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A man is stabbed by a robber on the run after pushing his coworker and his coworker’s new fiance out of the way. As he lays dying, bleeding on the ground, he hears a voice. This voice is strange and interprets his dying regret of being a virg*n by giving him the [Great Sage] unique skill! Is he being made fun of?!!

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Regarding Reincarnated to Slime (LN)
Tensura (LN)
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (LN)
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Alfha Robby
Alfha Robby rated it
August 27, 2016
Status: v10
This Light Novel is darker, have a lot of conspiration, corruption, Collusion, Nepotism, MC and his friend is less Over Power and their opponent (antagonist) reaction toward MC and his subordinate is way blabbing and annoying than the Web Novel Version, the Great Sage is less competence and almighty than in Web Novel thus make the MC more dependable, there's almost never any character development on MC and his subordinate since their personality is cliche and sometime you'll just felt annoyed by MC since he is way too soft hearted.

Edit:... more>> the plot in LN is better than in WN since LN give side character more spot, appearance, explanation about their background, skill, situation, Point of view which allow them to shine unlike the WN thought the antagonist still way overconfident and careless just like those chinese antagonist in xianxia, battle is still way too childish just like in WN version: meh your skill is strong but mine skill is stronger thus you lose, thus if you love the WN you'll definitely love this Light Novel Version. <<less
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zozzythebeast rated it
February 24, 2021
Status: v8
ok so you go threw 5 and 3/4 novels reading about the op main character. That is modeled after a pathetic unbelievably naïve child and a all around little b*tch. Thinking good thing I watched the anime. So I don't have to spend the time reading about a saint spewing goodness and holy light. That only wants to spread love threw the world while holding hands. Who the only people that would enjoy reading about. Would be those dumb enough to think that behavior is something only amazing people do.... more>> (To those that fit into that category try to keep it down while the world is kicking your ass. Characters like this need to stop. The less people they influence the better. Try to be like this and your going to have a shitty life. Just some advice most people when they meet a really nice person see weakness not kindness. Even if most people will never admit it, its true. Also being a pacifist only works if everyone else in the world is also a pacifist. Absolutely will not work in a story world that basically runs on the same rules as prison) all the while thinking man some of his friends need to get killed so he changes and stopes that shit. Which they finally do. Exhaling a breath of relief while he massacres an army your like finally that's over. I hate novels where they make it so no one dies and after many battles the MC basically takes over the world without having to kill anyone. Because he's just that nice and everyone becomes his friend. Might as well make it a children's book if that's the case. When you've read that far and had that relief BAM!!!! It goes right back to that. Like the author bit*h slapped you in the face. Then they try to make it out to be some moment of major character growth. Like yah not laying down to die in the face of the destruction of everything you hold dear. Then not learning your lesson is not called growth. Then as you continue reading you keep asking yourself. "This MC can't get any more pathetic can he?" the answer is yes he can. There is no cap to the level of pathetically soft the MC can reach. Basically the only way he will do anything is if you try to kill him in person and will not stop not matter what. Other than that walk all over him however you want and he wont do anything. Basically you'll spend the whole story thinking to yourself. Man this MC is such a little bit*h it's pathetic. You don't have to go on a killing spree at the smallest slight but at least do something when people insult you to your face in public or make plots to kill you over and over. Basically every crises that arises is because of the MC f*cking weak personality. If any of you out there think something s*upid like persisting when its hard is what heroes do. NO in this situation letting your own weakness lead to things escalating to the point where its so serious its either total destruction or kill the enemy when you could of taken care of it the first f*cking time they tried to kill you is just s*upid not heroic. Doing something that seems good but only leads to death destruction and negative consequences for everyone on your side is nothing to raze up on some pedestal. And him reviving the army that just tried to wipe out his nation is where I draw the line. <<less
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April 25, 2021
Status: --
To ne honest both versions have their pros and cons.

