The Child in the Attic


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[Synopsis] “Have s*x with someone affectionate.”

“Like me.”

Jin, who was kidnapped and lived disconnected from the world in an attic when he was young.

He followed the rescuer Cliff, who rescued him from the attic, and became a police officer. Currently, he has an ardent crush on Cliff. He considered confessing his feelings, but he couldn’t confess his emotions for fear of ruining his relationship with Cliff.

Jin, who has been unable to approach Cliff despite his feelings for him, repeats this for years. One day, he meets a man named Theo.

But this man seems to know me?

[Preview] “Cliff.”

I hesitated for a moment, then firmly pressed my lips together. I tensed my body pretending indifference. After shielding myself with calmness, I opened my mouth provocatively.

“What exactly are you to me?”

Without all the singularities or whatever. I didn’t add any unnecessary reasons or information. Interpretation was Cliff’s job. Surprisingly, Cliff answered without hesitation. There was no pause or hesitation.

Now the interpretation was my job. However, while my intentions were often read by Cliff, Cliff had never been read by me. When I regained my senses, it was always in Cliff’s palm.

“You’re too difficult, Cliff.”

I let out a bitter laugh. This and that seemed to be quite different stories.

“Please just say something that people can understand at once, Cliff.”

As I sighed, I heard a soft laughter from the other end of the phone. In that low and gentle voice, I found myself laughing along unintentionally, and at that moment, Cliff said,

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다락방의 아이
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