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Zhang Jing, who has just been dumped by his materialistic girlfriend, arrives in the Beautiful Country with a treasure-hunting system in hand. Ancient coins buried deep underground, precious antiques underwater in parks, treasure troves and relics inaccessible to others… All reveal themselves before Zhang Jing’s eyes! Balancing treasure hunting with helping people, from a bankrupt heiress to a film and television superstar harboring dreams of being a butler, from a genius singer cleaning houses to a heavyweight boxer buried under obesity, from a young genius orphaned by his parents… It all begins in the Beautiful Country, treasure hunting across the world!

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Date Group Release
02/24/24 Jodex’s translation c4
02/22/24 Jodex’s translation c3
02/21/24 Jodex’s translation c2
02/20/24 Jodex’s translation c1
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