The Almighty Martial Arts System


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Doctor Jiang Fei, considered closing down the clinic because business was so bad, but unexpectedly his game character entered his body, making him omnipotent.

Not only is he superb in medicine, he also controls the life or death of the flesh bones of the dead person, and just like Yama he snatches people’s life.

He is now proficient in even cooking, playing piano, gardening, and domesticating pets!

People thought this was all of Jiang Fei’s skill, but Jiang Fei would smile and look at the martial arts cheats book. ‘The Dragon’s 18 palms’, ‘Six-pulse excalibur’, ‘Northern Profound Magic’, ‘Lone Solitary 9 Swords’

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Omnipotent Wuxia System
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Raine rated it
July 9, 2016
Status: c600
Great novel, its one of those novels that starts from scratch with a pure human MC without any type of knowledge about martial arts or anything hidden in the world, the novel is very slow pace, its all about the detail and explaining, you get to know everything the MC does day by day/month by month and how he builds strength and money and finally reaching the pinnacle of martial arts with his Game like Cheat element. If you are looking for a Fighting/martial arts rush from normal xianxia... more>> this novel ain't for you, its extremely slow and even after 600 chapters the MC is still within the realm of humans, no destroying Mountains or continents yet. <<less
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Azazelx rated it
February 28, 2018
Status: Completed
I just wanna write this review because I wish somebody would've written it before I started reading this novel. Main reason I disliked this novel is the MC. He's really dumb most of the time, like almost ret*rded. But he shouldn't be, he's 25 and graduated from university already. I don't expect him to be a genius, not even smart, but don't be ret*rded at least. He also mocks his enemies for being dumb like he's not done worse than them. Vague examples of his low IQ:

He's way too skeptical of things for a guy who has an unscientific game like system.

He believes he's the strongest in the world because he has the system, how does he know other people don't have anything similar or better?
Basically he's always making unnecesary assumptions about things and it's really annoying.
Somebody: "Martial artists exist, Jiang Fei"

Jiang Fei: " you think I'm an idiot? That's absolutely imposible" -.-

"I know this girl and guy want to kill me, but this girl is crippled so she's imposible to be the one attacking me" *gets close to her without much vigilance, and almost get his throat sliced*

Very strong qi practitioner: "I come from an island full of practitioners"

Jiang Fei: "You think I'm ret*rded? That's absolutely imposible, technology in 21st century is too advanced, we would know about it for sure"

Etc etc

Also, he gets this qi technique that allows him to absorb qi from others. I'm not saying he should just absorb everyone's qi but he had plenty of masters that tried to kill him and he let go a lot of them for no reason at all.

There are so many things but I can't remember anymore. Which is good I guess, I got really frustrated.

Also, whats up with martial artists not using cellphones? Could've saved a lot of important time in more than one occasion. Other than that, the story was about average I guess, boring most of the time. It was slow paced on purpose, the guy could've been way stronger way faster if he wanted but no. Now some things that might be important to some

How many harem members at the end?



Harem members?

Bai Ruoxi, Lin Moli, Su Nan, Qiao Yiyi, Ye Yuanyuan, Xia Xiaozhi

I wasn't satisfied with this, at least Xia Xiaozhi's friend should've been included too.

It was also a shame that he didn't have anything with Marvel's Black Widow lookalike, and Monica Bellucci's lookalike.

I can't think of more things right now but, to summarize: Story was kind of boring at times and slow paced, (which would've earned this 2 or 3 stars) but the MC (which I think is very important) was too dumb and exasperating, which leaves us with one star. Also, we never get to know how or why he got the game system.
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mrttao rated it
February 19, 2017
Status: c2
MC is a "real" medical doctor, he got fired from the hospital for "offending" the director's son, and decided to open his own clinic and be his own boss. It worked well for the first 2 months, then an extremely sexy bombshell of a young single mother doctor opened an identical looking clinic next door (why?) and now he can barely make rent because all his customers are going to her instead, and plays video games all day waiting for customers that don't come. (Dear author, this is not how... more>> doctors doctor!).

One day his girlfriend makes him spill his drink on his laptop while playing an MMO and he gets an electric shock from it. This gives him a ripoff of The Gamer's powerset. And he decides then decides to become a mary sue.

The translation is also godawful, barely edited machine translation. I would have probably tried a few more chapters to see if it gets better if the translation wasn't so goddamn bad. That said, the rating I gave is not for the translation. <<less
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not_here rated it
August 19, 2016
Status: c12
Well, this novel is quite good despite the make believe cheat-like ability. But the only thing I dislike about this story is his fiancee. She is too selfish, she force others to understand her aspirations while she doesn't give a sh*t about other's feelings at all. And I don't think their long distance relationship will work, simply because the other party never seen him as her equal at all. Hope he will be happy with his nurse :P
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13th Echelon
13th Echelon rated it
June 28, 2017
Status: --
Premise is good but the MC is terrible, when there's trouble he fix it but not totally and it's frustrating I don't like the way of his thinking. It's really hateful it should have been good but the way he lives and acts is just inside the box.

