Ten Years are not that Far


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On that fated day, Qu Xi watched the suave, young and talented Gu Yan present on the lecture theater in her high school. From then on, she grabbed on and never let go, while he tried his hardest to force her away. In the end, when both of them have been reduced to their lowest points, will he truly repent? And will she accept him again?

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01/19/18 Meraki Translations c5-6 (end)
01/18/18 Meraki Translations c4
01/17/18 Meraki Translations c3
01/16/18 Meraki Translations c2
01/15/18 Meraki Translations c1
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Miumiu rated it
January 17, 2018
Status: Completed
First of all who are the three idiots who rated this story 1? It's a short story, not even a half of it is completed, and you've already decided it's a 1?

Anyway, ignore those people, and if you are into cute happy ending with a bit of angst, this is the story for you.

What I love about this story is that the characters are quite complex. Take the male lead. On the surface, he seems to have this really irrational resistance to a ten year age gap. But is it... more>> really the age gap that's bothering him ? My read was, that this man was one who had been hurt before, and he wasn't prepared to trust his heart to someone till he was absolutely sure. But our MC, she just loved wholeheartedly and without any reservations.. When asked why she loves him, she can't answer ! So this is a cute short story with very relatable characters.

And thanks to the wonderful translator and editor who make the translation flow so smoothly.. <<less
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Tikkitumble rated it
January 16, 2018
Status: c1
Ahhh I adore this author! Her stories always manage to sucker punch me all the way to my stomach and then lift my heart so high I feel like it'll burst.

Basically she makes me get the feels. I expect no less of this short story.

So far there's not a lot of action going on; we only know the male lead is 10 yrs older than our MC, and he has some sort of resistance towards the age gap. She, of course, as our stubborn female lead, doesn't give a crap... more>> and pursues him relentlessly, especially upon finding out he's broken up with his ex. We shall see what happens next. <<less
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August 15, 2019
Status: --
It was good but there were so many turn-offs for me that I didn't know whether or laugh or just stop reading. I would have really enjoyed the premise because I adore age gap relationships (between consenting adults of course) but the two main characters were just so.... weird.

The female lead is a perfect example of a creepy, overly-obsessed girlfriend except she isn't even the male lead's girlfriend. She's possessive and stalks him every chance she gets, works in his office building and attended his former college because she wanted... more>> him so badly. She reads every book he reads, comes to his blind dates, and harasses the male lead's potential love interests. It's amazing to compare the reaction of those around her to what they could have been if it weren't a young, pretty female stalking their love interest.

This isn't even me over-exaggerating her actions, she literally breaks into his car while he's on a date and almost causes an accident. She could have killed him and his date, and her reaction is that "he needs to drive more carefully."

It's ludicrous, and I get that it's supposed to be funny but from the reviews that I see, girls are idealizing her behavior and from their inability to acknowledge her creepy and inappropriate behavior they allow it because it gives them a laugh. The male lead is even described as "furious" and kicks her out of his car because of how angry he is at her reckless and dangerous behavior. She will literally go to any lengths to be near him, and she didn't even bother apologizing for almost totaling his car and killing him.

I actually sympathize with the male lead. Since he was 26, he has been relentlessly stalked and pursued by a girl who he feels no attraction for and is basically an annoyance and burden on his everyday life. He grows steadily used to her unwanted presence and he expects her to be near him every time he goes somewhere. At some point he is numb to her advances and only really shows a reaction when she does something out of routine or reckless. Such as when she shows complete respect for him and his autonomy and tells him that she won't pursue him anymore. His reaction of wanting her to be around from that point is clearly connected to how numb he is toward her stalkerish routine. Like Stockholm Syndrome. He literally only falls for her because she is constantly around him and traps him into a sense of need by her overbearing and inappropriate behavior. After years of knowing that the female lead is the only constant in his life, he feels like he loves her when in reality it's his commitment issues and past trauma with the female lead and past relationships that is making him feel this way. He should have just taken this chance to escape from her dangerous and obsessive behavior.

And can we talk about how disrespectful and backwards it is for her to never take "NO" for an answer? It's not like he had unresolved feelings for years; he literally couldn't stand her and ignored her for 8 years before the Stockholm Syndrome. She ignores his feelings and just invades his privacy for YEARS because she thinks they're perfect together. It's psychotic. How is this heartwarming or a love story in any way? She's a relentless stalker who finally got what she wanted after 8 years of stalking a man who has told her no every time she's asked. Lord, the people who rated this 5 stars without discussing her disgusting behavior are the most delusional people I've seen. Do yourself a favor and read something that doesn't normalize and romanticize stalking. If she were a male, this story would have been seen as terrible and awful. The bar must be set really low if people are saying this is a "good novel". <<less
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Kagebutts rated it
August 18, 2019
Status: Completed
Ten Years are not that Far

If there is one thing I have to point out it is that the male lead is kind of an as*hole and the female lead is young and persistently dumb. It's a simple short story that tries its best to pull the emotions out of you. It can easily be done in one sitting, read if you have the time and can handle the cringe and cliche scenes that the novel brings.

Also, don't think too deep into everything because that'll only make the bad points... more>> of the story more prominent. <<less
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Serena12195 rated it
April 24, 2019
Status: c1
Theis story is beautiful. I nearly cried at the end. It was perfectly short and well balanced and it had a sweet happy ending of Hope's being met.
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xuexin rated it
September 17, 2018
Status: Completed
Good story. The ending was not bad, but it could have made for a promising sequel if it was changed. If you want that modern love story with heart wrenching pain with a good ending, this story is for you.
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Sisi_Lisa rated it
October 8, 2019
Status: Completed
this was supposed to be 5 star
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mielru rated it
August 20, 2019
Status: Completed
Bitter-sweet love story. Not particularly like.
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Arie Sun
Arie Sun rated it
January 19, 2019
Status: Completed
One word to describe this, it is cheesy. Definitely a shoujo type not josei. I went through everything trying to search other reviewer's comment that said there are heart wrenching moment and I found none.

If this is heart wreaching, you either in your teenagerdom with angsty days, never read real heart wrenching novels with good plot or your bar is just set low.
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