School Flower Versatile Security Guard


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One of the world’s top killer who was fed up with his life tried to retire and live as a security guard at Jiang Yuan University. He only wanted to adapt to the life of an ordinary citizen and blend into the society. However, he didn’t expect that a random encounter with a beautiful girl, who was also the prettiest girl in the university, will become the key to a fierce pursuit, and at the same time, all kind of beautiful women, as well as powerful enemies came into his life.

Let’s watch over the journey of this Versatile Security Guard. Let’s see how he will obtain various beautiful flowers and eliminate his enemies and step on the head of powerful villains.

I only wanted to be a small security guard, Xu Taping said while lying in the lap of a beautiful flower.

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Bakaleaf rated it
June 16, 2018
Status: --
No offense to BuckRodgers but comparing it to the novel "Beauty and the Bodyguard" is a BIG INSULT to the novel how the f*ck are they even similar when "Beauty and the Bodyguard" is a Tr*sh cough* cough* Garb*ge *cough*cough* novel

Beauty and the Bodyguard

  • MC is a masochist who love to get bullied by women with no touch attitude towards them who is always abuse by bad words.
  • MC who do assassination job for a hundred bucks because his master order him, a simpleton who has no mind of his own.
Originally I... more>> don't want to react but seeing that it was compared to that novel I honest to god want to depend this PLEASE for crying out loud never mention that b*llsh*t of a novel it will ruin a potential good novel

P.S. My real review will be after reading hundred chapters but so far novel is good deeper background and plot, Bad*ss MC and very OP but lying low to the highest level. Good relationship with women and so on. <<less
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cencourang rated it
November 9, 2019
Status: 50
Wow, before I write this, I wanna say, "I know I only read 8 chapter, but man, this MC personality, is one of the worst just like MC My wife is Beautiful CEO"

Why you ask? Because author try hard to justify MC actions.

1st, let me talk something else. I just don't get it what "normal life" in the head of Chinese Author. Don't get me wrong, I like this kind of Novel, just for binge read. But stupid and ret*rd trope like this, really let me down. What I mean... more>> is, almost every story that have theme "Modern Day with Badass MC" mostly start with Assassin or mercenary goes retired and want a "NORMAL LIFE". Here is the problem, like I said before, what "Normal Life" in the head of Chinese Author. What I know as a person, Normal Life are Having a job, having friends, having GF or wife, have a kid, have a house. Thats what a "Normal Life" that I know. If the author want to keep MC wild behaviour, please never ever use "I want a normal life", because it sound stupid. Maybe you can make a trope where MC in the mission or something like that.

But in Chinese Author head, its not like that. They use trope retired assassin or mercenary that want normal life, but what they did "I wanna f*ck that girl, that girl, that girl and that girl". "I want to grope and r*pe and f*ck that girl like a bit*h and get a new one." "I want a normal life, but I don't want to get a job, let plot bring me to get a job and met super sexy girl". etc

I don't mind harem story, but please, can Chinese Author respect woman a little bit? At least make them 3D, not 1D characters that only need to be f*ck.

Back to "why I say this MC is the worst?"

Yeah, he said, "I want a normal life". But what he did was hanging out in the bar all day everyday, wasting money for millions yuan, and looking girl to be f*ck. Oh, this drinking thing, Author add a more detail why MC want to get drunk, because he have PTSD. And this "Normal Life" MC want, he have principle, he only f*ck 2 type of girl, a girl that beautiful in every aspect, and a girl that pissed him off because they need to be punish. Wow, nice way to have "normal life" right? Not only that, sometimes he only want to sleep with the girl 1 times only (one night stand) and don't give a f*ck anymore about the girl he f*ck. This is the 1st encounter of the 1st harem member. And the progress is the worst.

So, after he got drunk, he went to toilet, and met a girl that look like getting bully or whatever. MC don't give a f*ck at first. At this moment, I quite like the MC personality, because its look like he will not became damsel in distress easyly. The girl ask for help, and MC still ignore her. Until the girl say something like this "Please help me, I will pay you later" or something like that, and MC still ignores her. Not until one guy that bullied the girl provoke MC, there MC beat them up. Sounds cool right? Yeah, I like this progress. But not for so long. After he beat all the dudes, he went to the girl, and ask her to pay with her body, that girl defense "I'm just joking about paying with that (f*cking), I'm just a kid that recently enter the adulthood". Do you know what MC answer is? "I don't give a f*ck" So skip skip skip, they really did it, and MC run away in the morning, because somehow the girl have big status or whatever.

MC finally got a job because the plot, he became bodyguard, and met the girl again. Here's the point where you feel how worst this characters are and how ret*rd the author making a character just to justify MC actions. The girl met with MC again, the girl happy, because she though she will never met him again. She didn't like or love MC, but she want to know someone that she give her first time (yes, she is virgin when they 1st did it), and she even thing maybe they really can became couple. She even say "hi" to him, and ask his wechat just to chat with him.

