Tensei Shite Inaka de Slowlife wo Okuritai


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The protagonist, Inaka Yuuji, was run over by a truck because his awareness was dulled from overworking.

“Ahー, with this I don’t have to work so much anymore. I want to spend my next life leisurely……” was the wish Yuuji blurted out. He met God and it was decided that he will be reincarnated in the countryside of the otherworld. He became Alfred Slowlet, 2nd son of a countryside noble. Will he be able to enjoy and leisurely spend his slow life in the countryside?

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I Want to Live a Slow Life in the Countryside After Reincarnation
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57 Reviews

Feb 26, 2017
Status: c22
I quite enjoyed this at the beginning, but I can't read any further. SunsetChaos said in their review "... just a happy and fun childhood. It's exactly as it's described, so no one should be complaining." but I can't emphasise just how wrong this claim is. The MC is treated like dirt, like a s*ave by his "older" sister. The MC has been conditioned, it feels like I'm reading about a victim of abuse. Despite being reincarnated, thus mentally older, and way stronger than her thanks to his magic, he... more>> never stands up for himself and is terrified of his sister, yet the author keeps expecting us to believe this is normal and harmonious family life?

It's just disturbing, and aggravating. A slow, happy, cute slice-of-life story doesn't mean the MC has to be a spineless sack of s**t who is routinely abused by his family. Is it really so much to ask for an MC to be neither pathetic nor a "badass" self-insert fantasy? <<less
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Dec 11, 2018
Status: c22
Generic isekai

generic plot

im fairly fine with slice of life without much going on. But what really annoyed me about this novel was the authours sense of humour.

... more>> and that’s the femdom of the village, now being female myself, femdom alone won’t piss me off. But the way the females treat others, especially the males was practically abusive, as well as self sentered and selfish.

i feel like japanese novels don’t know where the line between, strong female character and oppressive female character is.

and then how the characters treat the MC, honestly, dragging around a 3 year old every where until he’s worn out? Denying everything no he says, and just expect him to accept and follow along?

Worse? A father Duelling a 6 year old and knocking him out because if some s*upid joke? On top of that blaming it on the child himself. This is ridiculous, as a child I know that some kids get hit, but literally making them faint or forcing them to do sh*t otherwise they will get beat up, is terrible.

i know that this is suppose to be the black humour, but the authour is terrible at it. Despite there being a wide cast of females, none of the female are likeable in the slightest, and they all seem to be cut from the same cloth or unreasonableness.

genric slice of life Isekai, need good or at least, likeable characters, in Order for it to pull through. It this doesn’t have that.

it only has characters that for some reason think, oppression, abuse and invading of privacy is a good thing. And I find this book incredibly uncomfortable. <<less
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Jan 17, 2021
Status: c505
I finally got sick of people complaining and made an account.

First, the pace is slow and it lacks action. Of course it does, it’s a slice of life, by that criteria Tokyo ghoul might be the worst shoujo ever made, read the tag please.

Second, I’ll do two at once: MC gets abused and his sister has a bad personality. For that one you need to read between the lines a bit, there are several signs that Al went through regression when he reincarnated, starting by his general attitude towards Emma, to his mind reading level of expressive face (which is implicitly shown until ~c250 when it’s made explicit) and the fact that god literally called him an experimental subject, hinting that he could have side effects. Once that’s clear for you, understand that the entire narrative is given from from his perspective, the perspective of a 6~7 years old, so you can’t take everything that is said to fact value. Practically all of what people call abuse is just him being disciplined for misbehaving, have you seen a kid that age admit his wrongdoings? Well sometimes, but not always, so not him either. From there, Eleonora is depicted as a demon simply because that’s how he sees her, if you pay any sort of attention to chapter 27 Al describes her as not caring for him and so on, and at the end Emma reveals that It’s quite the opposite, she paid close attention to him all the way and she’s just a big tsundere, now you have the perspective of the dense character in every echi who can’t see his love interests, but it’s between a little brother and his muscle headed sister, you have to understand to apply it to the entire story. Also, he often says « she will kill me if she’s upset » or wathever, but SHE never actually treathens him like that, the worst she does is hit him a bit, which is a lot by today’s standard, but not being spanked is not so bad considering the medieval-ish setting, it’s only his mental image of her that is terrible enough for death treaths.

