Hazure Skill ‘Mapping’ wo Te ni Shita Ore wa, Saikyou Party to Tomo ni Dungeon ni Idomu


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For his 15th birthday, Note is gifted this inferior version of the skills ‘World Map’ and ‘Area Map’. In other words, a trash skill.

Soon after, Note’s childhood friend obtains extremely powerful skills and due to his self-loathing, reluctantly decides to part ways.

Having driven away the childhood friend he secretly had feelings for, he lives his days in misery while trying to earn a daily income through adventuring.

“…We need that skill of yours.”

However, his life changes when a young man named Jin approaches him.

This is a story of a boy named Note, who—with no cheats or skills of his own—joins a party full of the strongest cheat-like skills and sweats, fights, and struggles his way to dungeon domination. A story of that kind of growth.

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After obtaining the trash skill 'Mapping' I challenged a dungeon together with the strongest party
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SimonsaysLOL rated it
July 12, 2017
Status: --
Not good, read the raws and the story was pretty generic.

MC splits with the childhood friend and is then invited to join a group of dungeon divers who want to conquer the dungeon w/e. Along that way the MC learns to use his skill, sets goals to reach for, and even finds new girl in party. Reading the raws I felt the story was rather boring, theres not much interesting events and it kind of blows by pretty quickly overall.

i don't understand the hate for the childhood friend by raltzero,... more>> even without reading the raws the "breakup" wasn't all that bad. It wasn't like they were lovers and she went and f*cked another guy. The childhood friend using a cold voice was more like resolving herself to not take pity anymore and carry on with their relationship. Reading the raws and in later translated chapters you'll see the split wasn't unjustified simply because of MC underestimated skill. The MC was basically a loser throughout their friendship together. The childhood fiend is attractive and had combat skill, sought to make a better life for herself outside the village. MC however had zero ambition, no life goals, or any things like that. He spent all his time daydreaming about his friend and following her around. The childhood friend in turn would take care of the MC, carrying him through their travels, basically the MC was dead weight and the childhood friend should have been applauded for even putting up with him for so long, probably because of long time friendship such and such. The MC would leave everything to his friend to deal with, be it fighting, or cooking, it was more that he saw her as more his mother than a companion/partner. This realization comes to him as he works with his new party and seeing what a lazy f*ck he was before his "breakup" with his crush. So this isn't an opinion of mine, he actual looks back at himself in shame. And yes the the "trash" skill also played a role, but mostly because the MC had zero ambition to do anything for himself, and left his skill unpracticed. The childhood friend effectively became a mother at adolescence with another mouth to feed. The breakup was the best thing for both of them, as the MC staying together with her would have held her back and his lack of manhood would have left him a babbling child for as long as they remained together. Honestly could you start a love relationship with someone who you have to take care of on a day to day basis, not because that person is handicapped but because they are a child and shows no sign of maturing, would you marry a emotionally and mentally eternal five year old. <<less
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July 11, 2017
Status: c1
  1. Spoiler

    Aye, let's be honest. There's only one chapter, but the childhood friend is a bitch.
    I mean, I get that the MC rolled a trash skill and all, but it's written that the childhood friend said that they should split from adventuring in a voice that 'was calm and cold'.

    Now this tells me that their dream of being famous adventurers was just something that the MC wholeheartedly wished for and that the childhood friend was planning on using him if he had a good skill. Which I can understand, because that's how it goes in the "real world"; if you have skills, you're wanted and vice versa.

    But in the end, they're childhood friends, so how can you do that to someone you've known for a few years? It would've been acceptable if she had done it nicely and dropped hints here and there since he was clearly on cloud nine, but damn gurl.

    Anyway, enough about the betrayal, and more onto 'Mapping'. Mapping is an extremely useful skill, though the author describes it as trash through the MC's perspective.

    How? Here's how.



    Rarity: SR (Super Rare)

    Slot cost: 3


    The ability to map up to a 1000 metre radius around a previously traversed point within the brain and store it as knowledge.


