Seeking Happiness


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On the wedding night, when the bride hung herself, the handsome husband was sickly, the concubine was glaring like a tiger to see what her best next move would be. Shu Huan who time-travelled to the ancient times encountered such a mess.

“Men and women can’t touch each other. You doing this is not right, right?”

“Humph, you are already married to me. You still care about that?”

“Eh eh, second young master, you haven’t healed yet. I’m thinking for your own good.”

“Doesn’t matter, this young master isn’t interested in your bean sprouts like body.”

While sleeping, they put a barrier of pillows between them

Woman: “Eh…Eh….”

Man: “Eh…what are you doing?

Woman: “Don’t cross the line.”

Man: “Ah……?”

Woman: “If you cross the line, I’ll hit you with the incense burner.”

Man “Uh……”

Woman: If……if I accidentally cross the line……you don’t…”

“Humph……if you continue to talk, I’ll tear your clothes and seal your mouth.”

“You check so carefully because you are afraid that I’ll harm you?”

“That isn’t it. Humph, I only want to know why someone will commit suicide by hanging on the wedding night.”


“You hate me so much? You prefer to die instead of spending the wedding night with me?

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Gazing Huan
Seeking Affection
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New haruhi91 rated it
September 1, 2019
Status: c70
There is nothing wrong with this novel, but there is nothing good either. It is a very simple and kinda boring slice of life of a woman transmigrated into ancient China; there is no drama, no mystery, no specific goal and that's the problem. I usually hate trashy transmigration/reincarnation novels with hundred of chapters and repetitive plot about any kind of overused trope, but at least, in those novels there is something the reader looks forward to, like revenge, becoming the main wife/empress or whatever. In Seeking Happiness, instead, there... more>> is nothing that propels me to keep reading unless you enjoy very basic and bland plot revolving around two people who get to know each other set into the past. I also want to add that among the tags there is Black Belly which is not true, the male lead is nothing of the sort as he only sometimes teases the MC never forcing her to do anything.

In short, read only if you are in the mood for a slice of life without expecting a moving plot <<less
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sleeplessnk45 rated it
June 7, 2019
Status: --
First of all, thanks to the translator for the hard translating such a great novel. Thank you also for adding meanings to idioms, it's really helpful since not everyone is versed in chinese sayings.

I really recommend this to others. It's not angsty and has no great drama that makes you want to bash your head in frustration. It's very heartwarming and feel good, even if there are a few schemes and villains here and there. Try it out and decide for yourself!

... more>>

This reminds me of an improved version of Rebirth of an Abandoned Woman. MC transmigrated after marriage to a man who has a concubine. Ml's family (while not really the focus of the story) doesn't treat MC well after her suicide attempt. However...

Unlike in RAW, ML goes out of his way to show his care and love for MC, ignoring the concubine, and even scheming against his family to make her life easier. Anything MC does, ML would always support her and we don't often seen such mls who aren't also overbearing or cold jerks. Just like in RAW, MC only wants to earn money to leave but unlike in RAW, we actually want MC and ML to stay together.



MC is also a gem. She's sensible, but because she's a modern woman she finds it hard at times to get used to the idle life of ancient times making her cause trouble, but ML is always there to get her out of trouble. She's clever, but not actively scheming because her main goal is to live well and peacefully. She knows that constantly trying to scheme would just tire her, so she just doesn't do so. She'll treat you well if you also treat her well, she'll fight you only if you fight her first and she's pretty cunning at it, too. She's decisive and not afraid to get what she wants. She's flawed but we grow to love her all the same.



There's also the matter of the fourth young master, a 10 year old who is spoiled rotten and who we would assume would one day get his karma because he's a bully. Except, ML turned this spoiled brat into an ally and someone who now genuinely likes MC and ml. We see him slowly grow from a brat to a young boy trying to improve himself. It's a bit heartwarming to see, especially since other rebirth/transmigration stories often give bad endings/fate to such children w/o giving them a chance to change. Ofc, he still has more to learn but we know he treats MC and ML as family.


Last but not the least, (big spoilers)


What's the deal with ml? He's definitely in love with MC, except we don't know why. This is actually one of the bigger mysteries in this story. Other characters have remarked that ml, who was sickly and had a frail sort of personality, has changed after getting married to MC. He's now a black belly, scheming, not as sickly, trying to learn martial arts, and generally more confident. It's as if he's a different person altogether, as one character had put it. MC recognized him as someone she knew, maybe. ML might already know something is strange with MC, but does he actually know? Could he have been reborn, transmigrated, or was he always just hiding his true self? There are many clues, but no certain answer yet.

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Xyvel rated it
August 11, 2019
Status: c126
I love the translations. Great job!!!

This story is one of my favorites because it think it seems more realistic than similar transmigration stories with OP characters. There is not too much drama, face-slapping or irritating villainy actions and I think the pair is well balanced.

It is simply a cute and heartwarming story.
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whitespade rated it
August 16, 2019
Status: c129
You know how somehow these transmigrated women or men become vicious murdering psycopath just because they go to another world/time and you wonder if they just keep their psycopathy internally in the modern world?

Well our MC here do not change drastically just because they have the power they do not abuse it and treat people like garbage. They truly still retained modern thinking and modern sensibility, they never forget who they were and I love how they keep their individuality. MC is a breath of fresh air.

Also the ML, the... more>> most perfect ML in the existance of ML. He love and adore MC but do not use that as an excuse to possess or rape MC unlike all those other MLs.

There are backcourt drama, but its entertaining since MC just dont give a sh1t. <<less
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