Slime Reincarnation. A Great Sage Is Being Hugged Tightly By His Elfin Foster Daughter


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On the verge of his death, a great sage reincarnated into a 【Infinite Evolving Slime】 which he created with great sorcery. He decided to enjoy his new life, rather, new slime life, but his elf third disciple, who is also his adopted third daughter caught and tamed him.

「Sla-chan’s weak. Don’t wander too far」

Every day he will be hugged tightly by his adopted elf daughter. This in itself isn’t a bad thing. While watching over his daughters as a slime familiar, he stealthily continues to 【Evolve】. Until he obtains a human form, he will hide his true identity…… all while cleaning up pests who try to get close to his cute daughters.

Associated Names
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Slime Tensei. Daikenja ga Youjo Elf ni Dakishimeraretemasu
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Anonymousbb rated it
July 15, 2017
Status: c8
This novel vaguely reminds me of Bu ni Mi wo Sasagete, except not quite up to par.

Both novels feature a main character who is at a peak: Bu ni Mi's in Martial Arts, and Slime Tensei's in... everything. They die at the end of their lifespan and respectively reincarnate into an elf and a slime, after leaving knowledge and training to their adopted daughters (1 elf in Bu ni Mi, 4 (+) of varying races in Slime Tensei).

The stories are fairly different (in general plot and style) past the general... more>> "reincarnated with an adopted daughter"; in Bu ni Mi the MC does meet his daughter, but hides his reincarnation in the hopes she has moved on (it had been ~30 years since he died, I believe, but unknown to the MC she loved him not-as-a-father and has not moved on). The MC makes an internal promise to tell her in 20 years time, after exploring and challenging other martial artists. In Slime Tensei, the MC is very quickly captured by his daughter, and as of Chapter 8, seems like he will be spending most of his time in her company.

The biggest difference to me are the character interactions, particularly between MC and adopted daughter. The MC (Slava) in Bu ni Mi feels more like he was an actual father to his adopted daughter, Alma, despite her not being as central to the story comparatively. This may be due to the fact that he took care of Alma as his daughter and student for roughly 50 years, as opposed to the 3 years in Slime Tensei. However, Slime Tensei's MC (Sla after reincarnating) doesn't really feel like he treats his daughters as daughters. He seems to have little to no inhibitions about taking baths with and being pressed to the breasts/thighs of his elf daughter while making comments about how good they feel, which feels... odd. I can't imagine many fathers, even if they reincarnated, would be totally fine with that and think of how great her breasts/thighs are instead of feeling embarrassed, awkward, etc. regarding it.

Granted that may change with later chapters, and it is possible that such levels of skinship are more normal in Japan, his reaction to being pressed to his daughter's body like that felt odd. I could understand a "gradual" warming to actions like those, but there was very little that was gradual about it. Additionally, as much as I enjoy Bu ni Mi, I cannot say everyone who likes Slime Tensei would enjoy it. Bu ni Mi has it's own faults, such as supporting characters sort of disappearing relatively shortly after introduction, and tends to have more moments describing martial arts and meditating with standard flowery language.

I would probably rate this at 3.5, granted there are not many chapters to judge it on. As I seem unable to rate half stars though, this is a novel I would round down on rather than up. This is just the opinion of some random dude, though.

The translation quality is quite good. <<less
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jersanxx1 rated it
July 8, 2017
Status: c7
A light-hearty tale 'bout an [Great Sage's] reincarnation/soul transfer to a slime body armed with infinite evolution possibilities (his research product btw). It is a cute story with a doting father who terribly spoils his daughter even when his being is already is a slime (and his daughter's pet (literally)).

Although, the story set-up is kinda good. It does have fault on how it is treated, especially on his and his daughter's status. Even though he is a [Great Sage], after his death, the kingdom immediately force reclaim his properties even... more>> if he has a proper inheritor. Also, his daughter's position as a [Great Sage's] kin is basically nothing to their eyes, they aren't even looking for her potential as a [Great Sage's Disciple] nor "respecting" him as a [Great Sage] even after dying.

For "further research" purposes, they appointed a incompetent nincompoop whose worse than a third-rate and only got it because of his status and... AND (yes, I'm repeating because it's important) the damn kingdom can't even see a polished diamond in front of their eyes and just cast them away easily. Furthermore, the kingdom didn't even know they're treading dangerous waters already. MC, armed with alarming quantity of tactical type arsenals stored inside his slime body (ransacked the house before they left), also his other daughters that is OP in their [Skill] path (Heck, one of them is a ruler, doubt they'll ignore the events, realistically).

For the sake of the story, just ignore what was said above and enjoy a daughter-con (/mother-con?) who spoils his daughter passionately, even as a slime (pet)... lol <<less
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Abelas rated it
June 22, 2017
Status: c5
This is an overwhelmingly cute story of a father who just can't stop doting on his cute daughters even having changed into a slime after death.

Weirdly has a pokemon named monster though.
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