In WN Rimuru started as a bit lowkey and easy going chracter but he took his stand where it was necessary. For example when Dwargon King visited him after he established his nation, first time against Milim, Dont give a f*ck about adventures and he behaves as OP he is. But the story building was rushed too much, like his subordinates started getting too fast paced. They dont get too deep of a development and sometimes some chra haters gets too... more>> strong without being known; those of the dungeon bosses like Zegion, kurama, Apito, Adalman. They were not explained properly but they were made too OP too quickly. But in WN MC is a bad ass who will kick ass of anybody that tries to f*ck with him.

Now in LN the story building is too deep, sometimes it's too deep without any reason. Tou will think what the f**k he is talking about, but in LN the story building is too much based on corruption, backstabbing, dark side of society and etc. Etc. The MC is getting OP not as fast as WN but it's still fine but he is a 80% pushover. For f*cks sake if you have become a monarch than behave like one dont be a down to earth MC because you are a demon lord for God's sake. They are beings who people feared as calamities and you let simple A-B rank adventures walk all over you. In WN MC is a king who behaves like he he should be. But the side chracters are explained in depth in LN both outside ones and the dungeon ones which let us enjoy their growth and we can understand where their power Is coming from.

So in conclusion I can say that they should have adopted a storyline of mix LN and WN with WN MC and LN's side chracters and plots. It would have make the series a lot more awesome but I will still say it's a good read both WN and LN. <<less
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Hanada rated it
February 1, 2020
Status: --
The world building is okay, the MC is OP but that's common enough my problem is

-how much the MC bend for every single person even after getting strong yes that happen in a lot of novels but this story's quality is better than most in other aspects which make it even more jarring

-the aforementioned tone change, the story tries to get darker but fails miserably, ln like overlord and mushoku tensei manage the switch seamlessly but this one just can't make me take it seriously

- no actual character development, all... more>> of them are the same if you exclude appearances and abilities

- Overall good world building, excellent fights and funny, the full shonen package my main complain is that it tries too hard to pander to all demographic with only minor changes

- the art also doesn't suit it at all <<less
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321anko rated it
May 1, 2021
Status: v9
I Read the manga first and started reading from vol. 7. Where the LN picks up.

The author is very inconsistent with his characters and power levels.

MC is dangerously naive despite the many challenges he has overcome, he never learns or utilizes his super intelligent AI companion to the fullest or just ignores them when he should considers his options.

MC is a simp and a pushover with no ding dong or balls. He forgives enemies that should not be forgiven *cough*Hinata*cough*. MC sometimes treats his friends heartlessly (Veldora, Gobta, Diablo, Ranga),... more>> while treating bad characters with humility (Hinata, nobles, Kai, Ruminas, Jinrai). Author has some bad trope humor.

MC prides himself as a good salesman but gives away plans, resources and technology cheaply to nations and people he shouldn't trust easily. Like the church, Sarion and Yuuki.

MC treats love interests as his daughters and will never find a love interest.

MCs servants don't serve an actually good role. They exist to be amazed by Mary Sue MC. MC can almost do anything, which makes MC extremely boring and his servants useless. Oh, did I mention the MC has below average intelligence?

Author is an idiot and should be scolded by his editors for making so many mistakes. Why does he suck so much?

I wish the MC had the mindset of Gazel Dwargo. He's the only likeable leader in this series. Even with Raphael, the MC is s*upid. Ask Raphael more often.

Don't read the LN. Stick with the manga/anime. <<less
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Beyn rated it
March 22, 2021
Status: v5
I went through 5 volumes of this stuff...

The WN (while it has a lot of problems and the translation quality for many parts of the story is rather subpar) but the story itself was much better than the LN version. Rimuru seems like a complete and utter wuss in this one, he doesn't react much to anything at all. A character could be a total as*hole to him and then go merge with a demon lord class monster and attack him and his city but he would still say, "I... more>> wanna save him"

What absolute, utter bullshit!

