Reborn as a Divine Prodigal


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“I must become a prodigal otherwise won’t it be a total waste of my mom and dad’s unbeatable money making talent?” Hong Dali said in an interview with a reporter.

Soon after the interview ended, Hong Dali pulled out the ‘Prodigal system’ interface and browsed through all kinds of good stuff, stroked his chin and muttered: “Only by being a prodigal, I will be able to spend 200 Billion for the core technology of the strongest humanoid mobile weapon [True Gulan cultivation] in order to destroy the engine design blueprints. It seems like I need to work harder!”

“I want to squander money! I want to be the greatest prodigal ever!”

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06/23/16 Novel Saga c2
06/19/16 Novel Saga c1
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June 19, 2016
Status: c1
Looks unique and funny as hell, as of first chapter. I'm really looking forward to this novel, preferably if there is any drama version, cause the book cover looks very mouth-watering
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Keimichi rated it
August 17, 2016
Status: c170
[EDIT: After reading IRAS (I'm Really a Superstar) , I'd say I would recommend that instead as it does have a similar premise. If you haven't read IRAS and found this story somewhat interesting, then please go read IRAS instead. Its story quality is many times superior and much less repetitive. You'll laugh so hard with IRAS. IRAS's MC is such a shameless humorous guy that you'll laugh during the whole 1000 chapters non stop. Whereas in Reborn as a Divine Prodigal the humor is minimal, the character lacks presence... more>> (or intelligence) and the plot just bends over backwards to support the MC. It's not well done, and you get pretty much tired and bored after a hundred something chapters.]

I've read into the raws for a hundred seventy or so chapters before I just decided to take a break from it. It was pretty funny in the beginning, but after a while it becomes very clear that everything just repeats itself.

The MC pretty much depends on either luck or plagiarism for all his achievements. The plagiarism part isn't so bad, because that's part of his reincarnation, but the way that characters just eat out of his hands because "his ideas are so great" is just... I mean, there must be a limit with how much the entire population enjoys his stuff like they are seeing the best idea ever is just pretty unbelievable. His luck is also a killer. It's one thing to have a fortunate MC. It's another, though, when other characters almost literally bends their personality backward in order to fit into the MC's "luck". Sometimes they become so out of character (such as, we are told that someone is cold and cunning, is powerful, and is introduced as such, but then suddenly he becomes a henchman?) you can literally see the plot or brainwashing the world population. It's funny at first, but then you realize that there is zero character development at all. The MC is a two dimensional character at best. He has some "clear motivation" (it's all in the title) but no personality to back it up. No talents, no intelligence, nothing to set him apart, or even to mark him as an actual individual. The only thing he has is plagiarism, and a hella great memory if he can remember so much materials from his past life to plagiarize from.

As for the rest of the cast, 99% of the rest are one dimensional, only there in order to ass pat the MC or be jealous (it does has the typical Xianxia feel, only much worse). The other 1% has some semblance of a personality, but they feel like complex characters only because the rest is so uninteresting. At best, they could be seen as a cheap imitation of characters from other works.

I feel like the laughing points are kinda cheap too. Idk, just... How the heck do you continue on with a thousand of these chapters?

I mean, with a premise like that, it could have been a pretty cool story if it was written by authors like Feng Lin Tian Xia. Imagine having a cheeky sassy MC that isn't an actual prodigal rich boy, but has to pretend to be in order to gain experience points. And then a bunch of people being outsmarted by the MC that they all consider dumb. But nope, this author gave us a really, really bland MC that has no true intelligence or charisma. <<less
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Kirus rated it
June 25, 2016
Status: --
I read this for a few hundred chapters and
... more>>

The main character seems to be lacking a brain. The majority of chapter 1-200+ is based purely on luck or stealing ideas from his past life which isn't a problem if, Only he wasn't so offended by the mere existence of foreigners, Perhaps it's the Author's own personal views being seeped into his writing but almost anytime a foreign character appears mostly American at the point I stopped reading the person it usually rude or arrogant trying to steal something from the main character whether technology or knowledge, OH Hollywood big shot trying to borrow big black turtle it's symbol of our country how dare he - After this incident they spend around one chapter talking about how he showed someone his pride and how Hollywood doesn't have to be in the United States.


Truly it's not entirely awful but I dropped it because I can't stand such boring nationalistic character. Comedy is there but expect to run into many bullsh*t moment's that make some others in this genre to shake their heads.

239 and besides the game element didn't read anything leading into xianxia except perhaps the group of mysterious high IQ individuals. Good luck reading to make up your own mine. <<less
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shuiko rated it
June 23, 2016
Status: --
This is actually one of the most fun, funny, stories out there. It's a mix of Modern Era + Fantasy + Slice of Life + Comedy + Mystery + Action. Honestly all the characters are great from the MC to the parents to all the people along the way.
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