Synchronicity ~Requiem of The Circling World~


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A collection of short stories based on Vocaloid songs.

The Stories

1. Your Absence was for me an Unbearable Pain

2. The Collapse Creeps upon us Bringing Silence

3. A Dream Flower Bloomed in the Roadside

4. A Sound Fading in the Interlude of an Act

The Myths

1. The Mercy of the Bearer – An Origin Myth that Circulates Throughout the World

2. Notes from an Unknown Author – A Document that Sleeps in the Depths of the Empire

3. Summary Report on High-Dimensional Phase Form Sealing Methods Research – Examination and Considerations Regarding the Restraining of Dragon Types

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Synchronicity ~巡る世界のレクイエム~
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Date Group Release
07/02/11 Creepy and Evil... myth 2
07/02/11 Creepy and Evil... myth 1
07/02/11 Creepy and Evil... story 4
07/03/11 Creepy and Evil... story 3
06/29/11 Creepy and Evil... story 1
06/28/11 Creepy and Evil... intro
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