The one reason why this story (WN version) was at least a little fun was watching him get tons of skills and watching those skills merge and evolve and him becoming more and more OP but they've gone and cut that entire thing out!!

There's barely ever any mention of the skills he gets, he consumes disaster level mobs and they just gloss over the entire skills stuff by saying, "I got skills"

DAFUQ do you want us to do with that!?

Anyway, I would suggest that anyone who wants to read this should stick to the WN version, even if they translation can be choppy at times, at least the story is bearable. <<less
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Julianita rated it
March 29, 2021
Status: v5
This is a novel about how a guy was so obsessed with b**bs that he died and ended up reincarnating as a silicone prosthesis...I mean, a slime. That looks like an artificial b**b.

I'm a typical client of this novel. I watched the anime, though it was kinda nice, so let's see the light novel if it's good since the anime cuts off a lot of content in each cour.

And, to my disappointment, the novel was weak. It isn't bad but... it just doesn't have anything that stood out? Something that... more>> made you say to people "come here and read this". I would call it bland if not for the good vibes the characters gave outside b**bs bad jokes. And the content... some nice ideas were put all together in a weird way and ended up like Shion's cooking. I think if it went to more of a slice-of-life route like Dungeon Meshi it would've been way better.

Let's start with the MC, the biggest issue in this novel and as well, for me, the best point.

Rimuru was a white-collar worker, otaku, and single (the type that didn't even hold a female hand beside his family). He has a mild personality like that good guy neighbor that some people have the luck to have. Hopelessly optimistic, always seeing the good in people and always forgiving, even if the bad guys ate his mother's flesh and drank her blood. He would fight for the guy to repent and fight for them to be best bros after that. And the dead mother... ehh let's keep her as a sad memory (what matters is that we have one more member in nakama harem).

To put it simply, a perfect Gary Stu. And a complete pushover.


Did I already say he is a pushover?

His sunny boy, optimistic self is what I like about him. I like the fact that he forgives people, but trying time after time to make his enemies into his friends ignoring what they did before is a complete-pushover act. It's okay to forgive, but to forget that you messed up with me and fight for you to be my best pal? This is not being generous, it's being s*upid. You need to forgive, but there are some lines that you should not cross, or else people will step up all over you. And Rimuru does this every single time.

Besides being like this, he isn't on the smart side. He does seek help from people from other areas that he lacks, and this is great. Most Isekais transform the MCs into walking encyclopedias and they look down on the natives like they're back in the stone age. I ask any reader, get any average highschooler or an oldie single virg*n uncle and throw him into the warring states era be it China or Japan, for example, in the Sengoku period. Be it wits, schemes, strength, or even courage, a modern person would not even make cannon fodder material. And as far as I've read Rimuru doesn't look down on the natives and instead looks for them for help and knowledge. And this is a really good point in this novel.

But sometimes it feels like MC's brain only goes online when it's about food, sake, and b**bs. Sometimes he needs to make decisions and his subordinates are like *cough* "... how about doing this way?" then he goes: "... bzzt... OHH! Right! let's go with this!". The hell? Are you a plastic leader? Why are you even sitting in this seat? He does get better afterward but it's only when the villains were able to deplete his Gary Stu meter, and that was HARD, even for a bad boy villain.

It's not a problem that he is dumb. The problem is - he simply isn't leader material. Being a pushover is the most striking symptom. He died as a sidekick white-collar worker and was born again with the same mindset. What a guy like this has an aspiration for? Pay his bills, have a car, eat good food, a nice place to live, and a good family. Rimuru as of, until I have read, just wants to live a plain life like this, with those "small" happiness, and doesn't have an ambition outside of this, and even the dwarf king points this out. But... he isn't in a peaceful era.