Finally, a bit of spoiler. In the latest chapters he started heading (very, very slowly) to changing the status quo, as someone else pointed out in a review, Al started digging his own grave towards being discovered for his teleportation magic, be it exposing himself in a foreign country, which will surely lead to rumors of a plain looking magician boy with dead looking eyes that should eventually make it to a certain princess with a hobby of looking at the sky all day long and is probably already on his track (but her side wasn’t given since a while ago so it’s unclear) or by being a terrible liar to his family when they ask questions (even if he is himself convinced of leading them away from suspicions). He also sterted coming out of his « no » phase, where he would fight against every form of work, and started being nice to people, like waving his hand to remove snow from the roof with magic instead of letting Bartollo climb on the roof to remove it with effort and risk injuries in case he falls from there.

So he does eventually evolve, after going trough a few arcs with the same mindset (which I personally enjoyed very much).
The author just makes it very slow, which is also somewhat more realistic than most fictions, not every day is filled with life changing events like meeting a princess (even tough I very eagerly await that one myself)

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Dec 16, 2016
Status: c14
Quite an incredulous story of how a japanese reincarnated person obsess over the lack of rice, food variety and entertainment. Unbelievable enough since in any society in history, entertainment is almost always well-developed, and forcing a western country to eat rice is really quite thoughtless. Putting these aside, there is an overwhelming lack of realistic reactions from the people around regarding such impossible genius and knowledge that I'm not looking forward to any further character development in the future. Of course then again, one may say that many other novels... more>> do this, but that just all the more make this lie in the below average department, since nothing stands out AT ALL <<less
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Jul 21, 2019
Status: c40
female character that harass MC is fine because for some reason the author find it fluffy, cute, easygoing to be bullied by females

I bet if a male character did the same thing as the female character then he would be the villian of the novel.
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Aug 03, 2019
Status: c25
This is a story of an overworked Japanese salaryman who, after a bad run-in with truck-san, wished for an easier life as a countryside noble in the less developed parallel world he reincarnates into. Some of the stuff is typical, he wished for OP magic and introduces some modern food (yay, rice) and other inventions. Some of the stuff is less typical, as in he's utterly lazy and is used and/or bullied by everyone including his family, especially his older sister. Why? Who knows, author's out of whack sense of... more>> humor I guess. MC himself is too spineless to stand up for himself with his magic and too lazy to even try for a more indirect solution. He even turns down magic school, 'fer crying out loud! 'Cuz, y'know, he's lazy. But not too lazy to be a gofer for everyone.

And contrary to what some of the reviews may indirectly imply, it's not just the female characters that bully and use him, even daddy dearest gets in the action by knocking him the f out when he turn 6 in the name of practice! But, the OP MC accepts everything 'cuz, y'know, he's lazy. Indeed, the author is very dedicated to reminding us that the MC is very, very lazy. Which gets very, very boring as the story goes on. And as unlikable as our lazy MC is, the constant threats and abuse hurled in his direction feel less like slapstick and more like... well, abuse, and thus makes it even harder for me to like this story.

The characters themselves are as simple as they get. Everyone has 1D personalities, no hidden depths, what you see is what you get. The MC is the perfect example of the passive doormat novel character I'll never like who's otherwise a blank slate with no ambitions whatsoever 'cuz, y'know, he's lazy (I hear these blank slate characters are popular because they're easy to self-insert into, but who wants to self-insert into losers like this guy?). Nobody in the first 25 chapters, nobody, has anything remotely approaching an even halfway likable personality.

I was going to give this 2 stars since, frankly, there are worse stories out there whose writing is a complete mess. This story might be boring as all hell but the writing is, at least, presentable. I have a bias against no signs of ending, without any purpose, continuous abuse and exploitation though, and this story's chances for a 2 star rating got knocked the f out when the MC suffered the same fate at the hands of daddy dearest. <<less
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Aug 31, 2021
Status: c533
My Opinion: I love this story so far

It's a nice, slow, and relaxing story with your typical overworked company employee getting sent off to a happy life in the countryside of another world by god. Based on the title alone, you should guess that this story has a pretty slow pace with the story itself being about the daily lives of the protagonist and his friends/family.