Translation is 3/5 not impressive.
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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
August 14, 2016
Status: c9
Fun to read, easy to understand. The MC thoughts are logical (no thoughts coming out of nowhere).
Although the introduction of the system was a bit hard to take for me, the rest is nice and fluid.

Story : MC is a doctor that has a clinic, he gets by luck (I guess) a game-system-like and lives with it as he gains stats and skill points.

I hope the translation pace would go up as well as the number of readers.
For those who like this kind of novels, check out... more>> I'm Really a Superstar.

This novel is a bit like I'm Really a Superstar (IRS) as they both have a "System" (that thing that gives you skills or stats and even items). The MC's are a not really similar but still enjoyable. Really fun to read.
5 stars : Worth reading <<less
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rdawv rated it
June 24, 2016
Status: c8
As of c2. I gave it a try due to the description. Indeed, those martial arts mentioned therein are all famous martial arts from wuxia novels of Jin Yong. If you ever watched Shaolin Soccer, the scene where the lead actor (Stephen Chow) was trying to convince the crippled leg guy (Ng Man Tat) about the benefits of martial arts, the various kungfu mentioned there are also brought up in this novel.

Seems decent, you have a guy having medical cheats due to some strange luck of being infused with his... more>> game's leveling and skill system.

Update as of c8: I feel there would be more readers if the translations was faster. It has the feel of a quick paced story, a hapless guy who is already surrounded by good looking women even before he had received the cheat. He already had some basic skills, the cheat just made it simpler. I get vibes of Wicked Soldier King crossed with God of Music. <<less
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th30dor rated it
February 19, 2018
Status: c74
MC that becomes more and more of a dick. Started well, but soon after it's all about bust size. It's like a contest to see how many times can you cram the words "flat chest" in a chapter.

Endless fillers and cliffhangers. Which is not such a terrible thing. But when you combine that with an absolute snail pace of a translation (as of writing this, last chapter is more than a month old - Im about to call it abandoned), and a poor quality one to boot.
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kkgoh rated it
January 20, 2020
Status: c520
My transformation is complete.

It is day 8 since I made the dubious choice to pick up yet another Chinese modern day, system-leveling novel.

I am only partway through, but I have grown to understand and appreciate my new world -- filled with arrogant young masters, arrogant old masters, face-smacking Wong Fei-hung (Chinese ass-kicking physician folk hero) protagonists, beautiful damsels-in-distress, the occasional underaged loli, the tired, the poor, and the downtrodden masses oppressed by the rich and powerful.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover no overt traces of racism. Tears fell from my... more>> dog eyes when I witnessed Wong Fei-hung save a Tibetan elderly, who was discriminated against because he had smelly pus-filled infections. It was enlightening that not all female celebrities are dirty wh*res, and not all rich people are dirty b*astards. Unimaginable, perhaps, for a world closely related in style and substance to other recommended novels on this page.

I now question everything I once knew.

TLDR: If you ignore the occasional faux-pas by the author, the writing is pretty decent.
Would've given it 4 stars based on the Chinese raws, but since the translations are pretty atrocious, I gotta deduct one...

EDIT (as of Chapter 520) :
Dropping another star. Author CONTINUES to add scenarios where MC and 2x underaged lolis are involved in sexual encounters (non-interc**rse). Even after MC has almost 5 real adult harem members. Author/MC continues to claim innocence, that underaged s*x is frowned upon, that his other harem members are dismissive/disbelieving that MC can have a relationship with said lolis, but these scenarios DON'T STOP.
MC makes the ridiculous excuse that he's an innocent lamb being taken advantage of, and he somehow can't reject women's advances.
Note that MC is almost 30, and underaged lolis are at best 17.
Based on @Azazelx's review, these lolis are officially in the harem. Which technically makes this an ephebophilic novel (interest in age groups 15-19, late adolescence). Which we'd normally label as pedophilic anyway. <<less
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bob3002 rated it
February 2, 2018
Status: c708
I finally finished reading this with MTL just recently. I thought it was pretty enjoyable.

Pros: Modern day cultivation is a genre I feel is done very poorly most of the time. This one is pretty good. Interesting cheat, a game system that lets him level up and exchange points for skill books. It feels interesting enough without being grossly overpowered. Seeing the things he did at the beginning to level up (gardening, animal husbandry, etc) was really amusing.

MC has a real job as a doctor, and he takes it pretty... more>> seriously (maybe a bit too seriously sometimes.) He's not running around killing people just because he got some powers.

The novel doesn't have the whole "move to a higher-power region and piss off some arrogant young masters, kill them, level up" monotony that too many cultivation novels suffer from. It takes place on earth, so our MC starts out in China and as he levels up and becomes more famous does some globetrotting.

Also the novel is relatively short (708 chapters) so I was able to read from the end of current translations to the finish in a couple days of reading. I liked a more compact story as a change of pace.

Cons: The eastern vs western medicine plotline was a tad melodramatic.

Setting up a big American conspiracy to hold down acupuncture felt a bit like unrealistic moustache-twirling villainy.

