Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow [eSports]


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In the era of popular esports, a globally popular game called “Destiny” was born.

This is a close-quarters holographic reality game with a focus on cold weapons such as swords, spears, guns, bows, and other melee weapons.

The charm of close combat, the interplay of flashing blades and shadows, the brutal battle where only one survives out of a hundred, captivate players and make the major world esports tournaments thrive.

Chen Xingran, a weapon master from an ancient martial arts family, wakes up from slumber and finds himself in a strange world, becoming an ordinary student at the Capital Esports Academy, endlessly worrying about how to reach Silver rank.

As he looks at the familiar Tang Sword, broadsword, silver spear, dagger, long whip, and more in the game… Chen Xingran falls into contemplation.

“I’m familiar with this.”

Thus, in “Destiny,” a formidable specialist in weapons emerges.

His swordsmanship is sharp and elusive, his heavy sword has no edge, his gun moves like a dragon, and his dagger is as agile as a serpent… No matter how challenging the weapon is, it becomes a magnificent and dangerous performance in his hands.

“A Tang Sword is not used like this.”

“Protecting teammates? Not necessary.”

“Isn’t it enough to eliminate all the enemies?”

In the world of “Destiny,” a legend begins to spread about a fearsome demon king.

It is said that every professional player who faces him in combat meets a tragic end…

However, the good news is that this demon king seems incapable of using ranged weapons?

His archery skills are astonishing. Even with a rapid-firing crossbow, he can’t hit a single shot, earning him the title of the “Master of Human Outline Drawing.”

Yang Yunchen, the former champion of the FPS World Championship and hailed as the number one marksman, says this while watching the young man who effortlessly takes on three opponents with a Tang Sword.

“Why need ranged weapons when I’m here?”

The blushing young man, finished with the fight and sharpening his sword, chases after him and slashes three blocks.


1. This is a fictional holographic close-quarters battle royale game with many imaginative elements. You don’t need to have played the game to enjoy the story.

2. Game skills and settings are inspired by games like “Eternal Punishment,” “Apex Legends,” “Overwatch,” and others.

3. The weapon master is invincible in close combat but terrible at using guns, while the archer never misses a shot. They pretend to be weak and rely on their spouse, the cunning world champion, to save them.

4. This story doesn’t follow the typical trope of the protagonist being overwhelmingly strong. There may be initial setbacks, but later on, the characters reach their full potential and dominate the game, creating various highlights. Please avoid making assumptions about the author and enjoy the story and comments harmoniously. Thank you.

Content tags: Strong-Strong, Time Travel, Online Games, Gratifying Story

Search Keywords: Protagonist: Chen Xingran | Supporting Role: Yang Yunchen | Others:

One-sentence summary: A close-quarters weapon-based martial arts battle royale game.

Concept: Promoting traditional culture, showcasing the charm of blades and shadows in the martial arts world.

Highly recommended work: Chen Xingran, a weapon master from an ancient martial arts family, encounters a car accident and wakes up in a new world where the esports industry is highly developed. He becomes a freshman at an esports academy. In this world, a holographic battle royale game called “Destiny” featuring cold weapons has taken the world by storm. As he looks at the familiar Tang Sword, dagger, longsword, broadsword, and more in the game, Chen Xingran falls into contemplation. Thus, in “Destiny,” a formidable melee demon king who is proficient in all weapons quietly emerges and becomes a terrifying presence in the professional gaming scene.

This story flows smoothly and naturally, with vivid and distinct character portrayals. The depiction of battle scenes is delicate and visually engaging, weaving together flashes of blades and shadows, tactical confrontations full of deceit, and the dangerous yet magnificent world of close-quarters weapon combat. With vivid storytelling, it paints a blazing legend in the realm of eSports.


Title: The phrase “磨刀不误砍菜弓[电竞]” in Chinese is an idiomatic expression commonly used in the context of eSports. It translates to “Sharpening the knife doesn’t delay the cutting of vegetables with the bow [eSports].”

This phrase is often used to emphasize the importance of preparation and practice in esports. It means that even though it is essential to hone your skills and improve your strategies, it should not hinder you from taking immediate action and engaging in competitive gaming. Just like sharpening a knife is necessary for efficient cutting, training and preparation are crucial in esports, but they should not become an excuse for procrastination or hesitation. It highlights the balance between preparation and execution in the world of competitive gaming.

