Slime Tensei Monogatari


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A middle aged office worker dies saving a high school girl. For his heroic self sacrifice, he is reborn into a fantasy world. As a slime…

Now he needs to figure out how to survive in this dangerous world. As a slime…

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Slime Reincarnation Story
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05/24/19 Endofdays42 c23
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11/22/18 Endofdays42 c21
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10/14/18 Re:Translations v1c16
10/14/18 Endofdays42 v1 intermission 1
08/01/18 Re:Translations v1c15
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10/26/17 Endofdays42 v1c18
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07/22/17 Endofdays42 v1c17
07/09/17 Re:Translations v1c12
06/28/17 Re:Translations v1c11
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GroseHerrscher rated it
May 17, 2016
Status: c20
First of all, please don't be discouraged to read this novel just by its low rating. This novel is very underrated. Perhaps some might be dissatisfied of the translation speed, but most haven't seen yet the true art of this literary piece. What do most of us want from mainstream novels? Of course, it's something like an emotional support for our feeling of inferiority and the frustration we have as inept members of the society, or just simply the pursuit/want to have a glimpse of being the absolute. However,... more>> the wherefore of the novel's rock bottom evaluation being that it doesn't have the clichéd OP archetype is totally absurd; our inability to capture its beauty is too distressing. The author's style to depict the protag's struggles is way superb, yet the majority only criticizes it as below Against the Gods, Close Combat Mage, Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, Shura's Wrath, or Ark simply because, "It's a Japanese novel, so don't expect for this to be good, " "MC is so pathetic, " and "Blah blah blah;" how truly mundane we humans are. Well, enough with minding them. The story, as aforementioned in my long rant, is vividly written by the author to convey an oppressed milieu and circumstance to us, thus allowing us to sympathize with the weak MC. Judging by the gradual development of this story, we're actually delving towards the minds of not just humans, but also of monsters and other races/species. Here, we're not just going to indulge ourselves with the excitement of protag's growth, but also the unraveling of the truths and the intertwining of lies to project the travesty of "fantasies" and "faith." <<less
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July 6, 2016
Status: v1c4
The only reason I can think this series is getting such a low rating is because the chapters are smallish yet the release rate is abysmal. It's a good premise, the writing and translation are fine but 10 months in we have almost nothing to show. It's annoying and I have to suspect that some people are venting with stars.
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GoldenOwl rated it
April 16, 2017
Status: v1c11
That s novel taps into the inner emotions and psyche of the protag. We get a glimpse on how he is coping in being transported into another world. He faces loneliness, betrayals, betraying others an so many more which shows the emotions that are brewing within the protagonist and how he would cope with it.

This is not just your standard op MC this is a story with deep psychology.
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Moepop rated it
June 24, 2017
Status: --
Overall a great read, I would be hard-pressed to find any shortcomings in reading this. It is not just a standard OP MC with a twist, it lets you read the MC's emotions and kind of relate to what the MC is going through.

Thoroughly Enjoyable and recommended to anyone.
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