Stupid Heroes ~We Draft Candidates~


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A class of students is summoned to a different world.

They are asked to work for the world as heroes, and they decide to become hero candidates as desired. The candidates are elated to receive a special blessing. However, in a world where talent is everything, they soon come to realize the disparity. This creates friction among the students, leading to tragedy.

The world allows the candidates to repeat their foolish acts without knowing the truth about being a hero. The result is a single disaster. What awaits at the end of the war caused by the existence that denies the heroes and the world is……

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Orokanaru yūsha-tachi ~ oretachi dorafuto kōho-sei ~
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Maou No Utsuwa (Prequel)
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PoDH rated it
July 18, 2023
Status: c70
It's... bizzare. The start is pretty standard, a typical "whole class hero summoning but because XYZ reason/special ability I smell something fishy so I separate myself from the class" clique. But then it suddenly go to a very weird direction.

The MC loves to go missing 75% of the time, so you end up watching people doing some political maneuver. And when the MC appear for some important event/met someone important, there is no build up whatsoever. Not to mention the MC have a really weird personality that are really hard... more>> to understand.

And the second half of the novel it become even weirder... It suddenly focus on the MC and become

I'm taking revenge on everyone

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Extra9 rated it
July 25, 2023
Status: --
The beginning is pretty standard, one class is brought to another world by the various race settings centered on the human kingdom.

The beginning is generic but the storytelling that does not describe the overall condition of the world about who are enemies and friends, who are strong and weak and the abilities of each side at the beginning of the novel makes this novel interesting. Conditions will be explained bit by bit but not seem slow. Although the initial setting is the same but the problem is different from the... more>> novels in the mainstream novels nowdays.

Sometimes what makes the genre of isekai, summoning, reincarnation and the like novels boring is that the writer is not good at storytelling. But this novel, even though it has a standard setting, but with good storytelling makes the story in this novel interesting


Even though I've read up to c39, I'm still wondering who the real enemy is, whether it's the church, the fight between kingdoms, or whether the MC will become a demon king who starts a big war, I don't know yet. And this is the reason I like this nove

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