Sold To My Ex Boyfriend


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To save her mother, Christina sold her first night. What she didn’t expect was that the bidder was her ex-boyfriend John.

They used to be the sweetest love birds in college but somehow broke up for no reason.

John believed that Christina left him for money because John claimed himself to be poor, but in fact, he was the only son of the richest family in Singapore.

What would happen when they met again?

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Trinityblood rated it
August 24, 2020
Status: c23

Christina needs money for her mom's kidney transplant and she needs it asap. She sells her V for the money and the buyer was her ex John. He's loaded but was pretending to be broke when they met. MC has a brain tumor that's killing her and didn't want him to go through that with her. So in order to completely brake ties from him she said she didnt want him because he's broke. The kidney operation falls through so the MC gives her kidney to her mom. She's dead right now (supposedly) but there's like 30 more chapters so I doubt it. So the ML is now mopeing around because he knows why she was trying to get money and why she said that to him in the past.


This is a angsty/frustrating novel where the FL is treated bad by the ml. The ML is shitt% and I'm enjoying his pain lol. Feel bad for the MC but she pissed me off when she called him at the hospital. Like he didn't do all that ish to you (she dumb lol). Oh and a nice secondary ML that we know she'll never get.

because she dead or these authors like putting the leads with abusive a**holes.

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The1Rin rated it
April 17, 2021
Status: c20
It was interesting at first but after her 'death' ML went crazy and punched every single person that talked to him about her like they were in the wrong even the doctor that was helping so he really needs to sort out his anger problems. And then he went on blaming himself for her death like he is the main cause of it and not her shitty family.

The rest of the chapters need to be bought to read so not wasting money of this piece of garbage.
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jabvargas rated it
January 20, 2021
Status: c53
Reading this was a little frustrating. Conflict between FL and ML is caused by them not being able to be honest to each other. And to be honest, there was not much drama so if you want something kind of angsty but not really that heavy, I think this would be a good short read.
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