This is the survival of the strongest, the powerful eat the weak, THIS IS SPARTA, BRO, not Disneyland. That's why the setting feels weird. A lot of man-eating, warmonger greedy individuals just watched as a kingdom as Tempest grew bigger and bigger and no nation went there to rob? Where is your greed? Was fed to the dogs? It feels like the world itself is an obvious piece of a grinding stone for Rimuru, and this makes the setting very very bland. It's like the enemies are just living targets for kids to hit. Rimuru's power growth is bland and I won't even talk about his subordinates, it just doesn't exist. But when he talks about food, sake, b**bs, and nakamas somehow the details simply upgrade. That's why I feel that a more slice of life take would make this work much better.

Trials to get stronger? Motivations to progress more and more? Rivals that make him desperate for improvement or being stronger? Nah. Just do a 10 premium draw and get a new SSR hero (or companion) to fix his setbacks. He is like a pay to win player, but it's the world setting that just keeps giving him legendary equipment/heroes/upgrades. Maybe I'm spoiled by works like Saihate no Paladin, compared to this it's like between a dead person and a live person.

If the story was about how this guy died, got reborn as slime, and went on adventures with his little group of pals killing dragons to his left conquering dungeons to his right it would fit Rimuru's personality to a T. But kingdom building? Nope.

Try to put someone like Rimuru in the warring states era, the middle ages, European wars... he would not even survive past the first commercial break. With that many subordinates in a pseudo-s*ave state that would obey him unconditionally and treaty him like a deity, even someone mentally handicapped can become a ruler. Because there will be always someone to wipe your asses or even avoiding you to shit. You just need to worry to grow up strong and healthy and play to your heart's content, my cute little boy.

Besides those points that I find disturbing, I really like the characters but it's a pity their dept is as deep as an inverted teacup stand. They could be great but they only serve as props for the MC.

And no harem sh*t and b**bs jokes, please. The novel becomes shitty every time a pair of wild b**bs appear. It's like Rimuru reverses to a growth-period teenager. I won't even talk about harem, this shit. It would be best if it was deleted from the internet as a whole. <<less
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Seraphim rated it
April 1, 2021
Status: v8
Sometimes I wish at least half if not all of Rimuru's people die one by one without hopes of reincarnation because of his pushover attitude. Let the people he keeps letting go just so "we can be friends kekw" to go back and actually succeed in killing his people permanently which he would then let go again. Honestly, the only major aggressor that he actually killed is Clayman in all the seven volumes that I've read. The world is built so nicely and this would've been a great kingdom-building story...... more>> if only Rimuru is not the leader. <<less
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Leifman rated it
September 22, 2018
Status: v3
Well let me start by saying this : I am currently up to date with the official Yen Press volume 3 of the light novel.

I found out about "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" through the official manga release of Yen press which I was simply awe struck by 1. the amazing art and 2. the amazing story! I totally read through everything currently out (7 volumes) and then also chapters 36-45 of the manga that are not yet collected/out officially.

Now, that said... I was never into "Novels"... more>> or per say even "Books" in general. I was always the type that needed something to have a visual of (Being first and foremost into Anime then manga) but otherwise the closest I got to "books" would be Audiobooks. So you can imagine that this being officially my first "Novel" to begin with means that it was special to me.

I simply can't say enough how much I like this official translation of the light novel and I am sure it will be the first of many light novels I get to read due to this! Basically, I wanted to get "more info" and dive into things further than the manga did, and that's pretty much what I got! even though there were a few things I think were done better in the manga (Mostly shizu related) while the manga to my knowledge is an adaptation of the light novel as well, I still can say I can't wait for the next light novel volume to come out even tho I know what happens next from the manga.

Side note : I initially started with the web-novel version of volume 1 and it just felt off for me. something didn't "flow" or click as much... and it felt like a chore sometimes to read and I wasn't enjoying it as much. that might be due to the fact that it's the "web novel" and the per say "first draft" or just the fan translation quality or the early writing quality of the author... but this completely took a 180 with the light novel version!

