The Despised Lady Wishes to be Loved


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“…Hair so white it resembles an old woman’s; eyes so yellow they’re reminiscent of vain nouveau riche gold. I’ve never seen anyone so sickening!”

Ten years ago, a nouveau riche viscount’s daughter—Lithia Album, was invited to an aristocratic tea party for the first time. There, she was berated by the prince of that country—Andrew.

Ever since then, she was ridiculed wherever she went. As a result, Lithia grew terrified of men and couldn’t build a decent relationship with anyone.

Even though he supposedly hated her the most, only the prince engaged her in conversation.

…However, he seemed to merely be reminding Lithia to not get carried away.

It was a story of how such a loathed Lithia was loved and became happy.

Associated Names
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Kirawa re reijō wa aisaretai
The Despised Lady Wishes to be Loved
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    2 Reviews

    Apr 18, 2023
    Status: c10 part2
    i really enjoyed this, idk why there are such low ratings.. First of all, the crown prince is NOT the ml.

    the real ML and lithia are absolutely adorable together, he treats her well and there is very, very little chance of misunderstanding-related drama between them (... more>>

    he has to always be completely honest and it’s brilliant


    the rest of the cast — crown prince, his lackeys, noblewomen — ALL of them are seemingly out for lithia’s blood, but the crown prince seems to want a romance with her (while simultaneously degrading and bullying her) while everyone else is supporting said nonexistent romance. In my opinion this is meant to be a satire of as*hole ml’s and the ‘i had to wait to date you and in the meantime I will be rude to you, but this is so I could ensure my position and so nobody would ever bully you again’ trope, rather than something to take 100% seriously.

    translation-wise, 10/10, the main characters are nicely written, and the plot is not flat. I’d absolutely recommend this. <<less
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    Aug 28, 2023
    Status: c10 part1
    This author never misses. If you enjoyed her other work, I think you’ll like this one just as much. It’s sort of insta-love compared to the nerdy moe but it’s understandable and you feel intensely happy for the FL that someone is so openly in love with her when everyone else is so cruel. I hope one day her work gets animated because I think she has the perfect dialogue for that.
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