Solo Leveling: Ragnarok


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Sung Sooho, who lived as an ordinary college student, awakens his special lineage that was dormant at the moment of crisis.


Pay attention to the new Hunter, who defies and dominates death, leveling!

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나 혼자만 레벨업 : 라그나로크
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6 Reviews

Apr 12, 2023
Status: c21
The story is good callback for those who love the prequel. The author is trying to set up the son as a different figure from his father and is doing a good job so far. The only problem is the translation. I appreciate the group that picked it up and is working on it, but its obviously mtl. Those who arent accustomed to mtl can find it difficult to read as names are changed from time to time and so are genders.
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May 02, 2023
Status: c63
If you rated this low before because of the translation, read it again. If you did not even start the journey because of the low rating, start now.

It's because the 'bad translations' comments are for the group before Rh. I have actually read from a couple of places that are not posted in NU as well, and the one from Rh is still a cut above.

'Aight, enough about the group, the story itself is AMAZING (At least up 'till 63 and only because I haven't read past... more>> that). There's always something happening in every chapter that will hook you in. You'll beg for one more, one more, and one more. There are more comedies than in the prequel, and there are lots of recurring characters—of course, they're older now, but they're there for us to reminisce. Some became full-fledged villains, some got married, and some even have kids! Sung Jinwoo isn't the only successful guy with romance yoo.

You can read this without reading the prequel. There are explanations about past happenings, but it'd be better if you've read at least the manhwa for a better reading experience and those Ooooh moments. <<less
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Aug 23, 2023
Status: c170
Peoples are s*upid. We can tell that solo leveling was a little weak when it comes to MC character development as someone said it was magical. But why should someone read nearly identical work with dense AF MC? We get nearly the same story line, more s*upid MC, lack of any excitement like first part. It's like heating last days party pizza adding home ketchup instead of this souce from package with her. Like wtf? It can't and will never be better than original like someone up said. First part... more>> will always be better for peoples because it's original and that's it. Personally I don't recommend reading this as it only destroy whole impression of world build in first part. Whole idea of making MC son of original MC is s*upid to extreme. Whole idea adding it only 20 years or so after original story is s*upid. Maybe going in road of Soul Land and making it hundreds years later would be better but for now it's just author going after hyped original story for money. Don't be s*upid and spend your time on work which will destroy your original story impression only because author can't write new story and want to grab fast money. Addinationally we have here more righteous MC which make me vomit. When someone have death power he shoul at least have self awareness and don't try to be literally hero. <<less
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May 06, 2023
Status: c15
A bit of a premature judgement I suppose considering only 15 chapters have been translated but idk

From what I've seen. This is more of a revamp of Solo Leveling than anything.

I prefer this novel's MC as he seems different from Jin Woo, who somehow just magically becomes more mature as he grows stronger.

The story, like the OG solo leveling, is lackluster but pretty serviceable. I won't judge it for that much considering it's a power fantasy. The only reason people really care about the OG is due to the excellent... more>> art to begin with. If it gets the same level of illustration as the OG, it could end up similar or even slightly better in quality.

The setting is pretty much identical. Although I honestly find it kind of s*upid that the situation has come to this considering how OP Jin Woo is. I'm trying to be as vague as possible for those who didn't read the prologue. If you read the original, I highly suggest you do. This also does pretty well as a standalone novel, although if you haven't yet and plan on reading the original, I suggest you skip the prologue.

Why not just re-read the OG instead until this has a Manhwa adaptation? It's not like Boruto where MC is going on a completely different path and you wonder if he's gonna surpass his predecessor, as there's pretty much no hope of MC getting anywhere near Jin Woo's power level unless a major change happens. <<less
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Nov 08, 2023
Status: --
Idk but I’ve never liked series where it’s about the original MC son because they always nerf them and me personally ever since the extra story on solo leveling I never really liked his son, for some odd reason I hated the idea of him passing sung so yeha I probably won’t enjoy it or read it because I already don’t like his son it’s weird tbh my tastes change so much now I barely like cold MC who are emotionless
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Aug 09, 2023
Status: c5
TBH, I didn't know it had a prequel. I thought it end on 180 and the side-story ended on 201 (21 side-stories chapters) but no... It has a prequel

On prologue... It shows what Ragnarok is about (but looking at it, It was always about the Gods/Rulers/Monarchs/Kings) and Sung Jin-woo is not on earth. Well, Solo L didn't have that much comedy (the only time I laughed was when Jin-woo received the 1st penalty of not training) and it was always serious but this... Suhoo's personality is not like his... more>> father (before the glow up) or his mother (before reincarnation/time-reversal), he is just playful and calm, The way this want you to read the next chapter... is classic.

You realized I said nothing about the story, that's because the story is the same as Solo Leveling but that's not why I'm reading this. I'm reading because it's enjoyable. The description doesn't say much but let you know this is a prequel...

Just read the work and see what I'm talking about <<less
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