Now I find myself in a tough situation that I might keep reading the web-novel just to know how the story unfolds.. but I am 100% sure I won't enjoy it as much as the light novel that I just can't get enough of and hope that Yen press release it on a faster schedule :D <<less
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Dafaq rated it
February 14, 2020
Status: Completed
Isekai as usual excepts it's actually kind of good and majority of the time doesn't follow generic isekai plots... I would've liked some more romance with shizue though but it's just a clean clear-cut isekai anyway
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Tenome rated it
November 22, 2022
Status: v15
This was an entertaining read for a while, but eventually it just became nonstop *teleports behind you* fight scenes for volumes on end with almost no stakes, because of course none of the named cast is going to die. This is a battle shonen, silly. I realized upon finding myself skipping to the end of each fight scene because nothing matters, half the volume had gone by, and there were still more fight scenes for the majority of the volume. And then you skim the JP synopsis for the next... more>> few volumes to see if it's worth reading, but nope, more fight scenes. You're probably thinking "well no duh, it's a power fantasy battle shonen, " but it just kept piling on. It became an exhausting read.

If you like reading fight scenes though, you'll love this series probably. Everyone goes Super Saiyan, then they go SS3, then Ultra, then Ultra Instinct God Taco Bell Nacho Supreme, but then they go even further beyond where even the run of the mill demon is a walking calamity and I just stopped caring. <<less
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satorri rated it
May 9, 2022
Status: v19 afterword
I read all of this novel a while back when I was really addicted to it, and it got really boring at times, to the point where I actually just stopped reading and went to do something else. In my opinion, the story has some really good moments that are worth sticking around for, but half of the novel feels pretty lackluster. Some of the parties for victories and things are satisfying to read, while others feel like a filler. Especially volume 17, which just showed the incredibly boring daily... more>> lifestyles of 4 of the not so relevant characters in the story, and I didn't enjoy it at all. Honestly, if you liked the anime, stick around for the end, the fight scenes and aftermaths are really satisfying to read, but other than that be prepared for some hella boring chapters ahead of you. I rated it 4 stars out of personal bias, as at the time, I was engrossed in the series due to not knowing much about novels. Maybe my standards are too high. <<less
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Skylark138 rated it
December 10, 2021
Status: v 11
I've read web novel over 30 times and understand it about 98%. I'm confident about my grasp over web novel. Read manga and watched anime ad well.

Web novel is better in my opinion. It was rushed in story and some characters were given powerups way quicker than others but that is NOT a problem because web novel focuses on story from "adventure, weakest to strongest" approach. You get a villain, you get MC, both grow and power up and at the end fight. Its main focus wasn't kingdom building etc.

LN... more>> focuses on kingdom building, betrayel and goes deeply in story explaining characters. However the problem lies elsewhere.

The MC from web novel is my favourite from whole anime genre. He is op, good natured, learns quickly and MOST IMPORTANTLY he is not naive. This is the key difference between both LN and WN version of Rimuru.

Spoiler (not really) :

Kagurazaka yuuki is main antagonist. In web novel, he was suspected and labled as enemy by rimuru during walpurgis and he never trusted or contacted him again. In LN, even after suspecting him, he still contacts him, heck even calls him to watch tournament in tempest. He then lets him go and even thinks that he is safe but luckily his skill warns him that he is wrong and yuuki is indeed enemy.

So this kind of naivety is exasperating for me who adores his stern, mature and badass WN version.

Rimuru's only weakness is that he considers himself weak despite being op both in WN and LN. But in LN, this trait worsens. He doesn't use his own head, is super naive, doesn't listen to his partner and downplays himself too much. Dude had 4 ultimate skills and was afraid to fight Hinata sakaguchi. Considers himself weak and acting naive and s*upid is super annoying.


While reading, remember MC from web novel instead of LN version. Enjoy rest of details that weren't in web novel.