Due to it's slow pacing, there may not seem to be any obvious plot developments but in exchange, you get to connect with and learn... more>> more about each character, giving them more depth than a lot of other novels I've read (especially the "power fantasy" kind). There isn't a lot of action and it's mainly just the main character, going around, doing whatever he wants (within the bounds of him not getting into any real trouble or earning himself any extra work that he doesn't want to deal with).


From what I've seen from the latest chapters, the plot developments are most likely going to be centered around Al's self-growth and discovery about his future. Basically the "growing up from adolescence to adulthood along with the finding his life's meaning with friends and family" kind of story. Although it might be a bit generic, even the most generic of themes and tropes can be good if written well.


I personally don't get why a lot of people are shitting on the main character for his clearly docile, unambitious and lazy personality, and his family's (especially his sister's) so called "abuse". If anything, I see them as a pretty harmonious and "real" family (I mean, do you HAVE an older sister? I do, and I can tell you that they're a pain in the ass to deal with) and if there's really anything about this story that I would have to complain about, it's the overly drawn out explanations about Japanese culture and food, along with the lack of enemy or "villainy" characters trying to intrude on the protagonists peaceful life (in moderation of course)

In the last chapter up to this date there does seem to be a new character like that currently being introduced but the author is focused on his other works at the moment so I don't know if he will fill the role I'm talking about.

but aside from that I find this novel to be a gem.

If anyone knows a novel similar to this with this

"growing up and finding life's meaning with family and friends"

kind of theme please let me know. I want to read more stuff like this. <<less
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Jan 14, 2021
Status: c505
Guys, I would give up on this novel if I were you guys. I've read the raws of this and let me tell you, the abuse on Al DOES NOT STOP and it just gets worse from here on out. And if you expect things to get better between Al and Eleanora then you are sorely mistaken. Things don't seem to change between Al and Eleanora. They don't grow closer to each other even as the story progresses. Eleanora becomes the big sister with UNREASONABLE strength. She doesn't even act... more>> like a girl, as Al states she has ZERO femininity. In fact, there was only one time in this entire work that Eleanora actually hugged Al. If you expect Al to get a harem or experience any sort of romance then move on because this story doesn't have that. Plus Al is too timid and never seems to stand up for himself. Plus it's not just his sister but also Al's parents also subject him to unnecessary abuse. They also never seem to praise him whenever he does something amazing. Also most of the women in this work are unreasonable. There are no big battles or anything like that in this story either. The only "battles" in this work is when there is sword training and even then Al still loses. There is no development in Al's personality whatsoever. He just stays a timid and lazy kid. He doesn't stand up for himself whatsoever and just keeps getting used by others. Which makes no sense to me because he is supposed to be mentally older. There are also times when Al compares how he looks to the rest of his family and he just accepts that he is not as good looking as them despite the fact that it annoys him. Even people around him comment that he has "dead looking eyes". His family does nothing about it either. They don't comfort him or console him. His sister, Eleanora, is especially annoying because she always seems to be forcing her own ideals onto Al without ever considering how Al feels. She doesn't dote on him either. She mostly immerses herself in sword training and gets stronger by the day. There are also times when she is rude towards Al or hits him for no particular reason. Also the way his family looks at him doesn't change. They still look at him like he is a lazy kid despite his magic potential and the inventions he makes. There was also a time in the web novel where Al's work was to be given to the king and Al's parents didn't react whatsoever. Rather it felt like in their eyes, Al did something troublesome. It just feels like life is being unfair to Al. It doesn't seem like the author is following any particular plot line, he is just adding whatever he feels like. Plus Al has still not met the ice princess. The web novel is over 500 chapters and Al has still not met the ice princess. Again, I've read the raws of web novel. <<less
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Sep 04, 2017
Status: c24
Like many of the other reviewers noted, the story starts to fall apart into genericness. MC is the typical isekai'd Japanese who's thoughts mainly consist of "enlightening" his village with Japanese food and games. There's little plot to build on despite slight teasings of "gee, this magic would be great to make money", but it never seemed to go anywhere.

