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Battlegrounds of the Gods, New World

Ethan was an extra in the game, and an opportunity presented itself.

[Subscribe to the god you want!]

“Everyone wants me?”

-Mortal, please subscribe to me!

Ethan had become the idol of many gods,

His every step shook the world, and the gods took notice!

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Subscriber to the Gods
신들의 구독자
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4 Reviews

Oct 07, 2023
Status: c51
To quickly summarize, the MC has entered a world based on a game. I don't recall if the author explained how or not, it didn't make an impression on me. The MC is naturally using his knowledge of the game world to get stronger, but the interesting system is essentially YouTube of the Gods. You subscribe to a god and pay to unlock videos. Watching those videos can grant skills (MC always gets skills but I think he's a special case?).

The balance feels pretty decent. The MC started off super... more>> weak but is strengthening at a quick pace. I don't like the system of earning "likes" through achievements and using those to subscribe and pay for videos in "GodTube". It works from a plot perspective, but it just feels wrong when I read it (likes aren't money lol). The MC is a bit generic, but has the traits I like. Mainly he's good to his friends, harsh to his enemies and he's strong willed without being arrogant.

It's fairly well written in my opinion, but there's something about the writing that I don't quite like. Perhaps it doesn't feel original enough? I can't really identify the reason, but that's why I rated it 4 stars. Reviews are subjective from the start after all. :) <<less
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Dec 17, 2023
Status: c70
It's good writing, it contains many elements found in other novels. So far there is no romantic or harem involvement. The female characters are focused on other aspects, so there are no hints of romance for now. The MC is constantly developing in terms of getting stronger.

Despite this, there are some points that are a little bad. The main one is how the gods streaming system became a tool for the story to flow. "MC: am I in trouble? Okay, let me capture a new skill by watching a video... more>> of a god." It inevitably gets a little tiring and repetitive, as there is little development of the MC's own characteristics. It's not 100% bad, as interesting new abilities appear. Despite this, there are other aspects of the novel that are cool.

Regardless, it's worth taking a look and judging for yourself. <<less
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Dec 12, 2023
Status: c97
I really like this novel so far, it's one that isn't too angsty but the right amount, the only issue, and it isn't even the novel, is the link, it won't let you 'continue reading' so you have to go to the actual website and not use the link. I still like the book though. I really like that the MC isn't someone that all 'holier than thou' type, he's a person that seem to have basic human character and I really like that. Sometimes it's hard to find a... more>> novel where the MC is easy to relate to and doesn't tick you off in some way. <<less
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Dec 10, 2023
Status: c68
The god aspect feels a little contrived, a sort of added element of deus ex machina to get the protag out of problems, and adding suspense and solutions that might not really exist within the scope of the situation.

Some transitions into scenes are brushed off in a way that feels disjointed, I assume this might be mentioned in gege...'s review its definitely weirdly inconsistent when it happens.

Its not a bad go, but its not breaking my expectations either.
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