PS: also it was so fun understanding skills and their evolution in web novel. Light novel ruins this as well. For info on web novel check my review on web novel.👍 <<less
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September 2, 2021
Status: v18
Always read a story with ZERO EXPECTATIONS! This story is indeed good, but as any other J LN it falls in with the familiar trappings of "Friendship Power!" Not that it's bad, but I think some readers will hate or get annoyed by this. Even I'm annoyed by the "Friendship Power!" At some points. Many readers have explained in full what MC absurd personality tends to be.

But the LN is definitely an upgrade from the Web version. The Web version is much more naive and childish. The Anime is actually... more>> the best version of things though. There's just the right amount of everything. So, stick with the anime!

If you want to read where the MC worked their damn ass off then you can read Kumo Desu Ga Nani Ka Ga? It's also J LN, but things are much more bleak. Thanks to MC way of delivering the story though it covered the dark parts, and doesn't stress you out. <<less
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April 6, 2021
Status: --
It's a pretty good novel but few things are just too absurd.

Rimuru builds a nation and he is the king of that nation, yet people come and say he is a false demon lord and insults him every now and then and he takes it lightly and ignores them.

I mean for god sake he is a king and the people get away even after insulting him in front of a goddamn mass audience.

... more>> Every new adventurer insults him, thinks that a demon lord is a mere toy. They feel invincible.

Despite being a strong demon lord himself every time he meets a somewhat strong adventurer or person he always thinks he should not get into their wrong side. For god sake even sometime I feel he is a fake demon lord.

If u want a main character who doesn't takes sh*t from others then it's definitely not your kind of novel. The MC is a total pushover. <<less
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Mad jackal
Mad jackal rated it
May 4, 2023
Status: --
Thus version of the novel did something I consider a cardinal sin of writing. It made the MC a japanese MC. A testicles free half a man trying to be down to earth and all to easy going ruler. Those concepts don't mix at all.

A down to earth, easy going, and spinless person can be a side character at most as they are boring and not worth committing to. The wn version had the MC stand up for himself and had a much more interesting characterization for both the MC... more>> as well as everyone around him. This version is now what I consider the standard for japanese MCs and characters. That is boring and spineless archetypes.

Tldr read the wn version it's the real one. <<less
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Kuzero rated it
March 23, 2023
Status: v8
This novel is such a mixed bag for me. The anime is good (much better than the novel imo) but when you read it, you realize how lacking it is.

When it is good, it is good. But when it is bad... Oh damn it is boring. Unfortunately, the boring moment are much more present than the good ones from volume 3 onwards. Where to begin?

I'm not gonna talk about the OP main character, the s*upid power scaling, the way everyone is blindly loyal to Rimuru or the way he is... more>> drowing the winning lottery ticket almost once per volume on average. For the sake of argument, I assume that's why people came for to read.

World building looks detailed, but the keyword is "looks". It is actually full of holes. By holes I mean how there are so many things I still have very little info on despite being really basic stuff, but when it comes to the full detailed lifestyle of that random noble? Sure, that I know. The way the local adventurer guild work? Dude, that's critical information! (anime funnily skip over this whole part, probably for the best; some character comment on what a pointless waste of time it was). Also, I dunno if it is an author or translator problem, but some world building part really are a lot more confusing than they have any right to be.

Characters are.... Criminally 1D. I think the most complex character trait I've seen in 8 volumes was 2 characters falling in love at first sight for the same woman and using this love as an explanation on why they "changed side". Well, the moderate jester group looks kinda interesting, but they get basically 0 screen time, so hard to judge.

Of course, Rimuru is the worst of them. Is it my imagination or is he becoming dumber each volume? On a side note, I think a big problem at the root of the novel is that it tries to be a kingdom building novel with Rimuru at the center, but Rimuru really isn't a leader-type. To give an idea, Ainz of Overlord is basically a born leader in comparison. Rimuru is just such a massive pushover it's almost mindblowwing. Like, I know he is a japanese MC and they are pushover as a general rule, but Rimuru is kinda pushing the boundary at times.

