Salvation, About Its Cruelty


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A commoner girl.

Olivia didn’t develop immunity to those disgusting words. Titles such as the first female university student and the best graduate became meaningless.

But one day…

The Herod royal family offered her the royal flower, Noah Astrid. Even though it seemed to be a flower full of poison, there was no way not to hold it and she couldn’t help but love the first flower she held.

Because it was like salvation.

“Where is the princess? She is supposed to attend an event with me today?”
Herod’s cynical and self-righteous King, the father-in-law.

“Olivia. If there is anything that you’re upset with Noah, tell me anytime.”
A beautiful queen, the mother-in-law.

“You’ll stay with me today, right?”
Even the cute youngest member of the royal family loved Olivia.

Except for one person, her husband, Noah Astrid.

He knelt down on his knees, put shoes on her feet, and held a glass of water to her mouth, telling her to drink it.
Then, he whispered cruelly with that beautiful face.

“Think carefully about what I should have received and what you have to pay me in exchange for marrying you. It’s not difficult.”

What she must pay for her salvation

It was the thing she hated the most in the world.

* * *

Noah watched in a daze as his salvation fell over the sea.


She was limp, bleeding and dying.

Only then did he realize that her existence alone was already salvation.

The price for salvation should not be paid by her… but by him.

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구원 그 잔혹함에 대하여
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Arechu_Nana30 rated it
January 3, 2024
Status: --
The storyline is about a relationship between a commoner and a high rank nobleman - crown prince, more like 'a between two class love story' tropes but beautifully-inspire story with a very emotionally written.

Olivia (FL) is a great role model for someone who weak but have a strong will whenever the crisis keep coming to eat her up. She so passionate and very elegant even other keep mocking her due to her commoner background. Meeting with Noah (ML) its her only salvation and her way to her far away freedom... more>> but it's not easy as she hope to be.

All I could say that I really really love the story, the character, the tension, the drama, their journey to their destination are created amazing well and all it's worth my time! The dynamic and the differences of their perspective are written well with the two of the main lead as they progress their relationship as well as their character development too. I love how the author highlight about the classist issue and the salvation perspectives from a high and a low class differently. The novel truly live up to its name as the Salvation, and it's cruelty matter.

I TOTALLY RECOMMEND this novel that have an amazing story with emotionally written for angsty social class drama! Try this as well as invest your emotion to this beautiful amazing story and so with their jouney too as they reach their own happiness and goal 😭❤️‍. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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