Suddenly, This Summer


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Memories are like the air; love is the distance between two cities [referring to Karen Mok’s song]. This is not fictional love story, but the story of your own first love, so pure that it makes one in envy of your youth. Such an innocent love makes us constantly look back at a time that is bright and precious.

Back then, high schooler Zhang Yuan stared at her arrogantly. “Little miss, look up. Let Master, I, look at you carefully.” Back then, Zhang Yuan bashfully dodged He Luo’s claws. “Now you’re already my person, whether you’re flat or round, isn’t it all mine?” Back then, Zhang Yuan stood for 18 hours to come to Beijing. Travel-worn, he said, “You lazy girl, did you just wake up?” Back then, Zhang Yuan handed He Luo photos of her home(?). “I thought you would be the madam of the house.”

So effortless, so brave, so proud, even the last tear was filled with warmth. Thus, we refuse to grow old, like picking up a book and reading it over and over again. Thus, before we grow old, please savour this book, as if savouring memories of our own youth.

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sharlnina rated it
July 2, 2017
Status: c12
I continued reading it using machine translator. There's a sense of realism on their everyday life. Just look at the interactions of the characters. It's a story about having an unrequited crush and chasing after them. You just want to be close with your crush, etc.

... more>>

Uhh. It's not kinda clear to me the reason for their break-up. But from what I gathered the reason is the guy wanted to break-up because he feels that the FMC thinks that she's superior because she's studying in Beijing? But the guy only dicipher that thru the actions and words of the FMC while FMC does not know the reason for break up. He just said that he's not what she wants him to be. Anyways, it's still a happy ending.


It's an okay read. A recommended read. <<less
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April 6, 2017
Status: c12
It is a good read thus far about the female lead who on the spur of the moment transferred to the science stream as her fancy for the male lead increased when she attended a maths class. I like the natural way both of them eased into a relationship and how the heroine doubted if the hero has feelings for her as he seemed to treat other girls the same. She was torn in two when her father asked her to leave for the states to further her studies and... more>> how she fought to stay back. I do like the way that the hero responded to her question of furthering her studies and the impact on their relationship.

However, having read the raw (with some doubts) there seems to be no explanation of how both of them and their friends entered into varsity. It seems disjointed there ever since the heroine went to stay at her grandparents house, maybe it would be cleared if the translator were to upload. It is going to be a month since the last update.

It is a good read as my preference is not for light. Fluffy and airy fairy plots. <<less
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