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At the end of the Near Ancient Era, the Tribulation of Heavens descended and the Heavenly Dao began to judge all evil in the world.
Because he was regarded as the embodiment of evil, Gu Qingfeng, the legendary tyrant whose power shook all 3,000 worlds had met his demise under the Heavenly Dao’s wrath.

A hundred years later, after his name had long ago become a legend within the legends, he awakened at his cemetery!

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Above all Gods
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Emperor’s Domination (1)
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New hiddennoir rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: c48
The story is quite good. The character have a background and the history of the world is explained. The progress is okay too. What is disturbing is that there are so many people who are full of them self. The people are ignorant and don't even belief their own disciple. To make matter worse, the author takes half of each chapter to point that out.
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New Yuzu rated it
May 5, 2020
Status: c157
Gotta admit, the author knows how to be consistent all the way through. The MC's past in the memory of everyone else does not change when he is like this again so many years later.

It's a more realistic approach than other reincarnated novels where the author gives them some OP past and then start smashing incomprehensible personality traits just to make the MC more relatable to real-life men's fantasy. AkA getting turned on by any chick you see while forgetting the mental age difference (if any).

The MC is OP and... more>> reasonably OP that you aren't going to SMH every so often. The repetitive revelations do get tiring but feels satisfying once everyone gets it (thought not many manage to survive anyways).

Romance is there, but pretty cliche

one love interest reincarnated for him and who'd a thought it was the chick with him all along. There are more possible love interests if it does turn into a harem.


Probably best scene after coming from reading the comic was

the b*tch-ass master of the girl getting her just desserts. Ah, that was fresh.


Recommended to read but don't guarantee it to hold the reader's attention too long between the gaps of events. <<less
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danish341 rated it
May 5, 2020
Status: c17
This novel is similar to "Emperor's Domination".

My summary might contain a bit of spoiler but it is just the general information about the MC, so you can safely read it. I will review it after that!

Summary/Renewed Description:

... more>>

As it was briefed in the description, the MC was Underworld Emperor who had ascended 300 years ago but got caught in the tribulation of heavens later. As he was helpless against that heavens' judgment, he chose his hometown for his resting place where he grew up. Known as Bloodheaven, he had conquered Heavenly Dao, Immortals Dao, and Devils Dao, bathed in Underworld Fire, and got the nonpareil physique. 100 years have passed since that unfortunate event when the heavens punished him for his evil deeds. He lost his cultivation, but the physique remained with him. After 100 years long slumber, he opens his eyes to see that the people of worlds revere and worship him as Sovereign.



There might a slight mistake in my summary, but spare me from that as I just started reading it.
    • Action: Well, I can't say anything for now as there was only one fighting scene. But here MC hasn't gone offensive. According to him, even without his cultivation, he can punch a hole in a mountain due to his physique.
    • Characters: The characters are quite likable as their general introduction is good. The characters from the manhua are quite arrogant but that author has kept it to a minimum until now in the novel. They are not annoying like most typical CN novels' young masters.
As I said earlier, the story is quite relating to 'The Emperor's Domination' but I think this story has a comparatively better start.

This is it for now! I will update it again after gaining a bit of more understanding. I am quite enjoying the read and I will suggest you also give it a try. <<less
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cvenchy rated it
April 27, 2020
Status: --
Thought the description looked familiar and went to check, and this is indeed the novel that the manga Above all Gods is based on. This is a good entertainment novel about a super powerful expert from the past that returned to his hometown after being killed by Heavenly Dao. I'd say this is similar to Emperor's Domination, as the MC is an invincible person from the past and he just goes to places he had already visited in the past, meets with people that knew him and just steamrolls his... more>> enemies. <<less
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