In addition, the author clearly has some grudges against women, or a fem-dom fetish as the MC is constantly abused by his sister, mother, and maid. The straw that broke the... more>> camel's back was a maid quite literally stealing candy from a 6 year-old.

It's utterly unrealistic (or utterly herbivore Japanese) that this mentally 27 can't figure out how to interact with women in order not to incite violence towards himself. <<less
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Dec 31, 2019
Status: --
Alright, I can't stand this. Those whole joke about "woman is strong/scary" are funny at first, but somehow it become so annoying.

The absolutely thing in this novel that I hate is how his family (except his brother. Sylvio is good boy.) and maid treating Alfried. Yes. He is not like an usual 6-years-old child, BUT IT ISN'T GIVING YOU AN EXCUSE TO TREATING HIM HARSHLY ... more>>

(like how his dad once hitting him until he fainting just because Alfried call him "Dragon Slayer" WHICH IS NOT EVEN AN INSULT.


I don't really like the MC too. He is too accepting that I once wonder is he a masochist. Boy, do you have a self-respect? Because if you do, I can't see it.

I know it's suppose to be a joke. But you know, there are forgiveable joke and unforgiveable joke. You call it dark joke? Dark joke isn't as s*upid as the one in this novel.

The only good thing that made me reading this, is his bro, Sylvio. He is an Angel-like brother. Unfortunately, his scene are just a few.

The one star is for the translator. They did a good job. The other star is for Sylvio. I love him. That's all. If you like a slice of life story when the protagonist is fine with the slight abuse from his family and the whole femdom, well, you will like it, maybe. <<less
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Dec 28, 2016
Status: c22
What do you do when you have mastered every type of magic by the time you are six? You wander around aimlessly looking for Japanese food and getting into hijinks with your stock character family members and townsfolk. This is the story of a guy who gets sent to Fantasy God in the White Space by Truck-san. God says, hey, what do you want for your life in Fantasy World. Guy says, I want an easy comfortable life with no challenges whatsoever. God says, well the reader is going to... more>> get bored of you in no time at all, but whatever, it's your life.

This slice-of-life story of an OP reincarnator is neither offensive in its awfulness nor delightful in its wonderfulness. It is the epitome of "meh". If you have nothing better to read, then it will go down easy and fill the void. If you have anything better to read, then read that instead, because there's no nutritional value here. <<less
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Dec 29, 2016
Status: c26
Light, relaxing, enjoyable read. A leisurely slow life in the countryside, with loving family and siblings, nice villagers, etc. Fun time everyday, cute MC kid. Just look at that cover.

Nothing dark or serious. It's exactly like how Mushoku Tensei was like in the beginning. MC is not ambitious or seeking revenge or harem or anything. There's no harem or even romance, just a happy and fun childhood. It's exactly as it's described, so no one should be complaining. Otherwise just go read Mushoku Tensei if you want a sudden change... more>> of pace.

Good translations, occasional English errors here and there, nothing too bad. <<less
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Nov 27, 2021
Status: --
I've read the manga version too and yes the art is pretty but other than the vibes it's all tr*sh.

I especially hate the characters. My god it's annoying to read this. All the characters are basically cardboard cutout and have no proper personality especially the MC Al.

I also hate how Al basically gets abused by his family especially his sister. Apparently all the women in this world are insufferable little b*tches who force their own ideals onto others without their consent. (As a woman myself I hate that) 97% of... more>> the interaction I've seen women being unreasonable and either misunderstanding or hitting the MC

Also Elenora is the most frustrating character in this novel. I sometimes want to kill her because she's so f*cking annoying. Her role in the story is basically to abuse and hit Al for no or very small reasons. I also hate how their parents don't see the problem in letting their daughter abuse her brother. They laugh it off but I can't.

Also no one ever acknowledged MC for all the new magic stuff he made or the new things he created.

The comedy is not funny. I don't see how getting hit all the time by a brute of a sister is funny?

I say drop this. And don't read this. This gets on my nerves too much. If the MC has run away from home and lived a quiet life somewhere in the boonies it'd be way more bearable.