    'World Map'

    Rarity: UR (Ultra Rare)

    Slot cost: 3


    The ability to map up all areas of this world within the brain and store it as knowledge.

    At first, from what you can see from the descriptions, Mapping

    is a trash skill. I mean, who would want a Mapping skill in a world where there's a skill called 'World Map', right? But here's where the loophole comes in: 'World Map' is for "this world" whereas Mapping is for probably for "all" places since it doesn't include the words "this world".

    Depending on how the author plays it out, it might be that dungeons aren't considered part of "this world" or there may be multiple worlds. Thus, Mapping can definitely become an overpowered skill if utilized correctly.

    If this is true, then the childhood friend screwed up since she'll definitely become a strong adventurer who'll venture to these places. But, she's only what, 15 (Age isn't mentioned except in synopsis) ?



    As of chapter 2, I'm starting to think that the MC was a dick, but who wouldn't be? I can understand why the childhood friend did what she did, but I can also understand the feelings of the MC.

    When you're party or partnered up with someone vastly more talented than you, you either react by: a) Knowing that since your partner is way more talented, you accept it and try to do your best

    OR b) Compare yourself to partner and drown in sorrow due to realizing how inferior you are and develop an inferiority complex.

    I know there are many other ways to react to this sort of situation, but I believe these two are the usual reactions.

    In this case, the MC took route b. This would inevitably create some friction or unseen discord, causing the two to split and go their separate ways. And it did.

    However, in chapter 2, it also revealed that my prediction in chapter 1 should be 99.99% correct. It describes dungeons as spaces that didn't originate from his 'Earth', so only his Mapping skill should be able to work there. World Map only works in "this world", thus not dungeons that aren't from "this world".

SimonsaysLOL, it just makes me angery when it's a bit too savage. But hey, whatever floats your boat. I'll probably be back in a few years thinking wtf did I write.
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August 16, 2017
Status: c17
I like it!

Let's be clear about what this novel isn't: It's not some reincarnation BS power fantasy. Thank god. There are enough of those already. Really, it has a bit of an old school adventure feel to it. It's very character focused, not just on the protagonist but the side characters as well. But they are interesting, well-written characters.

The main character finds out he has a skill widely regarded as trash. He wallows in self-pity for a while because of that fact and he feels truly pathetic. His childhood friend... more>> leaves him (and she is completely right to given the way he was acting) and he wallows in self-pity some more. It's OK though, because that's really just the setup and he eventually pulls his sh*t together. Really, pulling one's sh*t together might be the theme of this novel.

In most Japanese web novels any main character given a trash skill seems to eventually discover that it's the most powerful skill in the world and everyone else was just using it wrong. That doesn't happen here... but he does discover that there are certain very specific circumstances under which his skill is actually pretty useful. Though he still doesn't have any real combat power so to make the most of it he needs to be in a party with more conventional types. Which is a great setup, really, because we get to meet other interesting characters and they actually have to work together.

Really this novel--while not exactly doing anything grand or particularly original--feels like a rare gem in the field of modern copycat Japanese web novels. It's fun and relatable, but there are still plenty of good old-fashioned fantasy adventure elements. If you go in with the right expectations you should enjoy it. <<less
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SnoopyGM rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: c17
I think SimonsaysLOL got some issues about liking to write bad comment to any kind novel because he got many like at other comment that is all about negative, his comment is purely only about the "early" part about chapter 1, and he keep rambling about it. Yes at the start the MC is the loser but are you really read this or just skipping all the story? The MC change pretty fast and become more dependable, and definitely not a loser and become quite a personality. Nobody is a... more>> perfect character, character grows and that is what story or novel about you twat (and no the MC is changing his personality and become a real man in just a few chapter dont listen to the twat). Judging in chapter early chapter is so amateur, plz dont be like this people.

