Self-proclaimed! An Ordinary Demonic Hero’s life ~ The Result of Creating a Cheat Dungeon Despite Being a B-class Demon


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A small dungeon is fine. And yet I create a massive and powerful dungeon.

Chrono is an ordinary demon attending a dungeon creation class at the demon lord’s academy. Upon hitting 20 year’s old, Demonic Beings are encouraged to attend the academy and live there while perfecting the art of creating dungeons.

Chrono thinks that creating a small dungeon would be sufficient, however, what emerged was an extremely massive dungeon with hundreds of layers. Moreover, the level of the dungeon exceeded the dungeon created by the legendary demon king by a large margin.

「A small dungeon is all that I ask of….!」

Chrono who was looking for an ordinary and comfortable life quickly became the focus of attention of many and quickly rise up within the demonic society. It won’t take long until he was hailed a hero.

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Jishou! Heibon Mazoku no Eiyuu Life ~ B-kyuu Mazoku nano ni Cheat Dungeon wo Tsukutteshimatta Kekka ~
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