0.3 stars out of 5 <<less
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Jan 16, 2021
Status: c505
[For the speedy reader.] While this novel has good sides, it is filled with a lot of talk about food. Filling whole chapters about their existence and even more chapters preparing his "ingenious/ miraculous" food. Which may bore or even annoy you. Further more a big percentile of reader will consider the treatment of the child as abuse and additionally his mental responses as absurdly insufficient. But be assured it is all done as a "funny joke" a trope as they say. If you can ignore all that you may... more>> find joy in the slice of life which conquers social events like "Fests" and noble gatherings at a slow pace without the need to have an all-knowing Mary Sue protagonist. Well here in lies the crux. First "The pacing"! Better prepare years of your own life as a buffer if you ever caught up to the author and wait for a meaningful development. Second "His Idiocy"! But for that you should read the remaining review.

[Speedy reader exit at this point]

As many other reviewer stated the plot does indeed not speed up at any point in time.

The only big time-skips occur at the early chapters when he skips twice.

    • Baby / Toddler -> 3 year old
    • 3 year old -> 6 year old
After those he slowly ages as the plot continues for the next two years.

Which is a shame as a lot of times his inner thoughts stay the same and are basically recycled each year.

As such it can be quite annoying as he always whines about the temperature even though he can freely manipulate it. Furthermore he considers the possibility to invoke magic while sleeping several times without ever trying it because this would mean in turn mean that the child gains a powerful tool which sets him free of the abuse. All while preserving his previous luxury of a warm and secure home. As he could just use one of the many houses he build with earth magic. But living in those far away from his ill tempered sister is not funny I guess. All the while his sister slowly imprints herself with classical conditioning. The "good" treatment being that he doesn't get hit.

But that is only one of his myriad of bad decisions. He gets robbed of his candy by a maid because he tries to bribe a maid even though it is obvious that he will be betrayed later on. At the same time he forgets that there was not even a reason to use the bribe. Because he was innocent.

The thoughtlessness of his sister was the cause of the accident which he tries to cover up. But well he is in such a traumatized state of mind. As a god damn 33-35 year old. His mind immediately escapes reality and abandoned all reason.

Those kind of tropes may work a few times. But it tires out quickly in my uneducated opinion. Heck! He doesn't need to be a genius or the world doesn't need to bow towards him. A common trope in many isekais. But he should still exercise more knowledge then an infant.

YET his escapism and inability to face reality and reason denies any attempt to establish a healthy mind. His inability in common sense would make him a tactical weapon the moment he finds himself at the wheel of a modern car.

At other occasions he gets punished "without" reason. Or that is his version of the story. At the same time even a "real" child would see his wrongdoing. He shows little to no understanding of the untold truth. For one he knows for a fact that he is considered a prodigy with an insane mana/magic capacity. Secondly he knows that his parents are really sensitive towards the usage of mana. He noticed that his parents feel even the tiniest magic manipulation he tries in their presence. Yet the moment they leave the room he never considers their existence. Like a toddler which is left baffled by "peek-a-boo".

Fully aware of his amazing capable parents he goes to the nearby field which takes him only a couple of minutes to use an ancient magic. A magic which could only be invoked by an astounding amount of mana to teleport himself a couple hundred kilometre to another country. He should know that he that the amount of mana used rivaled a fuc**ng dragon. But NO! He walked maybe 5 minutes at a leisurely pace which equals around 400-500 meter and believes that it would suffice! What kind of dimwit thinks that he would not be noticed by a couple of legendary adventures at this point.

To make it even worse at one time he barely gets back in time from his trip to the capital of the foreign country. Which obviously caused his parents to worry and talk about it inside the living room. That in turn ruffled the feather of his "beloved" sister. ALL of this is not explicitly told by the author but still undeniable true. As the protagonist enters the house oblivious to these kind of development sullied from head to toe by sand in the middle of winter. Which just underlines that he was thrown into the dirt by an unknown assailant he gets greeted by the "loving" fist of his his "bro-con-sadistic" sister. She questioned him about the sand as an representative of the family. But just like any other shounen brat he can't read the room and replies with the most blatantly obvious lie possible. That this guy should be 35 years at this point in time could not be explained. Maybe his mind regressed by his child body. If not this guy should NEVER take on a serious responsibility. A three year old could steal his candy and he would be confused while mumbling "How did he do it? How did that happen?"

