Starting as a Child Actor in This Life


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While returning from a late-night shoot, Suhyeon collides with a tow truck driving in the wrong direction with its headlights on…

When he regains consciousness, his reflection in the mirror is… a little kid?

‘Even I can see that he’s cute.’

An unknown idol has become a popular child actor!

Get ready, as the captivating performance of actor Kang Suhyeon is about to begin.

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This Life Starts with a Child Actor
이번 생은 아역부터
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AlthaKhalee rated it
October 20, 2023
Status: c242
The story is alright, the explanation and flow are straight to the point. But I think it's lacking in entertainment value, like the netizen reactions that are not really shown, MC's excitement in the showbiz I think it feels lacking, and the awards given to the MC are often not mentioned or explained. I'll stop reading at this part for now, until I'm intrigued and want to read the novel again.
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