The Best Friend of the Supporting Female Protagonist


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Navy Officer x Island Beauty

Qin Yao transmigrated and became the best supporting actress ‘Qin Yao’ from the 1970s island mansion drama. Her best friend in the city, Chen Baozhen, had a good family background. She followed her thousands of miles to the island to go for blind dates, but she didn’t find a suitable match, and instead fell for another man, marrying into the island mansion.

The original female lead, Bai Qiuling, was reborn. She repented her past mistakes and became a virtuous wife and loving mother. She was adept at managing both household and family affairs, and earned praise from everyone in the island as a ‘virtuous wife.’

Despite her privileged background, Chen Baozhen was spoiled and couldn’t do household chores. After marriage, her life was chaotic, with a crazy lineup of extreme friends, troublesome sisters-in-law, and a senile mother-in-law taking turns to cause her trouble… Compared to the female lead, her life was a disaster, which ended in divorce.

Aiming to avoid being sent to the countryside by finding a partner on the island, Qin Yao was the friend who tried to climb the social ladder through her friend’s connections but ended up offending people due to her pickiness.

Upon arriving, Qin Yao was already at the port, ready to board the ship, but unfortunately, the weather turned bad suddenly, and the port closed. She had to return to the inn.

On the way, she saw a handsome and charming ‘little brother’ and went up to flirt with him.

Qin Yao showered him with sisterly affection, learning that the harmless little wolf was an employee of a fishing company. Qin Yao was impressed and even gave him a handkerchief to mark him as a potential husband.

Result – The little harmless wolf turned out to be an old, wicked wolf!

Best friend: “He was my blind date before! He’s extremely fierce!”

Qin Yao: Speechless.

A damn fishing company employee.


One year, ‘Little Wolf’ Gu Cheng, nearly thirty years old, was accosted by a beautiful woman on the road. Gu Cheng was wary, claiming to be an employee of a fishing company, waiting to see what this woman was up to.

As he waited… he found out that this woman not only gave him a handkerchief but also had the nerve to call herself his older sister despite being ten years younger!

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