Crown Prince Sells Medicine


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I’m the Crown Prince? The Crown Prince that died young of terminal illness?

It just so happens, I’m a doctor of Korean medicine (oriental medicine).

There is no other choice.

I will change my fate and take care of myself.

Constitution, strength, health tonics, and vitality boosters.

I can improve them all.

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약 파는 황태자
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9 Reviews

Jul 07, 2023
Status: c100
This novel shared the same universe/actually this is the same world as lloyd from The Greatest Estate Designer... MC is the descendant of lloyd. A weak and sick crown prince that live only around 3 months after he transmigrated into the prince body.

... more>>

lloyd married the red haired empress Magentano if I remember correctly from the spoilers, and our MC is the descendant of lloyd but 300 years later. He has similar abilities like summoning cute creatures (instead of building something system, he got health system-something like that)


I like how the direction of the story so far. The 5 organs really funny. I hope the translator keep this project till the end.

*Correct me if I'm wrong... because I read the mtl. <<less
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Jul 15, 2023
Status: --
All of the reviewers (atm) have read the author's previous work. I haven't. And therefore, I believe my review will be a lot less biased.

Anyways, here we go.

The description basically describes most of what you need to know. This novel is very similar to many others and not that original. But what about the execution?

The world is revealed quite slowly, small piece by tiny piece. The MC could be replaced with the MC of about any other novel with a similar setting and it wouldn't make a difference. The worst... more>> part of this novel so far is the doctor of the prince. The dialogue with him is extremely dragged out and, personally, annoying.

Overall, there's no reason to read this instead of some other korean novel with a similar plot. In fact, those might even be less annoying. <<less
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Jan 09, 2024
Status: Completed
came from reading the manhwa and then read the novel.

I read a review that said that it was an original idea with poor execution and I cannot agree more. The author (I think) came from the hugely successful "The Greatest Estate Designer" and that was a great read because of the drama, humor, and overall storyline. The problem with this one, in my opinion, is that the humor came out too forced, it wasn't something that came naturally to the characters or story. The story is great but sometimes when... more>> there obviously placed joked in the middle, I cringed and have to stop myself from stopping myself from reading because while the humor is forced, I still want to know what happened next. Overall maybe a 3.5 for me. <<less
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sea pearl anklet
sea pearl an
Dec 27, 2023
Status: c101
An original idea with poor execution. The plot felt like it was made up as the story progressed. The characters weren't sketched out properly and they were one dimensional. Only rated 4 stars for people to appreciate the knowledge about traditional korean medicine. If not for that the rating would have been 3.
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Silver Shield
Silver Shiel
Dec 03, 2023
Status: c130
This is so underrated over here. It definitely deserves at the very least 4.5. I would personally rate it 4.7/5. Plot 4/5

MC 5/5 - wanted to give him 10 out of 5, he's just that good, funny and crazy

Side characters 4.5/5 - I like them and I think they've been given an appropriate amount of depth

Translation 5/5 but I only know English as a second language so take it with a grain of salt. I think it's pretty good and has done the story justice. The upload rate is insane, and I love that! Kudos to the translator 👏👏👏

This MC has some similarities to Lloyd but has many differences too. The more you read, the more those differences become apparent.
If you're worried about spoilers for the greatest estate designer, there aren't any if you've caught on to the latest chapter of the manhwa. Hint: It's about who he ends up with.

the queen yasss. Although it hasn't been made official yet but it's pretty obvious at this point in the manhwa.

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Oct 21, 2023
Status: c13
Currently reading Chapter 13 and I just want to vent here. If you're a person who wants stories straight to the point with no fillers and no redundant writings? This novel is not for you. It was just so annoying. One scene takes a whole effing chapter because everything have to be explained, the side characters seems to have hearing problem so tgings have to be explained again. Everything is so wordy. Author seems to be pulling all the stops to reach their word count. Why do I keep reading?... more>> I find the plot interesting so now I'm bashing my brains through it. Ugh. <<less
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Dec 11, 2023
Status: --
I'll update this review and rating later, but I just want to say that the anecdotes that are turning into a running gag about "Raciel's acquaintance Moon Baek's" (aka, the author's) experience having gallstones is both distressing and hilarious. From collapsing during a soccer game and cheering as he was being carried away because his team scored a goal, to the extremely specific descriptions of symptoms of having gallstones, to the sudden but casual mention that he woke up during gallbladder surgery (I actually said, "Oh no..." out loud when... more>> reading that part)... I'm convinced that this experience is the true inspiration behind writing this novel.

Other things I appreciate - this story is not just about Eastern medicine but Western medicine and modern methods that combine both. I also appreciate Raciel's attitude about sharing the information he knows from his past life: he takes a leaf out of Lloyd's book and straight up doesn't hide, using medical terminology that doesn't exist in this world and quoting complex medical research studies without further explanation, brute-forcing everyone into listening to him because they don't understand what he's talking about. I love the "Phoenix Sunfish" whose ability is to immediately die after eating literally anything and then write long rambling diary entries about the experience after coming back to life.

There's a throwaway line that could suggest a possible prequel about the founding of Magetano. The idea of people with companion Phantom Beasts being significant figures in history is discussed, but the only people having Phantom Beasts that are mentioned or named are Lloyd (MC of Greatest Estate Developer), Raciel (our MC here), and one other person who apparently had a Kangaroo Phantom Beast. If the author wants to continue writing about this world with audacious MCs from various specific, modern professions, I'd love to see this possible prequel manifest. <<less
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Nov 22, 2023
Status: c121
This novel is really unique and I'm quite enjoying my time ❤️ MC is so funny. I don't even know is he really motivated to heal people just because for bonus life or is he actually a kindhearted but tsundere person? Anyway, I find it amusing that people around him tends to misunderstand every his actions and how the MC just let it be and keep going as he wants 🤣

Still, sometimes I feel a bit perplexed with the author. How come Magentano's people let their Crown Prince to give... more>> more attention for his clinic rather than prepared himself to be their future Emperor? Especially current Emperor. That's what really troubling me until now.

Still, I love how the author show us some characters development—though in a slow pace—like how MC rebuild his relationship with his father, the Emperor; how the MC face his past trauma; how the MC get trusts from people around him, etc ❤️ <<less
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Aug 30, 2023
Status: c55
I quite like this story. MC is very hard working. It's hard to be him.

I would like it more if he used more details from the original novel. He pretty much stop mentioning/using the novel after a while.

Overall, this is a story of a oriental doctor in another world. There is not a lot of adventures, politics, country building so far.

He is living a relaxing? Life. This is a calming story.
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