If that is not enough he was even questioned about his magic usage previously. At one time his sister again as a representative asked him why his footprints just stopped in the middle of nowhere. And he doesn't even consider the fact that he revealed his ability to fly. Which in itself is an extremely rare and ancient magic. No! he just tries to hide behind some bullsh*t reason which established his undeniable usage of magic which is far more advanced then flying. An absolute pushover not just to his family which tries to teach him with their ill-chosen abuse but to the whole world. The only reason he doesn't have a (s*ave-) collar of a powerful noble or someone similar at this point in time is that he is shielded. His father takes it upon himself to guard him with great effort. And even warns his abnormal child to be more cautious. But said child in turn does not understand even the basis of the concern. Again we are talking about someone who peaked at 27 years and was then reborn.

And last but not least the fate of the story. In the latest chapter he used Gravity magic. Something which clearly screams ancient magic as a simple change of the applied vector would result in an advanced form of flying. But no he doesn't figure that out even though he once got to know that the hidden ace of a dukes daughter is that she can use such magic. And this circumstance should not be disclosed. Well anyway.

He uses this magic which was only introduced in this chapter (505) and the author seem to have noticed his mistake. Because the next logical step would be the defeats of (demonic-) sister. An absolute NO NO. At least in this novel. As the sister is the physical reincarnation of the Amazon Goddess. A conundrum which stifled the progress of the author causing him to not release a chapter for several weeks. Closing in to the good ol' month. Well here come really bad news. The author has a track record to just drop his works at one point and never go back.

Furthermore the author found a new piece for himself. His newest work revolves around a 35 year old aristocrat who will always stay single [...]. Yep a guy close to the age of the author who will NEVER engage in a romantic relation ship and will always sails past all the attractive interested females (even though all of them a smitten by the protagonist) as such an endeavor would not fit the character. I don't know if the author considers his interpersonal experience insufficient to write the least bit romantic story line or if he just outright refuses such work. But at the end of the day it explains that the protagonist of this novel never grew beyond eight years old and never meet the ice princess. And to top it of he can recycle all the different dishes to prepare in daily life in his new works. [...].

A shame. Truly as I enjoyed several acts of the novel quite a bit. His visit of another barony. His visit of the equivalent of japan. His adventures in the snow where he stood up against his sister and made serious progress.

But as always. All must end. And this novel will not end at a positive note it seems. <<less
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May 15, 2016
Status: c12
This is a surprisingly enjoyable light novel.

I thought it would be a tad stereotypical / template story, although it can be said to be a bit cliche, but its enjoyable.
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Feb 03, 2024
Status: c430
Gonna do it for the team 1/5

A lot of 5/5 reviewers are putting 5/5 to counter 1/5


... more>> NO you insufferable numbskulls with 0 reading comprehension. People complain about overused glorification of Japanese cuisine which is not better than any other cuisine it's simply different. I like my national food but I can also commend other cultures and like other foods. Let's stop kidding ourselves this is 3/5 manga 5.5/10 nothing more nothing less:

What people really complained about:

Idiotic comedy about constant abuse of MC and apparently he is ok with that. It's funny maybe a few times but it grows like a tumor the more you use it.

The great Japanese cuisine, simply the whole world doesn't appreciate it......

MC is forever young. This is a subjective disappointment, I don't care much about children's stage or a teenager stages. I want to see MC growing up and seeing how his "slow life" is mowing slowly and changes a bit. (Honestly though I would be content if he would start as 20-30 something man in a new world doing his "slow life". Children's world is boring AS HELL, the only way children are not bored by their life is because they have amazing imagination and ignorance. Would I want to return to my childhood? Hell NO, I was be doing boring stuff with my imagination as a booster but without childish ignorance.

Why is it boring? There are many restrictions and blocks, imagine you a 30 or 40 something man who occasionally enjoys sitting in your chair reading a nice book while sipping your whiskey on the rocks (or sake) while a pleasant music is playing in the background, can you do it if you revert back to your childhood>? Can you play catch with other children with the same enthusiasm? Most likely not, what most of us would do, hit the books, study hard, invest if possible in order to meet our adult life with better prospects our childhood becomes something akin to a trampoline. This story was created by a teenager who listened too much to ignorant adults who glorify childhood. If I were to return without my memories to my childhood I would simply repeat my life if I were to return with my memory I would not have "happy childhood" it would be the grind to become self-sufficient and independent as soon as I become 16 or 18 (In many countries with parental consent you can life alone and basically leave an adult life from 16 but with some restrictions).

