The Beginning


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Li Shiqing gets on a bus, expecting to reach her destination as usual, but instead embarks on a journey of death in an infinite time loop. After repeatedly experiencing death on the bus, the heroine is on the verge of collapse and tries to get off the bus, thus dragging her co-star Xiao Heyun into the time loop as well. After all their attempts, they decide to find out who is behind all this and end the time loop on the bus.

A time loop mystery set on a bus, the hero and heroine try everything they can to save the lives of the bus and to stop the time loop. For the reader, this is both a suspenseful escape room novel and a self-help guide for ordinary people who are “stuck for a day”, combining the thrill of an “infinite stream” prophet with the excitement of suspense.

Associated Names
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Kai Duan
Khai Đoan
Khởi Đầu
Reset (Chinese Drama)
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CrownedTraitor rated it
March 12, 2022
Status: c42
This is a pretty impressive novel and can be extremely eyecatching to the reader and make you feel immersed into their world. The character are very much likable we see their bad sides and good sides.

The worldbuilding is actually pretty impressive, but because it's a mystery type I gave it a 4/5 for the pure reason of how much easier it would be to think of the concept of the "mystery" then just start adding layers and layers until you reach the beginning, to the point where everything started. That's... more>> my opinion, but it could have actually started from the beginning and if that is the case if would be difficult and I would give it a 5/5.

This has only 64 chapters and two separate plots,

they are two separate plots with a different number of chapters


The only thing I would like to address is the translation, there is no error in typing at all whatsoever, however it is confusing the terms "he", "they", and "she". It can also sometimes be redundant. I will give an example.. This is part of the story but it's entirely spoiler free, so here is what it says, "You set off with your delivery waiting to be delivered and start delivering from north to south". That is a lot of redundancies, and that is not the only case. Did it ruin the immersive experience? Yes it did, it made me double think on who is speaking, and who is giving their thoughts and observation of the situation. But that is not the writer's fault so I won't let it affect my judgement. <<less
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hanu rated it
April 13, 2022
Status: Completed
First of all, I am so happy this novel is being noticed

Let us push this further!

Coming to the review

Kinda reminded me of 'The Final Destination". But here, our protagonists are not completely hopeless. They try to break the cycle

And are successful too!


The points I like were:
The story is well written. It's so good (After you have read the story you will agree to this). Compared to the other translated novels, it has a different style. One can be completely engrossed in reading.

There are some angst moments by side but only a few, No need to worry.

Important for comedy fans: It has many comedic parts that can bring tears to your eyes while laughing.

To be noted; our protagonists are not OP, they are simple- normal people.

Now not willing to further spoil the novel. Go ahead and read it, It will be worth your time.
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tedy2004 rated it
October 17, 2022
Status: Completed
I wanted something thrilling and some bits of romance as well. However I found a diamond, instead of gold.

Shortly I'll say, the first complete part it's more of horror thrill, while the extra part is some suspense and some romance.

The only tiny problem is in the translation, which is the confusion between he or she, but as long as u see which person's name is written, u can get through it.

I do recommend reading it fully, because whitout the extra, it doesn't feel complete (P.S. Personally I liked the... more>> extra part more 0-0). <<less
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Nyaa.23 rated it
April 7, 2022
Status: Completed
Pros :

The characters are great. Author use the 'don't judge people by their looks' well.

who knew that the old woman is carrying bombs, the scary looking hooded man is carrying a cat and the bus driver is an accomplice.

MC is your average uni girl and ML is your average programmer that can't run 500 m w/out panting.

The mystery starts w why MC is in a time loop, how to stop the time loop, how to stop the bomb from exploding to investigating the story behind the bombing. I still don't understand how the time loop happened??

No romance btw, but it's fitting for the book. I mean u won't be in the mood for love when you have just exploded to pieces.

Cons :

The second story reminds me of a self insert fanfic. I could push myself to read that. No, thank u

The angst, the hopelessness, the characters going cray cray aren't just enough. Author should twist their mind more. Break them down. Make them despair. I have a heavy taste.
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MusicFromMiles rated it
September 1, 2022
Status: Completed
This was great. Honestly this is the first ever novel I've read here that doesn't have someone "special" as a protagonist or love interest. Both the FM and ML are both ordinary citizens who got dragged into a time loop and trying to survive in their own way. The time loop death itself isn't new but I like how it is presented in this story. It's very close to reality and feels like an honest story which is very refreshing to read.

I didn't read the extra story at the end... more>> cuz I'm not a fan of the second point of view perspective style of the extra story.

I just wished I could have read an extra chapter with the FM and ML. I thirsting for that romance but also them solving the case of Wang Mengmeng. Over all its a great read. Don't mind re reading this again. <<less
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