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anjellyfeesh rated it
October 7, 2023
Status: c77
I think this is one of my favorite e-Sport novels. While I just started reading it, I like how it focuses on weapons and not just the gameplay. I like it when I read about the games in e-Sport novels (to see how they'll write the strategies and game characters) but sometimes, games in this type of genre gets incredibly repetitive that I get too lazy to read it, so this novel focusing on weapons and martial arts is a nice change of pace.


A battle maniac who is an agressive player in the game but completely opposite out of the game.

The MC's reason why he's playing the game is aside from earning money and fighting in battles, he wants to fulfill the original owner's dream of becoming a professional player. It's pretty sweet of him that he respects the original's wish and doesn't simply do everything for his own gain because he has a new body.

While the MC can be considered OP, I think I got used to it after reading a lot of CN and KR novels so I just brushed it off.

To be honest, he may seem OP, but he has a lot of disadvantages since he never played professionally before and it's his first time encountering different game characters and skills. He adapts fast but he admits he can learn more. Plus, he sucks at long-range weapons and even ignored a crossbow right in front of him when it's the first weapon he sees in one of his games.

Honestly though, I already expected he's OP just from the tags so I don't have any room for complaints.


About MC's skills:


It's actually pretty realistic when he used it in real life and not in the game. His new body isn't ready for his skills so after a fight, he quickly felt tired and his body was aching. Plus, the OG's health is not good so another reason why he can't fight completely.

In the game, he can use all those skills without any problem since it's just virtual reality. But even then, he's not too perfect since he still has weaknesses.

Although in all honesty, I don't think the Thunder attack is realistic. The other moves are though.



The ML is so relatable with his addiction to eating chips. I never thought I'd ever like a male lead so this is the first.

While he seems like the typical cool and handsome guy at first glance, he actually has a gap moe that makes him funny the moment he's introduced.

He's pretty shameless once he's relaxed or is talking to a friend so don't completely trust his handsome face lmao.

I swear his mouth says the funniest sh*t sometimes. It surprised me so much that I wheezed like a tea kettle. Poor Manager Fu. And unlike the MC, his weakness is melee and is teased a lot by his fans because of it. His first battle with MC was very cool and interesting.


They're pretty equal in terms of strengths and weaknesses although ML is stronger since he's been a professional player for a long time.

Side Characters:


The side characters are not two dimensional either. They have their own personalities and goals.

I even understood You Hongwei, who I didn't like because if you look from his perspective, it does sound really bad and like the team is abandoning him. It still doesn't excuse his way of ignoring his captain in a game or threatening him though.

He's too confident in his skills but his inferiority complex, if you try to think about it, is understandable.

Manager Fu on the other hand is amusing in his own way. His introduction is him acting like a parent catching his child in the middle of stealing a cookie. MC likes him because he shares the same braincell with ML.


The viewers are hilarious too. One moment, they're praising the MC and ML, and then they'll diss and joke with them in the next. The humor is surprisingly nice since I've noticed that in some novels, authors add comedy but it's either exaggerated or lacking in humor.

I appreciate the author's way of explaining where the name of the move comes from since it's easier to understand what is happening and makes me curious about it's history.

So all in all, a good read so far.


It kinda got boring or more unrealistic (because the plot is already unrealistic to begin with) when the MC got way too OP after the people suddenly questioned his skills.


He came back from a surgery and was already very strong even though he should be resting.

He basically showed everyone that he's not cheating but after that, I personally feel that it kind of made the novel feel a bit boring since there's less suspense. It would've been great if he proved his strength in a professional match instead and they kept his real skills a secret until then.

Plus, whoever made the game is so dumb if they don't even know if he cheated or not. It's supposed to be an advanced game and technology yet they can't even determine if he's cheating? Not advanced enough, I guess.


Still a good read because of the unique gameplay but minus 1 star for the sudden reveal of his strength.
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June 25, 2023
Status: c89
Solid e-sport story with strong MC and ML, good fights, based on real games so game systems belivable. But I lost interest aroung 90 chapter, because MC is OP, no high stakes, team is rich, team is strong, teammates is nice, no urgency.

