The Beauty Of Marriage


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Jiang Nian was married to Zhou Lie for ten years and had two children. She thought that married life should be as smooth as water, but every night… the man’s rough palms slid up and rubbed her tits, “One more time, alright?”

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natsume_two rated it
August 24, 2023
Status: Completed
Hii, I'm the translator, Bambi. I started translating this novel because I passionately love a romance story where the man is all rough edges until he's met with his soulmate, a beautiful and kind woman who makes his heart bloom. In a sense, this story is that, but in another sense, it's also the story about a married couple thinking they're not enough for each other and suffering silently. This novel really shows you how you can have everything you ever wanted, yet because your thinking pattern is unhealthy and... more>> your mind is just picking up the wrong clues, you will absolutely have no idea you're living your best life.

The male lead and the female lead are married happily, but there's a series of misunderstandings that cause them to think so ever firmly, that they married the other one against their will. So while the man is thinking he used tricks to marry her, she's also thinking she forced him to marry her due to her circumstances. Yet they still laugh, smile, and have pretty memories and sexy times.

I think if you want to read this, you hafta be prepared for 40% plot, 40% flashbacks and 30% smut scenes.

If you enjoy reading pretty words, and enjoy an ambiguous atmosphere, you could well-enough enjoy this story.

You will NOT enjoy this story if you're looking for:

    • A strong FL (FL's stubborn more than strong)
    • Equal financial or social status (for example, ML is more educated than FL)
    • You're looking for all smut and no plot (there's like, five smut scenes that are well-described, the rest are just very light smut, not even filling up the gap between your teeth, as the Chinese idiom goes).
    • A romance story with honest, straight-forward characters (with due time, the characters will open up, but like normal people, if they can postpone a serious, awkward conversation, they will!)
    • A marriage life where all they do is bang each other and live in a two-person world without a care to anything else
You MAY enjoy this story if you're looking for:

    • A couple being helplessly in love with each other yet being unaware the other is also pinning for them
    • Cute twins that are doted on but that also pick up on serious matters (Childcare is a big topic)
    • If you like flashbacks and a romance story spanning for quite some years
    • Childhood friends (secretly each other's childhood sweet-hearts)
    • Smut as a tool to drive the plot or make a point
    • A rough man (quiet, hard-working, handsome) + a soft woman (quiet, pretty, feminine)
If you feel like you can enjoy something like this, do give it a go! Thanks for reading ^^

(This novel's translation was completed August 20, 2023 in locked chapters). <<less
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Onelazygirl rated it
January 7, 2024
Status: Completed
If you are here for just smut then you should look somewhere else as it's not p*rn without plot...... though the smut scenes are quite hot and the ML is totally my type.

Honestly I don't like the FL. This woman felt guilty for so long then why didn't she said anything before??? 10 yrs is a long ass time and in 10 yrs of marriage she could never divorce him??? She herself said that she was selfish and she became ML'S shackle. The truth is different ofcourse and this is... more>> all FL'S misunderstanding but seriously this woman keeps everything in her heart and never speaks up. ML treats her so well he Pampers her but it didn't enter in her thick brain that no matter how much someone wants to repay you they don't necessarily have to be so good to you...... fine even she never spoke about it what about her pregnancy 5yrs ago??? She misunderstood something thinking it was real so shouldn't she divorce him then??? shouldn't she divorce a man who according to her doesn't want kids because he doesn't love her!!!!

ML is 35yr old and FL says that he still had time to build his career.... girl law industry is so competitive how can it be easy for a 35yr old do go back??? If you choose to keep him in a village then do it for a lifetime what's this indecisiveness???? You chose to keep him in his prime (she thinks it was her who kept him though it was the ML's decision and FL doesn't know this) and now you are letting go..... do you think you are doing him a favour??? Giving his freedom my foot!!!!Keep him or let him go choose one........ did FL really think that divorcing him at 35 would give him his freedom????

She thinks ML doesn't want kids (ofcourse a misunderstanding) . If he didn't want kids would he treat them so well??? Would he treat you so well who gave birth even if he didn't want???? She is so thick in her head so dumb that's it's irritating.

This guy treats her so well but she feels that he doesn't love her!!! Oh for God sake women the way her treats you even your own father can't treat you so meticulously!!!!! Use your head communication is the key!!!! Yes ML didn't explain 10yr ago and it is understandable that FL would misunderstand but she still continued to keep him by her side..... even if she feels that he doesn't want her kids that he doesn't want her (a misunderstanding) Then why not speak before??? If you feel so guilty??? In reality aren't you just plain selfish maybe at the start you really needed him but after that?? You chose to bind him next to you...... she is just a hypocritical woman who despite knowing she is selfish would bind a man to her for 10yrs and suddenly wants to divorce.......

. she doesn't work and still wants to keep atleast one of the kids with her.... does she really think that she can give the kids a good life just on her own??? Does she really think that this guy who loves the kids so much would be willing to let his kids suffer with her????she never made any future plans but want to divorce..... she says she is giving him his freedom what a load of shit!!!! If he decides to work then how can he handle a kid with him??? If he chooses to give you his kids then wouldn't he have to pay child support???? A man who has just started at 35yr old in work how can he afford so much???? She is so dumb, so s*upid she is so reckless.... never thinking about her future or about other's future

But I genuinely did like the novel.... FL did irritate me but I could still hold on so that's fine. <<less
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Paperfart rated it
December 15, 2023
Status: c30
I dont get it why It's only 3.5

This novel is so good. Smut ok, plot ok, even the leads character were likeable esp ML

Yea—i mean he can be abitttrough *cough on bed 🤓 but he's super ducking sweet. I want one myself, how can I preorder? Lmao

... more>> Their age difference is 5 years (still pretty normal ig) they met when he's 15 and she's 10, mind you at the first It's only gratitude towards her and her family and then bloom into love 😁

There will be one (?) Misunderstanding but dw It's will get clear the next chaps since this novel only have 70+ chapters

Then if you read— please dont hate on FL, she's just trying to let go the thing that guilt her the most, I feel sorry for her : (


she feel like ML marry her bc he want to repay her father kindnes

It's feels like a mess tho, 10 years living and she suddenly burst out saying she wanted to divorce bc the guilt literally drowning her alive.

But dw, ML as always will explain slowly to her what she mean to him, and how he's happy to live as he is now.


Overall pretty good story. No antagonist and yea very much my cup of teaaa


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Bookworm_Sueweetie rated it
February 20, 2024
Status: Completed
I thought this will just another plotless smut (esp with first few chapters being hot snu-snu)... but I actually enjoyed the novel.

The two leads were already married for 10years with 2 kids (twins). They both got flaws and really lacked communications... due to misunderstandings, they thought the other one was trapped to this arranged marriage (FL thought he was forced by her deceased father & only doing it out of repaying kindness thus being trapped in village... while, ML already loved FL for years and thought he forced her by... more>> suggesting it to the FL's dad)

Honestly, it's good that the rediscovering each other and deepening their relationship through communications and being opened abt their actions. It's sweet and fluffy.

For the con...

  • As previous reviewers said... the FL's actions and sudden guilt came from nowhere when they already together for years & got kids. I got secondhand embarassment when she talked & met-up with the supposed "ex" of ML and planning to "return" him lmao.
  • Both leads took 10yrs to communicate creating unneccessary worries especially with kids being confused on their sudden change of family set-up.
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