Seirei Tsukai to Shinjuu Tsukai no Shounen


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The world where an existence called spirit supports the life of living beings around the world.

A boy lives there. Hiiragi Akito, a 2nd year student in Element Academy, a school which train spirit users. However, He is a spirit user who can’t make a contract with spirits. Like his father, He hopes that he can join the order of spirit knight, as he is frustrated with his situation that can be said as a lower rank student in the school. However, is there a reason why he can’t make a contract with spirits?

This is a high tension battle fantasy of the boy who contracted an existence called divine beast and the girls who use spirit!

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05/26/18 segmeton translation v2c36
05/26/18 segmeton translation v2c35
05/01/18 segmeton translation v2c34
04/29/18 segmeton translation v2c33
01/17/18 segmeton translation v2c32
01/02/18 segmeton translation v2c31
12/04/17 segmeton translation v2c30
11/22/17 segmeton translation v2c29
11/13/17 segmeton translation v2c28
11/06/17 segmeton translation v2c27
10/16/17 segmeton translation v2c26
10/09/17 segmeton translation v2c25
09/27/17 segmeton translation v2c24
09/19/17 segmeton translation v2c23
09/12/17 segmeton translation v2c22
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grayvehauy rated it
September 19, 2017
Status: v1c2
The MC is a hetare, everyone cries a lot and the story itself is generic and not that fleshed out.

A good enough read if you don't mind having goosebumps and cringe everytime you read.
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Redmi rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: v2c20
⭐⭐⭐ rating from me. Why, you ask me? That's because, as of v2c20, the novel has your typical pansy JP fantasy male protagonist. The 'pansy'-ness factor is what grates me the most about the MC. For example:-

... more>>

In the v2c20, any sane, reasonable MC with eyes for upholding justice and protecting the masses from pure evilness, would have put the princess to its proper place, especially when the MC has the moral high ground; royalty be damned. But noooooo, this pansy MC yields only an inch and the resourceful princess then takes a million miles.


Actually maybe it isn't the MC, but the author having brain aneurysm.

The story itself is actually OK, the pacing is a little bit on the slow side. Do not get your hopes up for a decent harem romance here; remember that the MC is a pansy. Even a couple of the girls has more spine than him. <<less
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Harry rated it
November 22, 2017
Status: v2c24
Actually I hope a lot from this harem novel, but reality is harsher the more you expect. I know the MC is categorized as dense, but never I thought the denseness level is so miraculously spectacular (hyperbolic).

From the beginning of story is okay, standard/generic as you may say. Later in my latest read (v2c24), MC was forcefully be put into some competition/tournament which MC denied because lack of interest. But somehow to resolve the mess, our protagonist willingly take part the competition which he will lose as he planning. But... more>> for some silly nonsense reason....... he wiiiiiiiiiiiiin with blazing spirit (hyperbolic again)

At that point, I already cry of nonlogical action of MC, read a bit later found out his legendary "dense" attribute actually inherited.... I quit!!!! no more soul crushing novel

Story and setting actually not bad and you can say there is potential that can be released from this novel, but sadly I found MC really ruin this novel. Looks like the author want to make the story is a bit funnier and make you laugh a little which I think the author failed <<less
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