As now the story have good potential, and as I look the raw at chapter 30+ the story is quite interesting, its like grimgar but more rugged and raw. The MC is not a loser, he just have a bad time, realizing you got some trash skill (its general knowledge=everybody know its trash) and your childhood friend/crush got cheat like skill is depressing you know. And remember its lifetime so its very depressing experience Im sure, and he still want to grow (the best part) and become strong not using his skill but others art (like magic skill).

The story maybe not very exciting and the MC is not the strongest, but he is the fastest growing person in the story in character or skill. So this is not some bs novel where the MC is strong and become more stronger, its about a MC that got trash skill for life and is still trash (no roundabout way like its actually a cheat, no its trash), and how he cope with it and grow stronger step by step. <<less
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SunsetChaos rated it
July 13, 2017
Status: c3
I agree with SimonsaysLOL about the childhood friend though I don't know much about her. The childhood friend did say she'll basically protect him and they'll become first class adventure together. Guess that's all talk but whatever, she's pretty much a brief side character to set the stage imo. The story basically jumps ahead past the part where he got abandoned anyways.

I only read these few chapters and it's not bad or generic imo. It's not like he was betrayed and abandoned to die in a dungeon and then he... more>> becomes op or whatever cliche, his friend just left. MC doesn't have strong op powers like other stories, he's just really weak compared to everyone else. I feel like it has potential as long as MC continues to grow and not end up like a typical MC. <<less
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S.D. rated it
November 7, 2018
Status: c28
It's not bad, totally not bad! Definitely worth more than it's current 3.7, so giving it 5 stars. Sadly current translation seems to be abandoned a year ago.

Good thing about it is that even though there are "Game Elements" author doesn't feed you with chapter-long status screens and long-ish skill explanations. Trash skill "mapping" doesn't suddenly revealed to be a super overpowered skill that noone knew how to use, more like it turned out there is a specific use for this skill and there is demand, which motivated our MC... more>> to train to be useful to people who appreciate his skill. I haven't noticed any major plot holes or deus ex machinas, everything is pretty logical. <<less
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Sup10101 rated it
September 8, 2019
Status: c29
i really enjoyed this novel. But to much focus on the MC relationship with his childhood friend but I understand that’s character building and his motivation to get stronger. Unfortunate the translations stopped a over year ago. I came back to this novel several times now remembering how much I enjoyed it and hoping someone would pick it up. ✌️
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lollipopmixclo9 rated it
May 15, 2018
Status: c28
I've caught up with the most recent translations, and honestly, I find this story's plot to be attractive. I mean, there are hints of things that may lead to clichéd events, but the way they are portrayed is very interesting.

... more>>

I mean there's a bathtub scene with one of the oldest girls in the group, but I like the fact that the main character didn't overly exaggerate and just kept calm.


He literally kept calm enough to deceive the girl which I find adorable because of their relationship XD


I also find the main character to be tolerable as he is someone who is very hardworking and dedicated into changing himself for the better. I mean, it is only natural to be so impatient on progress when the people who've helped you and gave you a lifeline are people who are born with gifted talents and went through so much experience.

He may have been portrayed as a loser at first (, anyway, don't we all?), yet even so, compared to all the characters I've seen in the story, he's the one who've improved thus far and if anyone's curious, read through around Roslia arc (maybe ch10 to ch18)


This story are for anyone interested in reading slice-of-life with moderate speed of plot and adventure, and it is for anyone interested on watching a boy grow into a dependable person. Therefore, I hope there will be anyone out there to continue to amazing story! (๑'ᴗ'๑) <<less
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jacobpaige rated it
October 21, 2017
Status: --
If you've read/seen enough JP stuff to know what a loli tsundere is, then there will be nothing new for you here. Its just one big ball of cliche's. There's some good stuff mixed in, but its mostly just the author moving down a checklist of JP anime/light novel cliches.
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qanatoz rated it
July 14, 2019
Status: c28
After reading it I understand why people hate/like it. It is good abd because of mix of some genre it may be hated by bunch of people. I want more. Someone translate it.
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