Do you know how MC react and though? In his though, he think like this "Maan, I don't like virgin girl, they are pain in the ass. I don't want having relationship with them". But not enough, author add some line that justify MC though like "she has a big background, so it dangerous if they know about me". And you know what happen next? She tried to contact MC, and he ignores her. She tried to communicate with MC, but MC ignore her. And somehow author tried to make she is annoying woman just like MC though about "Virgin Woman just annoying". In reality, she just want to know and if can, she has relationship to a man that she give her virginity. Fanboy of this story maybe will use reasoning like "they did that when they drunk". Maan, STFU. Before they f*ck, the girl already told MC she is virgin and just a brat that recently became adult. MC is 29 years old and after heard that from her, he still want to f*ck her.

update: I try to read up to chapter 50, and really, all the woman in this story, is just 1D that wait to be f*ck. Not gonna lie, I just don't understand what purpose of this woman characters except being getting f*ck by MC. Their characters beyond trash, except 1 person (so far).

  1. Policewoman. She is policewoman that became teacher for investigated drug dealer in the school. Author said, she is capable woman (according to her boss). But you know what? Her sole purpose in this story just for comic relief and the target to get sexual harrassment from the MC. She isn't clumsy, but look like ret*rd or more likely we can say she is out of character and just to became like that because author want it. Just imagine you are police officers, doing something carelessly, more than enough that you slowly think, "are these fcking real?" Not only that, she afraid of darkness. Really? Police officer that need to investigated drug dealer, that most at time investigating are happen at night? And suddenly getting lose and get injured because she afraid of dark while investigating? LoL..
  2. Assassins woman. Her 1st appearance when she got hired to killed MC, but got caught. Almost got r*pe by MC. And you know what? If Proffesional Killer look like her in our world, then everyone can be an assassins. She just comic relief and retard. Just talking a little bit (in Author defense, MC tried to play with word, but the word play are stupid enough) and she already told who the culprit that paid her. She said, she is a big fan of MC (but she doesnt know MC identity), and when report to the client to cancel the contract, she talk like 9 years old that "We assassins have principle not to talk each other face to face" when the client open the door while she is behind the door (yes, if you read it, it really stupid). And she easily get take down by the "noob" client by the teaser, and almost got raped. Thanks to MC she is safe. And more, she has her fingerprint all over her weapon to kill people. And later, police easily found who the culprit.
  3. Friend of the 1st love interest. Just typical annoying characters.
there are 2 more, the older woman (still not many interaction) and lastly the 1st heroine.

1 woman that I said a little decent was her. The woman that her virginity got taken by MC. Her characters still relevant, she is still strong. But did you know what MC did to her later? He humiliated her in from of many people. Fanboy be like "MC did that just to Hush her so she didn't chase after MC anymore. And MC already told her that he is a killer and following him will endanger her". bit*h please, if you in that situation, when your early conversation mostly teasing, and suddenly you said "I'm a proffesional killer" who gonna belief?

Later, he f*ck her again, and after that, the girl ask "Am I bother to you?" And he answer "Yes"

And he gives her point-point related to his relationship to her, such as

  1. You aren't my GF
  2. You can't have relationship with other man
  3. It's impossible to have show intimacy in public with you, "For me, you will just like a girl to get off with, it almost impossible for me to have any whatsoever feeling for you"
  4. I doing this for you
See? LuL... O I almost forgot, if you read those 4 points, and you read my review above (about MC told her that he was assassin when they tease each other), at this moment, when they talk seriously about this four points, he never explain to her. Even the girl talk back to him about this crazy point, he just "HUSH" her and keep talking.

Self righteous bastard just like MC My wife Beautiful CEO..

I finally can drop this novel. I can't read any further. LuL

If you want to have a good read with this kind of trope, I recomended to you Bodyguard of the Goddess. I only read up to 900 chapter tho, but at least I can say, its better then this piece of shit. Reason?

  1. MC really want to change his life (slowly he tried to fully retired, because at the start of the novel, he semi-retired)
  2. He have friends and cares about them.
  3. He cares about his wife, even tho their relationship progression are slow, but they honest with each other.
  4. He is an Orphan, when he sees his wife relationship with her family not that good (especially with her mother), he tried so hard to make this daughter and mother together again. Thanks to that, he finally get to feel how happy he is when he have a mother.
  5. He have a good relationship with his harem, some of them already open to each other.
  6. He even try to bring his old allies (mercenaries member) to have normal life.
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BuckRodgers rated it
May 19, 2018
Status: c5
Very similar to Beauty and the Bodyguard although even in the first couple chapters there is already a "payout".

Characters are fairly standard for this type of novel so far, will have to see if they actually progress.

Translation is decent, most sentences are understandable but have the odd non edited translation sentence structure.
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SAimNE rated it
June 29, 2018
Status: c3
Seemed amusing enough, but the tl grammar is giving me a headache. Still good quality, but they could use an editor to help them with sentence structure. Checked the latest chapter (59), and while it improved, it's still there. Going to hold off on this one until I at least know future releases won't have the same issue.
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