to be in order to not be trampled but, as soon as he solves his misunderstandings with the MC, he's quite good to her even though they have a relationship of master/subordinate due to a deal they make not long after meeting each other for the first time. It can be said the MC does chose to fall in love with him. Still, most readers will find ML is not a good model and he's still too domineering and blood-thirsty. <<less
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February 18, 2024
Status: Completed
Cookie cutter revenge story. Nothing new, draggy at times but good to read when bored. Story itself is ok when you wanna binge on something and you finished all the good revenge stories. Most of the revenge takes place as a footnote. Very disappointing. All the men in this story are terrible and selfish. I guess it's more "realistic" to treat women like commodities in that era.

still don't like ML. He gets better but not until closer to the end. I don't like the idea of pressing on wounds to make a point

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