And after that, for some reason the whole "promoting eastern medicine" becomes a lot less important than the MC cultivating. A strange change in primary motivation near the middle of the story.

The pacing is a bit uneven, although it can be forgiven for a relatively shorter story like this. Sometimes you get multiple non-MC POV chapters in a row. But if you read MTL like me, you can just keep reading to the end.

Other: As you might guess from the tags, it's harem, if that matters. I know some consider it a plus and others a dealbreaker.

It being a shorter novel, there aren't really that many cultivation realms.

The next world everyone ascends to is talked about but the novel ends as MC and his harem are leaving for it.


I'd most closely compare this to Omni-Genius, except this one is more concise and actually got finished instead of being abandoned. <<less
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Bubbletehh rated it
February 1, 2018
Status: c242
I'll be honest I quite liked this up until this chapter. The MC's personality has become more and more crap.

... more>>

He literally was going to casually "cheat" on his girlfriend. I know it's going to be a harem situation but I was REALLY thinking he would at least tell her first or work something out. Not just think with his d*ck like an 18 year old...


He's become more c*cky and annoying to read about and overall the MC has become an absolute prick. I'm talking massive dickhead sort of prick, and this is just so annoying for me since I loved the premise of a mature MC... <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LeeEzekiel rated it
November 28, 2017
Status: c45
One of those Chinese novels that can be accurately summed up a "working class wish fulfillment fantasy". Author has poor understanding of the things he writes about, characters are simple-minded, and it's hilarious how the story assumes that the reader has never eaten steak before or knows the basics of cooking.

But if you can turn your brain off and deal with the relatively low quality translation, it's good for passing the time with.
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Wind Jackal
Wind Jackal rated it
October 28, 2017
Status: c48
This was a fun novel to read. I really enjoyed reading it. Unfortunately, chapters don't come out often and makes me fear that it has stopped.

MC isn't OP, he doesn't appear to have a secret background, he doesn't always understand women but he isn't s*upidly blind either. I enjoy reading about how he's planting and when he cooks, it gives details but doesn't go crazily in depth with it, or suddenly have it come out of nowhere and never be mentioned again.

Like said in other reviews, the MC should end... more>> up fighting, but so far there's been not a whole lot of it. It might be it's building up to it, which makes sense. On the other hand, there's a review that says it isn't like normal xianxia and the MC remains humanly strong even after several hundred chapters.

I like how logical and reasonable it all is. Aside from the MC getting his power and the ability related stuff, it all make sense. It gives details to add to the story, like the MC planting and wanting a certain type of manure, having had a relative that used it and so learned from them. Plus, the MC is pretty calm and reasonable with no sudden or crazy things happening that is aside from the story progress, so give it some leeway. Nobody wants a story with nothing good or interesting happening, after all.

The translation seems decent. I actually think it's pretty good. The translation is pretty well flowing, I'm not seeing machine translated or such, but maybe I missed it. <<less
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walang16 rated it
February 15, 2020
Status: c77
rated as 3 stars (2.7 rounded up)

a decent and mindless read if you've got nothing else or waiting for the other ln/wn to get updated.

the non-heavy emphasis on the game system is a plus for me - meaning, it is there but it's not like suddenly an addict that relies on the system to survive - only because the setting is in a modern one, not the usual "medieval" era where your basic knowledge trumps all.

sadly this has already changed hands (translators). and this current translator is.... wow! there... more>> is an implied effort there but they can only do so much when they're using MTL and the not so much barely there english proficiency and trying to edit it that the only things they can see to change are the punctuations & the beginning and endings of a sentence.

i've fairly followed my "read at least 100 ch." before reviewing/grading these novels to give them a shot but the exponential decline of quality that is given (which is barely there) hampers that condition of mine because by then you're just reading gibberish that the "translator (s) and editor (s) " couldn't even give proper amount of effort to salvage <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Viktor007 rated it
March 1, 2020
Status: --
a very nice novel, just that, really good for those looking for this type of novel. You can read quietly.

What makes it worse is the translation, it is far below acceptable. You must pay close attention in the context of the situation to be able to understand what the characters are talking about and not necessarily what is actually written there, the novel is good you need not be afraid, just ignore the translation quality... seriously, ignore it
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DemonKIngArata rated it
September 15, 2017
Status: c48
So far the novel has been absolutely amazing in my opinion. It's just a shame that the translation on this is only about a few chapters each month just like Omni-Genius. So many novels that are amazing yet they could only get translated a few chapters a month and sometimes even a chapter every 2-3 months.

Still, I recommend those who are interested in Game Elements in Modern Day to read this if you have the time and for those who like Fierce Main Characters who are domineering in their own... more>> right to read this as well.

The MC isn't like some of those characters who have a head-start or have a mysterious and unfathomable background. He is someone who started from the bottom of Society and raised to the very peak.

Due to the name of the Novel, Jiang Fei may encounter Martial Art Experts and fight with them. So far this all seems to be a preparation for him to go against Martial Art Geniuses. I have no interest in reading the lnmtl as I feel that if I go to lnmtl and read it I might just spoil it for myself and even gain a few headaches. <<less
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