Story progression is fast. MC just start playing, and already catches attention of ML, meets him in person very fast, get a starting position, show his skills in reality, already beat some famous top players even before season start. He is so OP, that there is no suspense... more>> at all, I lost any interest in tournament before even first official game.

I dislike some lazy writing about relationship between MC and ML - there several times when some passerbies commented "they have strange/pink atmosphere about them", when I see none of that, author didn't even try to describe it. ML gives drink to MC to cheer him up, photographer:"strange atmosphere!".

I thought I get over when MC called "wife", but in this novel it really was bothering me. There is nothing femine about MC, and yet, when MC with male avatar with heroic actions come to save his capitan, the comments in livebroadcat were "wife come to save" etc. It feels so out of touch. There is nothing "wifey" about him, exept he is yonger and shorter then ML. His character very masculine, just and upright, physically he is stronger, teammates comment that they feeling very safe with him, and yet third of comments screaming "wife", feels very forced. ML give MC nickname of squirrel because of his fast looting of equipment (which was mention only once), and yet again it feels very unfitting. ML is the one who hides snacks everywhere. <<less
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WallEyeKnee rated it
January 14, 2024
Status: c103
it's okay I guess, I think the story got too drag out. The whole Esport thing was not even MC's goal in the first place. He's a full on martial artist who just want to practice martial arts and have duels with good fighters. MC just happen to need money and it was just at the right time to join.

MC fulfill his body's owner last wish easily and everything is just smooth sailing. I find the game mechanics interesting but not too committed, you know when you have a powerful... more>> martial artist in real life vs all these fakes just gives a weird taste in your mouth.

ML to me is too greasy and too manipulative, I don't like that kind of relationship. MC is also older in age when ML keep treating him as kid it kinda complicated. The weird quirk about eating snacks also a turn off. It's not like his fat at all type of character which is just really random.

I think I lost interest after everybody finding out he knows martial arts in real life. The surprise element is gone when he can perform all these tricks people have expectation he can do it and you won't get face slaps when he gets underestimates any more which is a loss. Also I kinda jest when MC is a powerful solo all weapon rounder have to be limited to these team matches which is kinda lame to me. I wish they just do a Solo global tournament and let him do his thing. <<less
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Kyaaaaaaaaa rated it
January 6, 2024
Calm and gentle outside but ferocious in game MC x Cold, tactical, and handsome ML until he opens his quirky mouth.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this novel so good, but I would wait for everything to be translated before reading it. This novel is heavily focused on gameplay, and while I do appreciate the action scenes and the very dynamic characters, there are a few comments.

First, I think this novel follows a very general E-Sports plot: MC discovered, gets recruited by ML, learns how... more>> to play with the team, starts leveling up even more, yada yada yada. But there is charm in the fact that although the MC starts off very talented, there is a distinction made in IRL martial arts and E-Sports martial arts, and he needs to learn how to adjust his skills to the skills required by the game. He meets strong opponents and doesn't automatically best them, and has a sincere learning attitude. It's refreshing, but also is the... bare minimum.

Second, the gameplay is very very hard to visualize. The author will describe the movements of the character, who is executing some move titled like "flower mountain divine strike" (god knows what that is). Even if the author attempts to show the scene, it just leaves you lost and makes you feel as if you're witnessing just some person yapping. You're lost in the gameplay for a good bit of the novel, basically only getting the gist of what's happening. Not to mention whenever the MC executes these moves, the novel will go "Flower Mountain Divine Strike!, " which feels... elementary.

Despite these criticisms, I think this novel has a unique premise and is worth checking out. My rating is 3.5 but I'll round it to 4. There is a little self-awareness to the author's writing, which is hard to describe. If something cringey happens, Author generally acknowledges it.

For example, when the MC said something like "He can't escape" in the game, and proceeded to shoot an arrow that missed (he got flamed). Or when the ML's game character was still in the game, leaving netizens puzzled, until a comment (from his official account) comes into the chat complimenting his gameplay [netizens bemoaned the fact he isn't mute]. These quirky moments add a bit of life to the novel, infusing the characters with imperfections that make them, well, more perfect.

Anyway, I didn't mean to write so much, but I did like this novel, although I think the execution could've been better. <<less
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