... Speaking of japanese MC, why are all otherworlder (with maybe one-in-1000 exception) japanese? Kinda hard to take the whole otherworlder thing seriously when it is so artificial like that.

I should also say the way no one is allowed to truly die really cheapens characters.

Moving on. Let's get into the real problem. Yeah, I know what you might think: as if I wasn't talking about problems until now. There is something in this novel that has been around since vol2/vol3, but that has become much worse since vol6/vol7. In one word, meetings.

I dare say that over half of vol 6, 7 and 8 are all meetings. Now, the problem in itself isn't about having meeting. If it was a heavily political story, it would be natural. But it isn't much of a political story. I'm gonna try to summarize a random meeting in this novel:

  • Rimuru: Hey, everyone. I know we already pretty much agreed on X and will roughly do Y, but let's have a meeting to formally and properly discuss it.
  • Rimuru: First, I'll remind everyone who is in attendance. I know you already know each other, but still. The reader might have forgotten.
  • Rimuru: Secondly, let's go over the current situation, lest anyone forgot why we are even gathered here today. Yes, I know everyone already know what is what, but this is important! (sometimes, it is just summarizing the content of the previous meeting...) Again, who know if the reader forgot!
  • Rimuru: Now, let's start- Oh, what, Shuna? Is it tea break already? Ok! Let's go drink some tea and eat.
  • (insert 5 pages of food)
  • Rimuru: Ok, let's start. (insert very obvious stuff that need not be said). Anyone has any opinion?
  • Shion: YES! YES! YES! LET'S KILL THEM ALL! (insert 1 page on why she thinks randomly killing everyone is the best opinion)
  • Rimuru: Sigh, no. (insert 2 page on explaining to Shion why this is a dumb idea)
  • Shion: Oh... Ok...
  • Rimuru: Moving on... (insert some more obvious stuff)
  • Supporting character: shouldn't we do this instead? I mean, I know this is obvious, but...
  • Rimuru: that's it! Perfect!
  • Other supporting character: Wait, didn't we already talk and agree on that? (okay I'm lying, that's actually me thinking out loud)
  • Shion or Veldora: NO! WE SHOULD KLIL THEM ALL!
  • Rimuru: Shut up. Moving on... Oh, is it this late already? Let's have a break and hold a 2nd meeting in the next chapter to discuss this further... Of course (insert demon lord laugh) we will then need to remind everyone what the meeting is about!
Ok, I might be slightly exaggerating, but the point I'm trying to make is those meeting are overly detailled and overly useless. This is meeting for the sake of meeting. Most of the conclusion of those meeting were pretty much decided before the meeting actually took place.

Reminder that those meeting are over half of the content in vol6-8.

I think vol 7 is maybe the most telling. So we just had a small Point of view from a character that, weirdly enough, didn't involve a meeting. After this point of view, we have a meeting/report with Rimuru to explain what we just saw in the point of view (thanks, useless, we just saw it). But then, horror! Midway through the meeting, a report came in about something else, and then Rimuru say...

"It was time for an emergency meeting". Note that it is at 54% of the book. Until then, this book had been nothing but meeting except a small point of view. And now it was time for an emergency meeting! Wow, how exciting. Yet another meeting that will not lead really anywhere.

The real problem with this novel (that is shown through meeting) is there is a big issue of "show, don't tell". I don't want to be overexplained in 3 different meetings about stuff happening. I want to see them happening. I don't want you tou preach at length about how good Tempest lifestyle is. I want you to show us the life of your average Tempest citizen. I don't want you to tell us Luminism is good for humans. I want you to show us people positively affected by it. I don't want you to tell us demon lord / veldora / whatever is dangerous. Show us!

