God’s Left Hand


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This is the first part, the second part is “Playing Fish Trapped in a Secret Room (密室困游鱼 Mi Shi Kun You Yu)”.

In 2007, at the WCG Asian Tournament in Singapore. In just a few hours time, between left and right hands, there goes a life and death battle. In the Chinese team that year, there is a professional player who’s only 15 years old, nicknamed “God’s Left Hand”. At that match, he sits right next to her.

Their professional lives start from 14 years old until they retire, disappear, at 25 years old.

In these non-mainstream tournaments, where a small niche of the population follows closely, their only possessions are a mouse, keyboard, and headphone each. There they won gold medals one after another for China.

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God's Left Hand (Prequel to Secret Room)
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New NineTailedMermaid rated it
June 10, 2019
Status: v1c24
This would be the first time I'm writing a review. So far, this trilogy is one of my favorite modern setting Chinese novel.

The plot is light with not too much heavy drama and it's very easy to read. As someone who used to play esports as well, it gives me a sense of nostalgia... making me recall my early years of gaming.

It's actually a wonder why there's so little reviews whereas it's a hidden gem. Also, the translation quality is also very high with almost no error (grammar or typos)... more>> as far as I can see. <<less
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makenai89 rated it
July 24, 2016
Status: c15
God's Left Hand is a drama based on actual e-Sport (so, don't go imagining VRMMORPG). It provides glimpses into the world of e-Sport athletes and there's many technical jargon here that may confuse you if you are a game idiot like me, but will probably delight an actual e-sport fan (many thanks to the translator for providing additional explanations)

Also, it differs greatly from the usual Mo Bao Fei Bao's poetic style that somehow shocked me out. Unusually, she also dabbled on some light "Chinese nationalism" here, and you should... more>> be aware that this kind of thing may sidestep the feelings of readers from other countries. I'd refrain from rating this one now, but it is definitely worth reading it as long as one takes all of the aforementioned factors into account.

edited after c39 (final), rated 3:
God's Left Hand ended in a rather inconvenient note, since it is only a prelude to the main story in "Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room". GLH introduced all the interesting background and characters that presumably will be further told in the next novel, and its role is more like a teaser than a standalone novel. The novel is something you'll take if you'd like to read about e-sport-based drama, love romances in all of its incarnation, or ship older-female-younger-male OTP; but I don't think it will be a popular choice for people who are not one of those three and dislike teasers. <<less
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sakirol rated it
February 26, 2018
Status: v1c39
I really enjoyed God's Left Hand, but it's very audience-specific.

Firstly, e-sports is the primary focus. The romance is subtle and revolves around the e-sports. This directly opposite of all the female-oriented gaming novels on NovelUpdates. This is the opposite of Honey Stewed Squid (the sequel) where it's all fluffy, romantic interactions. It parallels the real e-sports scene. We have CS:GO, dota, Starcraft, etc. The novel liberally hops between the different games with little exposition. The charm of this novel are the mild reminders of harsh reality: dashed hopes and dreams,... more>> fast and constant change that leaves the old generation behind. I can see this only appealing to people who know about the jargon.

Secondly, the novel is only a preface to the second part, meaning it's 40 chapters of buildup and no payout. Therefore, if you can't enjoy the background exposition of the characters, then you won't enjoy the novel. The main romantic relationships are really vague, and I think knowing what happens in Honey Stewed Squid first will make the read more interesting.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed it because 1) I know about games & e-sports and 2) I read Honey Stewed Squid first so I know how some character relationships are like in the future. <<less
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fltstrt rated it
March 8, 2019
Status: Completed
This is truly a prelude. Or rather, think of this as book one of the series. To better understand the characters' history, it's best not to skip this!

Do read in this order:

1. God's Left Hand

2. Fish playing while trapped in a secret room

3. Honey Stewed Squid (Spin Off)
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WinByDying rated it
August 8, 2018
Status: --
This is indeed a prelude. Don't read this on its own. It only sets the stage.

Don't expect a focus on romance, it lies on esports. In a sense, it's more slice of life than anything else. We are introduced to the characters in the sequel, and learn about some of their history, characteristics and sentiments

It feels a little dry when reading it, maybe due to the writing style maybe due to the translation. I think it might be the second since it's a recurring thing with DHH.

It's calm, unhurried, and... more>> nice meeting all the characters. Misses a little punch on its own; since it's a prequel, it is dependent on the sequel after all. <<less
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