The Condemned Reincarnated Saintess Goes on the Path of the Villainess! ~A World Line Without Saints, It’s Too Late for Regrets~!


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“False saintess Luna, you will be burned at the stake.”

Luna was then burned. While she was bombarded with insults by the people she had helped so far…

(Ah, I’m tired… If there is an afterlife, this time it’s free… Yes, I want to live freely like the “villainess” in the novel)

300 years later, she returns to her original world. Reincarnated in and with the power of a great saint intact, she gained the status of a Count’s daughter–she obtained her second life.

“Even if someone is in trouble, I will never help them. I will become a villainess!”

Luna, who enrolled in the Saintess Academy, spends her time inconspicuously and quietly so that she won’t be found out as a saintess. As “Silver”, the strongest adventurer in the underwold, she enjoys a leisurely second life… or so it was supposed to be…” Her saintly powers are so great that she unwittingly attracts attention.

On the other hand, the evil demon king reached out to the world at that time, and mankind was in danger of extinction. The cornered people regret their past mistakes and seek her holy salvation. But it’s too late now. The saintess is dead, no, they killed her with their own hands…

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Condemned Saint
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1 Review

New Touch-San
Nov 13, 2023
Status: c12
Judging from the chapters available so far, this isn't actually going to be a revenge story. The MC seems far too forgiving for that.


In chapter 12, she even literally says "humanity, show me you're worthy of salvation". If she truly wanted revenge, she sure as sh*t wouldn't say something like that.


It might be too early to say anything concrete, but this probably won't be ticking any boxes for revenge fantasy, betrayed saint edition.
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