I'm not saying there is no "show" in this novel. But there are few. And when there are, it becomes excuse for a meeting focused on it, doing the criminal sin of overexplaining something they have just shown instead of letting the reader making their own opinion on it.

vol 1, 2, 5 are good, mostly. Vol 3, 4, 6 could be a lot better imo but are good enough. Vol 7 and 8 are making me sleepy. <<less
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fly_high__ rated it
November 9, 2021
Status: v17
I think Ln version of the novel better than the web novel because author has improved his writing with each volume and a great deal of details are explained in each arcs which I think is missing in Web novel. But don't get me wrong web novel also has its fair share of charm so definitely try both.

Now for the story is of a overpowered slime who wants to live a comfortable life in chaotic world with constant wars and disasters. There are many powerful entities ... more>>

demon lords, fellow humans, monsters, dragons, demons, different races, fellow transmigraters etc etc


The character development of the MC aka rimuru from a peaceful pacifist to a ruthless demon lord,

dragon lord

is depicted with great details. It always feels satisfied of rimuru's great decision making and forgiving Nature. It also feels refresh from the mc's of other novels where you die I die personalities whereas rimuru is shown to sensible leader and always shows patience with others who insult him or belittle him and at last makes them alies to increase his power and for the development of his Kingdom.

But don't get it wrong it doesn't mean that he will always be patient, if you hurt his subordinates than you get your soul obliterate from world with no chance of rebirth or Reincarnation.


A big nation attacked his town and massacred many people there so rimuru also massacred 10 thousand humans in one swoop to revive his alies.


The best poin the story is side characters who have great personalities and always help our MC with his problems

No atlast I don't think there is romance has it not shown till now. Only some one sided worshiping etc.


Might as well be with chole and hinata, potential lovers

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mimisansub rated it
May 9, 2021
Status: v12
Like many I was introduced to it via the Anime. From there I went on to the Manga and finally the Light Novels. Once you go LN you never go back!

TenSura is a quirky and fun story about a guy who dies and reincarnates in another world as a Slime. A slime! Yes the most pathetic and easy to kill lowly monster of JRPGs! However he is lucky enough to meet and befriend a lonely dragon who bestows upon him (alot) of power. From there on he begins to rule... more>> over weaker monsters and builds a country of monsters, meets and interracts with humans, Demon Lords and other beings, while getting used to becoming a ruler responsible for the lives of thousands.

It's not all carnage and mayhem and evil like Overlord, nor is it pure happy go lucky fluff, but a good mix of various themes.

Story & plot - 5 stars. (There are some arcs that might be a bit boring, but this is an overall rating)
Characters - 5 stars
World building - 5 stars (very detailed in the novels) <<less
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Honefuusen rated it
March 25, 2021
Status: --
For a JAPANESE LN this series certainly deliver. It has the characteristics of J-LN of being light-hearted, humorous and a plentiful sprinkle of romance. What sets this novel different is the extent of the world building it goes into. And while I can't say much of the characters development, they are vibrant enough to push the story going.

This series does a good job in bringing out the romance of adventures. Each arcs were an enjoyable read. With enough mind games being played to not make the series into another silly... more>> little white novel. I enjoy a little heavier content in my read and this series is quite a favourite because it has its elements about politics, strategies and evil. Also, I'm glad the harem vibe isn't as strong in here. Though the story sometimes took on a frankly silly turn, but with the character of the MC and a world this forgiving, it might be a tall order to demand the story remains highly strung.

Another plus of the LN is how it depicts certain characters. The WN frankly introduced some appalling characters design-wise, thankfully it was redeemed in the LN. But yeah, it's kinda looooooong. I'm not sure I can maintain the interest to do a full read.

MC is certainly a little too naive for my taste. He's still a good character nonetheless. I think if I'm a character in the novel, I'd probably join his cause too despite being exasperated. He has his charisma as well. He's like a pet, and as a shovel official, you'd want to give your pet the world.

Anyway I'm sold when it's not a harem right off the bat, lol. <<less
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