A Night with Comander


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“Commander, weren’t we just spending one night together?”

Kang Ba-wool is a graduate student who works hard every day.
One day, she woke up as Anne, an extra maid in a novel.

The main characters are nowhere to be seen, and the war continues.
Anne uses her memories of her previous life to enlist as a military doctor.

While working hard in the army, a handsome commander catches her eye.
Every time they meet, her body and mind sway uncontrollably, as if seeing an old lover through rippling walls…

* * *

“You were the one who seduced me first.”


“I thought you liked me quite a bit too.”

Trapped between him and the wall, Anne couldn’t say anything.
The sweet warmth lingering on his lips was too stimulating.

“Miss Anne Riley, please.”

As their eyes met, deep as the abyss,
her body, remembering the night of ecstasy, involuntarily responded.

Anne nodded her head softly.
Evan captured her small lips like a beast.

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The Night with Commander
사령관의 하룻밤을 가졌을 뿐인데
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New Nepenthe
July 20, 2024
Status: c4 part1
It’s really not such a soft and sweet novel as the description makes it seem. It’s set in a war zone and a world with harsh class divides, and the tone treats it seriously.

We don’t start with Anne as a maid and then have to follow her journey to becoming a war medic; the story begins with her as a seasoned medic (not a doctor) who has to face death daily.

I’m always skeptical when a transmigrator/reincarnator leverages their “medical knowledge” in their second life. Much of modern medicine that we... more>> take for granted now came around in the last 100 years or so, and many novels don’t provide any justification for medical technology out of sync with the often pre-industrial setting. To my relief, MC says in the very first chapter that they only know CPR and the general knowledge they picked up as life sciences graduate student studying cancer cells. There’s no disinfecting wounds with frigging wine, also.

MC and ML fall for each other pretty fast. To me, it came almost out of nowhere, but the description seems to hint at a possible explanation for this. The main tension in their relationship is almost certainly going to be from class divides. The commander is a duke, after all (sigh).

Seems like there’s going to be a lot of intrigue and conspiracy. The novel seems fairly polished so far, so hopefully it’ll keep a tight plot and good pacing—plot holes, the leads becoming idiots suddenly because of love, or losing the pacing that creates narrative tension are all things that would make me set it aside. Fingers crossed! <<less
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