Slice of life and slow life pieces are best made when people are removed from all of the shackles to truly enjoy your slow life.

Also read one review: I've read some of the reviews & I just can't understand why some are so over reacting and saying MC is being bullied & a s*ave. Maybe it's because our upbringing is too different. (His reference was watching Tom and Jerry) <---- No, I watched Tom and Jerry (Looney tunes and etc) but what's different, I grew up. Now I support Tom more than Jerry. If you remember some episodes there are episodes where Tom didn't interact with Jerry and Jerry was getting bored and started to initiate provocations and abuse in order to "force" Tom to react or "play". Also let's apply our "adult" brains and think what Jerry was? He was a freaking vermin who destroyed the property and stole food, so Toms attacks on him were not only justified but also required of him as a house cat.

Also if you were beaten every time for your naughty and bad thoughts I think you would already 6feet under. Humor has to be balanced, if you go to a stand up, you expect comedian to have many jokes with different themes, if he repeats the same joke but about different people this comedians career will not grow.

Abuse humor is mainly directed at children aged 4-10, since children are bad at reacting to humor with hidden messages, abstraction and words, so what cartoonists do? Yes they apply "Action" and "Motion" which children can perceive goes to show at what range group this manga is targeted.

I acknowledge it as a shounen and would rate 3/5 MAYBE 3.5/5, but many people rate it 5 to counter people with legitimate grievances. It's okay for children aged 6-12 maybe (shounen) but if you are older it's getting more and more annoying to read this mediocre garbage. I apply a more sober rating while reading shounen, but reviewers here do not apply the same logic, this manga isn't unique or has much difference from any other carbon copy of isekai slow life child MC.

Lastly it's okay to be lazy but being walked all over and lazy isn't something I consider humor, I consider this a masochist fetish piece. <<less
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Jul 24, 2022
Status: --
true masterpiece of genre slice of life. Comedy 8 of 10. Plot I dont care. Sister is annoying but that because she love him (sundere). She only want antetion. And she just child not sopromon girl
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Jun 19, 2022
Status: --
If people are reading this manga for fights and cliche MC where 'I want to have a slow life but I'm going to work hard to become a legendary person and go down the history' then this is not for you, the MC may be very OP in magic but he truly is having a slow life and People are hating the MC sister but this is the most realistic sibling interaction for me (I kinda relate to the MC because my brothers also love to annoy me).
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Apr 15, 2022
Status: --
People saying that the MC is treated like a dirt and punching bag are exaggerating, most of it are mc's fault for over teasing them but he fights back sometimes. It's also a slowlife genre so I dont know why people keeps on saying the story doesn't progress and "no fighting scenes"? Damn it's already stated in the first chapter that he wants to live in peace and I think the author is doing a great job at this novel. This is much better than those novel that says they... more>> want to live and peace and have a slowlife but then keeps on fighting monsters and bandits until they met demon generals which is s*upid. <<less
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Dec 28, 2016
Status: c81
The first arc when the MC's on his own home is lightly entertaining, well the comedy is quite relaxing though at some point it's a little bit slapstick. Too bad it failed to keep the momentum and halfway trough it lost the appeal, since well the MC's basic setting is "don't want to do anything bothersome" so the story stalled as it's progressing. The MC becomes empty husk which only function is to respond to anything done by the side characters, he barely initiates any activity and when it seems... more>> he wanted to, he will give up as quick as one chapter. Also the author runs out of jokes...


On the second arc after that it's become completely dry, the author introduces new characters but they're not as interesting as the characters from the first arc and the author seems trying too hard to prevent the MC doing something exciting. The author repeatedly makes the MC refuse anything that seems will be exciting since he want to laze around, which makes him looks like a slob... (In the first arc it's barely mentioned but on the second arc it's often mentioned as if to remind the readers to not expect him doing something, which makes it feels irritating instead)

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